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  1. Yes, but not since early sixties at a guess. Checking on Wikipedia 10,056 in 63-64 (average home league gate).
  2. Puzzling. If he's injured why would clubs want to buy him at the moment? If not, why hasn't he been in and around our team e.g. on the bench for example? If non-injury problems, how would they be solved by moving - just location, or getting away from people within or outside the club?
  3. My first trip to Vale Park was a night match against Mansfield Town. We won 1-0 courtesy of John Richards. I was still at primary school, taken by my dad, who used to say "if you want a rest, sit on my shoes". Looking through the records it must have been Mon 26 August 1963, the second match and first at home in Div 3. Crowd 14,451 - will we ever see the like again?
  4. According to the BBC yesterday he's being tracked by at least one Premiership club and several Championship clubs... so not optimistic about our chances.
  5. Holding his right hamstring as he walked off. Hope he was just scratching an itch.
  6. Think Amos was our player - contract to end of year after being on trial with us. Either way, as a slightly built fullback certainly not competing with Legge.
  7. Outplayed from start to finish, with 11 players and 10.
  8. Covolan went in with his foot unnecessarily raised, and raised it even more before contact to make sure it hit McKirdy in the body.
  9. Just settle down and hope we win. If it's 4-1 (and that's not my prediction) you won't care who scored for Swindon.
  10. Claims we've had 43% possession. Surely that's laughably inaccurate.
  11. The really amazing thing about Garrity has been his finishing. Apart from the one that hit both his legs and went in the other six have been worthy of Slaven / Hughes.
  12. Not too bad: Newport, Leyton Orient and Harrogate lost. The last two drawing would have been even better, but hey ho...
  13. He's still +6 for the season.
  14. I'm optimistic. Probably our strongest line-up bar Wilson and Proctor, but Politic has scored a few and Rodney has just had his best two games of the season. Hope we have a good frame of mind, the rub of the green and no injuries or dismissals.
  15. Harsh on Smith, flattering on Legge, very flattering on Burgess. By this reasoning does Burgess get a point knocked off for putting his "matchwinning" shot over the bar near the end? So he should really have got a 9? 🙄🙄🙄
  16. Rotherham faster and stronger than us in midfield and winning all the loose balls. Played some great crosses into the penalty area, but thankfully their forwards have been poor against a hard working Vale defence.
  17. Can't see Hurst and Lloyd being ready if they couldn't make the bench 3 days ago.
  18. What's probably our player of the season so far - James Gibbons - done to be dropped? Let alone Garrity?
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