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  1. Not a bad start for the Vale, just missing a striker
  2. It was Cass same as last week that got out muscled
  3. It's truly dreadful. Oldham play like Brazil every week according to them
  4. Oldham commentary is the worst I've ever heard
  5. I don't think we've seen the best of1 Politic yet. Clarke has always said he likes to take a player on loan he thinks he can sign permanently
  6. Best showing by Benning that's what I expected when we signed him. Politic reminds me a bit of Robin Van De Laan
  7. The ref still booking players and Andy Crosby after the final whistle
  8. We gave been the better side deflected shot for their goal
  9. I'm coming for the first time in a long time,hope it's not a curse
  10. A first half littered with fouls that broke the play up. They seem to go down at the slightest knock
  11. Latest rumour is Pope is signing for Kidsgrove Athletic, currently training at Congleton Town when hes not in the pub
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