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  1. I'm sure we have a wage limit, probably more than last season but not prepared to break it for anyone. Worked well last season
  2. Football grounds should reintroduce fences to keep the fans off the pitch, that worked well before didn't it?
  3. Bar the top two we have two games in hand and hitting form, awesome
  4. Pretty much full fixture list in league Two tonight so not really a game in hand, but need to win home games
  5. Where are the "we only post when we lose" brigade tonight?
  6. No quality in this game from either side
  7. And on cue Cooper put their defender on his arse and delivers a great ball
  8. Potentially that's Covolans career in the EFL finished, he won't get back in our first team unless Stone is injured or crap. Who else would take him knowing he's prone to gaffes like yesterday?
  9. We're not at the races at all, poor all over the pitch
  10. I thought it was Colin Garlick who stated that
  11. Played the ball in my opinion, diving in made it look worse than it was
  12. Their commentary now talking about Stoke on trent having one of the highest crime rates in the country. What a condescending <ovf censored> this bloke is.
  13. Stood there and let him control it, and will their commentator stop calling us Salford
  14. The Newport commentary is nearly as bad as the Oldham one
  15. I was just wondering if Politic will leave Bolton in January and a deal has been done for him? Not by us but another club. After his great cameo performances he's flattered to deceive recently whether that's catching up with injury or his mind is elsewhere. On his current form he wouldn't be much of a miss unless DC has a master plan?
  16. Proctor with new injury requiring an operation, new striker required asap
  17. Not a bad start for the Vale, just missing a striker
  18. It was Cass same as last week that got out muscled
  19. It's truly dreadful. Oldham play like Brazil every week according to them
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