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  1. Liked the new electronic gates for the paddock you can see the improvements slowly but surely.
  2. What makes you think that ? If he's offered a 2 year deal and more dosh he would have to think about it.
  3. I've spoken to two independent lads who said it was close but not over, I guess if it was at the back of the net the Ref would have given a goal, you do realise how far the net is from the goal line..
  4. If it means me and my daughter can get to the game safely because the meatheads are spread out then so be it. Today's weather is a receipe for trouble in Burslem.
  5. Maybe Fleetwood didn't want to release him until they had replacement.. Just a thought [emoji848]
  6. Awful is a bit strong, disjointed maybe but not Awful.
  7. So you would have anybody at all including a midfielder Keilor Dunn, who have the same score rate as Tommy McD and pay them a lot of money in the meantime.....Foolhardy in my mind.
  8. Hope Flitcroft reads this and realises without your insight he might have not understand what's required.......one game and its a glimpse into the future.......Hilarious [emoji1]
  9. Spot on....Unfortunately in this day and age of everything being instant there is a generation who demand success overnight.
  10. A word on Charsley, there are some who would ship him out,I thought he was immense today.
  11. So it's not a fact that the recruitment team know more about signings based on actual and real time information.
  12. If I was you I'd send my CV to Carol because you know more about the recruitment policy than the professionals, you'd would have had all the signings in place now.
  13. is that good or bad ? never know with you.
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