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  1. Id go Amoo for Benning definitely. Benning has been off the pace for me today
  2. Exactly, that's why Clarke says he takes one game at a time.
  3. Really enjoy listening to the pre match press conferences these days, Clarke for me speaks really well and you can just tell how much more professionally we are run. Gibbons spoke really good too. Really gets me up for the game tomorrow, can't wait. EDIT - I'll post the videos, stop being lazy
  4. Totally agree, Clarke has his critics, but i love the honesty. I always wonder why Phil Bowers asks the questions he does sometimes I like his commentary BTY ...Was he the commentator who said biting your finger nails and clenching your buttocks?...That has always stuck with me and I'm sure it was him. Not sure who it was against though.
  5. I just dont think DC likes talking to the press full stop, seems a ball ache for him. Much prefer it to Askey and Aspin though. Their press was dire
  6. I think that with Gibbo or Conlon, if we go up Vale would be in a good position to offer what's required to keep them (Conlon was sorted don't forget before this season)...Gibbons needs to be looked after too IMO...If a Championship club comes in and its a huge opportunity , then we cant compete. Depends on the player of course. Grass isn't always greener and can definitely decline the players career. But at the end of the day money talks.
  7. Notts County attendance was made up of a big following from Stockport, Grimsby are on a massive high and Chesterfield now second in the league and very similar to Vale. Colchester brought 170 fans today. If Vale keep this up, we'll see a decent increase, especially against the big hitters
  8. Gibbo is absolute class. His desire shines through. He's capable of playing left and right back, he can score the odd goal, his commitment is second to non. Top quality player and one I'm sure will unfortunately leave us one day for a decent pay-out for the club.
  9. What a perfect weekend for us, Vale win at a canter, Sjoke lose and Crewe concede a 97th min goal. I live for these weekends
  10. Anyone know how many vale fans travelled? Looked a decent number. Well done to them
  11. That was a hard watch, and we were lucky to come home with a point. But tbh I would have taken a point if you asked me before the game.
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