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  1. God damn it, I actually agree with most of that!
  2. Not going to let this happen. Stop being a <ovf censored>
  3. Naughty boy, are you trying to wind me up! God awful today. Garbage...If i was a Vale player I would be gutted. Unfortunately I dont think they give a <ovf censored>.
  4. Got to this, ill read the rest when ive calmed down
  5. Just listened to his post match interview. He does agree that we are missing players, 3 weeks away. The current players haven't shaped up. Askeys words not mine
  6. My situation is: Paid for three season tickets , separate households . TBH I cant fault the Vale , for once when I have actually tried to get in touch, they have responded
  7. Thats bad reading. Sorry, Askey enough is enough
  8. 25 seconds longer than me. Every silver cloud and all that
  9. Would love Taylor here, great partnership with Conlon We need a goalscorer Pope love him,but he wont last forever
  10. Thats good news, I always bring up Vale whenever I can when a tradesman is involved to make conversation. Normally met with i support sJoke. Red and white eye balls as my Granddad used to say, which surprises me reading your post. Good news.
  11. Luckily I'm away from that, Glad to hear from fellow Weston Coyneys! Grew up in Meir Park and Vale fans were scarce. Good handful of top lads. Took days off at school to go Bradford away on a Tuesday night. Thing is we didnt need to set off until 4pm. My parents Their parents teacher
  12. Well there at least four of us inc @Andyregs, and a decent bloke up the road from me . Always been out numbered in this area, glad to see some people have sense
  13. Aye up from a fellow Weston Coyney Valiant (I take its Weston Coyney anyway!) Our situation is dire right now, but on the positive 6 points from play offs as WSU mentioned
  14. Really hope that is correct. Im really hoping for a change of fortune, the stick I'm getting from sJoke fans is unbearable right now.
  15. What concerns me is shake the defense up with who? Crookes? Hes definitely not the solution to our problems. He isnt good enough. Thats a fact
  16. Still annoyed about yesterday. If true that Askey has 100% confidence then i'm absolutely gob smacked with Carol Reading comments regarding agents/players/staff -the club at this present time stinks of jobs for the boys. Smith resigning in the Summer was huge for me, I was over the moon he stayed. No idea whats going on with him at the moment. I do Still think he's quality, but failing massively at present. Legge scares the hell out me every game. in the air ok, other from that its a no,no. @darren1810It was me who said Fitz was our best defender. IMO he has massively improved. Not saying much about our other defenders right now, granted.
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