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  1. In response to yourself, dazzler and others I would say the following. This appears to be an open forum where anyone is free to comment. I came on here to congratulate you on reaching the play-offs and wish you well against Swindon and in the final should you reach it. I of course had a bit of a read and noted the gratuitous insults made against my club, it’s supporters and our manager. I feel I have a right to rebut such absolute crap, and have to wonder why some of your fans find it necessary to write insulting comments about another club when you should be celebrating your own success. Stone throwing and glass house dwellers come to mind in this instance. Do you have some kind f inferiority complex?
  2. Your player got Finlay sent off for retaliating when he stamped on his foot off the ball when the officials weren’t looking. Do you condemn that as well, or only when another team’s player does it? You seem to be a very angry man with double standards.
  3. Why do you dislike Rovers so much? Is it because we came to your ground and spanked you without resorting to cheating like you did at ours in November? Having said that, I do hope you stuff Swindon, now they are the epitome of vile.
  4. His wife has said that he didn’t touch her. surely she’d know. Best of luck v those 6 fingered <ovf censored>. Stuff them for us Gasheads and I do hope you win the PO final.
  5. Mate, why are you on Vales forum taking the p1ss? Disrespectful and likely to end up being bitten on the arse. Leave it out, FFS.
  6. I like VP, it’s a traditional stadium that’s been modernised. It’s different from the ground you had for the 2 leg PO final but still recognisable. As for the Mem, it wasn’t stolen. If we hadn’t bought it from Bristol Rugby when they went bust a distribution company wanted to buy it and turn it into a warehouse. Rovers and the rugby wouldn’t have had a stadium to play at. We actually saved the rugby club and ensured they had somewhere to play. It was a legitimate business arrangement, nothing was stolen and you sound like one of those bitter Teds from across the river. Haven’t Vale been in administration in the recent past? I wonder how many individuals and small businesses got stiffed as a result? Glasshouses and stone throwing come to mind.
  7. I doubt the single, shaky I follow camera remained on the 2 players on the touch line after the ball was cleared. Therefore it wouldn’t have shown your player’s deliberate stamp then histrionic collapse onto the turf after Finlay’s reaction. Your team worked the officials to get him sent off and that set the tone for the rest of the match. If you’re happy for your team to cheat like that then fine. The reason I’ve posted on this thread was to give some balance to the moaning and groaning about our tactics at yours on Monday. Can’t believe your fans seem to think you’re the only team allowed to use the dark arts. i know I’m one voice against many, but it’s all a bit of fun.
  8. I did after the game. The best thing about Stoke is the railway line out.
  9. Bumpkin? Is that some kind of reference to the fact that Bristol is in the West Country? You know, Bristol, a city towards three times the size of your miserable conurbation of six scruffy little towns with no real purpose or industry? we caught an Uber from the station up to Burslem, a 4 mile journey through endless, epic squalor. What an absolute <ovf censored> hole you live in. Id rather be a Bumpkin than live in Stoke. I almost feel sorry for you.
  10. The ref sent our player off. The Lino reported only what he saw, he didn’t see the stamp because your player was crafty enough to do it when the Lino wasn’t looking. And yes, your players were pushing the ref to send him off and celebrated madly when he obliged. You haven’t made any comment about your fans wanting your team to work on our booked players to get them sent off. If you read through this thread you will read it. I don’t like football played in that spirit, but if a team like yours can be as cynical as you were at our place with the obvious support of the fans then if you can’t beat em you have to join em. Sad but true. It really isn’t good enough to start bleating when other sides employ the same tactics and gamesmanship as you.
  11. I’ve been looking forward to the return match with Vale ever since the injustice of the game at the Mem late last year. All the things you Vale fans have accused us of doing at VP are exactly what your players were doing back at our place. Very early in the game one of your players deliberately stamped on Finlay’s foot way after the ball had gone, causing him to react. Your player went down like he had been shot and your players immediately surrounded the ref, waving imaginary cards and demanding he be sent off. When the gullible, useless ref obliged your guys were laughing and high-fiving each other. Very sportsman like. your team then spent the rest of the 90 minutes slowing the game, players were falling over ‘injured’ every time we attacked and the ref fell for it every time. We gave you a close game with 10 men from very early on but you cheated you way to the 3 points. Fair enough. Even DC was honest enough to admit you’d got away with it, and that’s football. If it had been a cat it would have got through 8 1/2 lives that evening. I travelled to Burslem quietly confident we would get a result. Our team has developed massively since we last met after the chaos of our relegation season. Your fans have complained that you were missing several first choice players on Monday. That happens and that is when squad depth comes into play. It’s no use complaining about missing players, it happens to every team. For several weeks we were down to bare bones because of Covid. You have complained that Coutts ran the game. Good, that’s what you expect your Captain to do. Your fans have complained that you’re players didn’t, in effect, cheat to have our booked players sent off. Very sporting. See my comments about the Finlay incident in the first game. Natural justice was served on Monday; what goes around comes around is the saying, I believe. Tell me, did you adopt the Elvis song in response to Stokes Delilah, or was it the other way around? Ive always liked Vale, a good, Blue Collar working persons club with a loyal core of supporters, very much like us. We both have to contend with another club that’s a rich mans plaything, supported by glory-hunting arseholes. Such is life! Having just come down, I can confidently say that if either or both teams manage promotion we will need some pretty hefty additions to survive in L1. Its the equivalent of the old League Division 2 before the Premier League was invented. Oh, and by the way, we’re Rovers, not Bristol. We wouldn’t want to be confused with the 6 fingers Orcs from south of the river! And if you’re going to write Bristol as it’s said down here then it’s ‘Bristaw’ not ‘Brizzle’ FFS! Enjoy the rest of the season.
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