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  1. Well done vale and especially DC thoroughly deserved UTG
  2. Garners a <ovf censored>,I watched both games and Vale deserve too be at Wembley. Fans invading the pitch been happening for years and nothing happened that hasn’t happened before,Garner and his supporters are bitter and twisted just enjoy Wembley 🍻
  3. Well done Vale for beating the swindlers 👏 If you want the ball back from Mcturdy’s penalty it’s just landed here in Bristol 😂😂😂 Good luck at Wembley UTG
  4. Swindle the cheat’s horrible manager player’s and supporter’s. you’ve got to believe in your team they can do this,DC will have them ready and up for it. come on vale
  5. Swindle cheats,come on vale do these cheats hate them.
  6. You deserve it more than swindle get behind your team like never before. We hate swindle. Come on DC work your magic 🙏
  7. Come on Vale you can do swindle 3-1 UTG
  8. Like Jimmy Greaves said footballs a funny old game utg
  9. The Gas are going up The Gas are going up
  10. We only had ten men when you beat us 2-1 and like Darrell said the Gas was the better side but we took it in our stride.
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