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  1. I would imagine DC and co will need the first half of the season up until the transfer window reopens to assess the players to see where we are at. It seems to me we are going to be going into the next season with the core side that played in league 2 and was built to achieve promotion. There are going to be 1 or 2 and probably more of our players that are not going to cut at the higher level and you could see more activity in January than this summer but he's got to be fair to the ones who have got us there and give them a chance to prove themselves at a higher level. He probably doesn't even know himself yet whether some of his players can adjust. Looking at the teams I'm sure we can aim for a top 12 finish but we shouldn't be pressing the panic button if things don't start well. The main aim is to get enough points to survive then go from there, cannot see us being involved at the top end without 4-5 players good league one/ championship players that will improve each position but we will see. There are about 8 teams who are going to be really strong with championship squads and budgets and with our current personnel we are just not going to be able to compete with week in week out.
  2. I remember the game just wasnt there. I started to go to a few games away in 93-94 a stand out for me was the 3-1 win at blackpool when they had to open the bank behind the goal due to the amount of vale fans which had been condemned. Good job they did as they still had fences down the side and the police were trying to cram vale fans in could have been another Hillsborough. Alot of vale fans only saw 45 mins we only got in the ground at half time and they charged us full price.
  3. Of the games I have seen in the flesh. Nil nil draw at arsenal played them off the park, I sat in the north bank as couldn't get tickets in the vale end. Ian bogie played a blinder man of the match showed what a player he should have been absolute quality, bergkamp never got a kick. After the game arsenal fans were calling for Wenger's head within 4 months they had won the league and cup double and a few seasons later would be called the invicibles. After that would be the 2-2 draw at everton again Bogie immense what a strike right at the end. Didnt go to the home game so carnt include that. Probably the best team performance I have seen from a Port Vale in a league game bearing in mind we were in the championship playing Norwich who were near the top would be the 6-1 win in 1996 we totally and utterly took them and darren eadie apart that day, even stuart Talbot was scoring for fun.
  4. His dad seems like an absolute legend. What a man To be fair to the lad league one is prob going to be to big of a jump for him, hes still young and learning and needs games. Totally understand his decision and hes gone to a big club who are local to him in. Sensible move and sparky having been a striker will prob get the best out if him. I think the problem we have now once we have a good player on loan doing well they are in the shop window and theres alot of competition. We just need flitcroft and co to find another diamond for league one.
  5. I would expect that because we dont want to break the wage structure we will be in the market for good quality loan players, like Harriett that Flitcroft and the team will know about but who wont necessarily have had many first teams games or been brought to anyones attention. This I suppose is where flitcroft earns his crust. Im afraid because we operate within a competitive but strict budget we will always be up against clubs who can offer a player more money. I would imagine there are alot of smaller teams in league one losing out on potential signings to Bradford and Salford. I know having been a secretary at non league club we secured loans from conference clubs with the parent club sometimes agreeing to pay a percentage of the players wage which can work out in our favour if that player is on good money. So we can probably discuss signings till the cows come home but the players we end up with could be premier league/ championship kids probably uknown who havnt played a first team game yet.
  6. Yes m8 and some of them also realise that little old port vale ain't as little as that they thought they were. We get a promotion and they are shiting themselves, get in the same it higher divison as them and u start taking away about a 3rd of there support.
  7. In a few yrs time when Carol decides we need a new railway stand and we are facing the lardies we should give them the free run of it including the paddock. Would save a mint on demolition costs.
  8. Yeah they are worried as they know theres probably as much chance of us getting into the championship as they have of getting back in the premiership any time soon. They hate the prospect that they may have to face us in a few yrs time.
  9. 3 times this morning, may watch again later. Superbly put together by sky though I have to say very good the way they provide as much coverage of the actual match as the post match celebrations. U can just keep reliving the day over and over again.
  10. Can I just say I used the word crap in frustration due to results but I know and Darrell and most sensible Vale know we have a few players that wont be able to make the step up to league one. They have done fantistically well but that's football unfortunately, hopefully they are at least given a chance. Some of these players were playing for us when we were near the bottom of the league 2.
  11. There are one or 2 m8 that probably will be when contracts wont be renewed over the summer. They not crap but theres a few that aren't good enough for league one and may drift into non league.
  12. Yes it was very emotional day for everyone concerned with Vale. Never seen so many grown men in tears after a Vale win. So people there that have been longing for a day like that for years. The atmosphere was tremendous one of the best days in my life and will live long in my memory. It may have only been a 4th divison play off final but made we feel so proud to be a vale fan. Massive credit to Carol and the board, Darrell, Andy Crosby, Flitcroft and everyone else connected in taking us back to league one where we belong.
  13. It's a tough test but theres at least 15 clubs in that league that Vale should have enough to more than compete with we have proved that this season with the wins against Accrington and Burton. I certainly dont think theres anything to fear and there wont be any pressure from the fans to get back to back promotions lol. I think most people will be more than happy to stay up consolidate and aim for a midtable finish although I'm sure Darrell Clarke wont want to just be making the numbers up.
  14. Also remember the great atmosphere generated in the England and Germany game in Euro 2020 when due to covid restrictions there were only 40k in the stadium albeit people were sitting a seat apart. 30-35k is a big crowd to watch 2 fourth division teams.
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