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  1. I'm passionate about Vale and I can take losing a game aslong as we gave it everything but yesterday was unacceptable.
  2. Having slept on it and cooled down I do agree I owe an apology in regard to my post on Aspin, yes I still want him gone from the club but my language used regarding his integrity was over the top so I apologise to anyone this caused offence to. Incidentally I watched his interview and despite his insane ramblings he also looks like a broken man not sure how he drags the players up from this, this is where we need those big characters in the dressing room.
  3. Thought that myself he takes responsibility but then blamed the players? He says it wud be easy walk away but no it wudnt cus he wudnt get paid, if he was honest he wud have said he can't walk cus wudnt get paid but if he got sacked wud get his money....
  4. Jesus wept, so injuries ment Pugh had to play left wing, Clark had to play left wing, Hannant had to play CM, Whitfield had to play upfront? Not to mention Rawlinson again RB, this is just playing players out of position not due to injuries and that only proves the manger either on drugs or clueless.
  5. Don't bother replying as I now have you on ignore. My hope is that the admins ban you from the site first. Why wud they ban me for criticising the manager? If that was the case 90% wud be banned for the abuse poor Smurf has suffered.
  6. Please explain which OVF rule I have broken?
  7. Just bare in mind as a player this guy was my hero he represented everything I loved about a player but coming to my club as a manager the bloke is an absolute joke and I no longer have my hero and its such a shame cud the same happened with my other hero's in Foyle and Glover.
  8. I can't remember u putting up a huge protest at Norm bringing the Aspin/Rudge combo to the club... along with most to be fair.
  9. I hate to say it but I told u all so, I don't need apologies just for fans to pull together.
  10. Hang on a minute, your the guy that has critised me for being negative, this is poor form from u or have I been right all this time?
  11. I don't have time to devote to such decisions but I do wonder if Russel Slade wud be happy work for peanuts instead of the the dole...
  12. Agree really but he gave us what was a popular decision in Aspin so really he can't win either way but what he did do is backed Aspin financially to make 17 signings that other than Hannant are garbage.
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