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  1. You could see it really clearly first half. Stop 4 getting ball from centre halves. That left their centre half who got sent half being forced to kick it long - generally over Cass. Stopped them playing through midfield. Second half was different, of course.
  2. Just think some of the comments on here about Stone are really harsh. People must have seen some brilliant keepers down the Vale in recent years to keep knocking him the way he has been. He made a mistake on Wednesday - bought about by other players and the way he has been asked to play. At the same time I can't think of any goals that were his mistake or saves he should have made. He made an excellent save on Wednesday at 2 nil down that few if any commented on. At the same time todays keeper could do no wrong (including MoM). But he kicked it out of play and kicked it long to try and fail to hit Proctor. From my point of view (where I was sitting) he got lucky with his first save. It hit the inside of his arm and went wide - often they go in! Not saying he's not good - he obviously is. Just saying people have looking for the negative in one keeper and the positives in the other.
  3. Stone looks good compared to De Gea
  4. I'm with you. Spent most of last season carefully sitting with no-one around me so I can have a great view. Against Fleetwood I had tall people in front of me and someone actually sitting next to me. Could hardly see a thing. Ruined my game!!
  5. Reminded me of the game against Sunderland last year. And how that team and formation changed/evolved through the season.
  6. Thought this last year and still think it. We need more physicality.
  7. Only kidding you. I expect current management know what they're doing. Need to get better players than we have. Easier said than done!
  8. We did have one sent off first game last season!
  9. Great points about Hussey. As I've said before he just looks like a proper footballer. Not rushed, always in a good position and doesn't get beaten one on one easily. Came into the side at the worst time, including playing out of position against Newport. I expect him to be excellent this season.
  10. Making a big assumption that Hussey is a miss. Looks like a proper footballer to me.
  11. Great signing. Losing Cass to injury changed the entire way we played. Went much more direct. Until the last 2 games.
  12. Rich is a great lad. Played in same team for several years. Big vale fan. Worked his way up to his position from the bottom
  13. Looked a proper footballer who was trying too hard at a new club at the start of the season. Now looks relaxed and confident. Confidence is the key for all footballers.
  14. And covolan celebrated like he had played every game. Once again brilliant squad spirit
  15. This is the first time I have booked an official coach ticket since 1989! Can anyone tell me if I have to collect an actual ticket from the ticket office before Saturday?
  16. You're right. £1.25 to print my own ticket!
  17. Is this the side that have got the second most points (if we don't get another!) (we got 78 in 2013) since 1994?
  18. Him and hall in January. Has there ever been a better deal than them two for 100k plus Leon Legge? Can't see which of the January signings we could really moan about!
  19. And absolutely brilliant to watch. Commitment, energy, quality goals (second was a brilliant move), tension and players leaving their egos aside for the team.
  20. Very true and very professional. Set up excellent second goal. Got several hugs and fives from other players and staff at the end. All in it together.
  21. Stone did handle outside his area. I was dead level with it in the Paddock.
  22. And 1985/86 Average home league attendance 3,581
  23. For what it's worth this is the average league attendance for my first promotion season in 1982/83 Average home league attendance 4,806
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