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  1. Great signing. Losing Cass to injury changed the entire way we played. Went much more direct. Until the last 2 games.
  2. Rich is a great lad. Played in same team for several years. Big vale fan. Worked his way up to his position from the bottom
  3. Looked a proper footballer who was trying too hard at a new club at the start of the season. Now looks relaxed and confident. Confidence is the key for all footballers.
  4. And covolan celebrated like he had played every game. Once again brilliant squad spirit
  5. This is the first time I have booked an official coach ticket since 1989! Can anyone tell me if I have to collect an actual ticket from the ticket office before Saturday?
  6. You're right. £1.25 to print my own ticket!
  7. Is this the side that have got the second most points (if we don't get another!) (we got 78 in 2013) since 1994?
  8. Him and hall in January. Has there ever been a better deal than them two for 100k plus Leon Legge? Can't see which of the January signings we could really moan about!
  9. And absolutely brilliant to watch. Commitment, energy, quality goals (second was a brilliant move), tension and players leaving their egos aside for the team.
  10. Very true and very professional. Set up excellent second goal. Got several hugs and fives from other players and staff at the end. All in it together.
  11. Stone did handle outside his area. I was dead level with it in the Paddock.
  12. And 1985/86 Average home league attendance 3,581
  13. For what it's worth this is the average league attendance for my first promotion season in 1982/83 Average home league attendance 4,806
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