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  1. The one Aberdeen sang to the tune of 'She's Electric' is a good 'un too!
  2. They do it in the lower German leagues, I believe. Daft idea if you ask me.
  3. Was expecting a right laugh at that kid's vlog, but he was (almost disappointingly) balanced. I'd imagine the video would've had a very different vibe if we'd lost, though! Credit given – it's still pretty pathetic to spend your hard-earned cash just to try and see your rivals lose at the hands of a third-party. That said, I can't imagine he'll be going to Wembley with Stoke any time soon, unless they introduce relegation play-offs... 😉
  4. If we were gonna do it, we should’ve done it before the players went off on their jollies. There’s only one direction we need to be looking now, and it’s not backwards.
  5. Hmmm... it's a nice thought, but I was personally hoping we weren't going to bother. Hate to be a (literal) party-pooper but I think these things should be reserved for 1st place finishes only. I'd prefer we do something extra at the open day: let fans have photos with the trophy, maybe get some 'Play-Off Winner' merch in the clubshop, etc. etc.. Open-top bus seems excessive for what is essentially a 4th place finish.
  6. As long as you don't try to to smuggle a finger in Smudge.
  7. Desperate to do these over after all the daft comments from their camp and supporters. Their over-confidence is giving me confidence.
  8. What’s wrong with living in a council flat? Horrid comment.
  9. I bought a ticket from the Vale on Thursday and they said they had a few left. Hopefully sold out over the weekend.
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