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  1. They were a credit to your club
  2. Not a vale fan (yet) but have a connection to Mansfield and live in Southampton (Saints fan) not too far from the Clarke's family home . What he and his family have been through is beyond devastating -As i posted on another stream, having the Vale players at the funeral was just the most an amazingly supportive gesture on an extremely emotional day and time .Like I said I'm not even a Vale fan but even I was proud of them.❤ The Poor man has literally been broken, but i know the support shown by everyone concerned in football and especially the fantastic PortVale fans is felt and is helping him slowly heal to a point of being able to be part of just living again ..it will never be the same ofcourse so keep supporting him, by supporting your wonderful football club. I will Cheer you from afar .
  3. (Im a Southampton fan and live down here-But have a connection to Mansfield ) To all Port Vale fans I just wanted to say that your players who attended the funeral in support of Mr Clarke recently was very touching . It was deeply emotional and the fact that they showed him and his family support even by just being there at this extremely difficult time is a credit to football and especially to your club . Be proud
  4. Unfortunate and very very tragic news from the Clarke family . Deeply sorry for their loss he will need as much time as possible
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