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  1. Have we run out of funds? what on earth is going on? Starting to worry now with no real signings of note. So can we not compete with teams like crawley now? How TF are we not competing with crawley? I wish id held off on my season ticket now
  2. Bromley vs wrexham had an attendance of 46,000 and we have barely sold 15k and even though Mansfield have sold slightly more, it really shows where we are at the moment as we dont draw the same amount as bromley FFS, i have railway paedo’s bantering me because they’re saying even they would sell more, come on boys where the <ovf censored> are you on Saturday? I know where i am, back the lads #UTV
  3. Vale 9/4, get the money on, its D day boys, our destiny arrives today, we’ve proven we are the best team in the league this season, how can we fail with a sold out vale army behind us, fighting with the passion of a Ukrainian soldier, nobody will deny us our rightful promotion this year, #slavavale
  4. I must also say i don’t think the vale fans did ourselves justice today, disgusting at the end really, very toxic
  5. Where is everyones faith in this team? Get behind the boys, come on valiants, newport have nothing to play for and exeter are up and wont be bothered, we’re the best side in this division, im putting my money on clarke and the boys #COYV
  6. Let’s not forget we have the points on the board, what an atmosphere when we scored, must have been a good 5/6 thousands today, I didn’t hear the attendance
  7. Feel like there is not enough fight in this team today
  8. I dont like this lack of faith, we’ve come this far, the league table doesn’t lie, we’re a superior side
  9. Yes but i cant see us losing another game this season, full of faith in this team
  10. Poor, really poor, however I think us vale fans have forgotten we can afford to lose this one
  11. Really? Other than the odd blip, convolan has been a really good piece of business in my opinion, arguably signing of the season
  12. This is a brilliant back up signing, this will surely keep convolan on his toes and keep producing for the vale, cracking business carol
  13. How can you say we can’t compete, this season until now has been brilliant, we’re on our way, playoffs look promising
  14. Thats a negative way of looking at it, we’re far too big of a club for this league, we have a premiership stadium in league 2, which speaks volumes really, we need to get behind the lads and push for league 1 and beyond, there is big things coming with this club i can just feel it #supervale
  15. Keep the faith brother, we’re all in this together, vale till we die
  16. 4/6 a good price to be fair this weekend, £50 on that, got faith in DC to turn this around, as shown at the start of the season, we can play some good stuff when switched on, just look at the Brentford game, come on you vale, playoffs are more or less a guarantee and i have a good feeling about this set of lads, we’re surely too big for this league
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