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  1. Does anyone know how the season tickets sales are going
  2. I think we need 4 players in a RWB a CH and 2 STRIKERS UTV
  3. Sounds a lot of new signings then can not see 11 going
  4. I think it’s the seat number you booked so they have some sort of tracking
  5. Hi all I have 1 ticket for Wembley block 245 and coach from the vale for sale if anyone is struggling to get 1 £48 seats £40 bus £2.50 booking fee due to illness nearest offer txt 07825598516 Graham
  6. Just been down the shop car park was nearly full and shop was very busy at least 20 queuing up to pay,sold out of Wembley scarves soooooooooo glad it’s bringing money into the club Carol needs to get a bigger purse lol UTV
  7. Hi Golders yes collect them from vale take your conformation with you
  8. Ok thanks Rocky starting to get nervous
  9. Has anyone got there tickets from ticket master yet still waiting for mine to be emailed
  10. Sorry foe a different thread but just been on Swindon forum lmao they sure don’t like us but it’s. A good laugh at what they saying UTV
  11. I really hope you join us on this ride Newport valiant we are all friends together so don’t miss out UTV
  12. I reckon sideis holly Worral smith hall Jones hussy Garraty pett cooper wilson harratt
  13. Am I being greedy wanting a defender, midfielder and good striker ? Even if we have to offload Martin and rodders . I also think it’s last chance saloon for Covolan your thoughts please.
  14. I’m guessing holy worral smith hall jones hussy garrity pett cooper wilson harratt
  15. Spot on with cass given a little time he will be a very good player
  16. Gone legge,amos,Johnson,Burgess,Lloyd,politic,=6 only 4 come in so think at least another 5, still unfinished business on outgoings, easy said than done but need goal scorer ,
  17. I think we need a ch before striker if Rodney goes then winger/forward but experienced
  18. I think it’s a bit of both our style of play dc does not rate him as high as expectations and don’t think he is happy here so think it’s in both interest to let him go
  19. We have to sign the players who can make us better not just because it’s near the end of transfer window to make numbers up a ch midfielder and winger would be on my list
  20. Phew that’s good news then need him with gibbo out
  21. Does anyone know why worral was out do you think he is going ?
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