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  1. Could do with this being put to bed now asap. It’s not reflecting well on anyone.
  2. Dom Telford according to a pal of mine is off to Bradford.
  3. Bradford have somehow managed to sign Richie Smallwood. I think they will be walking League 2 next season.
  4. Don’t under estimate mate how absolutely skint people are at the moment. It’s going to get worse as we head into the winter. We will get similar to last season with much bigger away followings. The budget should be fine to match the likes of Morecambe, Stanley and Burton etc.
  5. I’d be less bothered about losing Taylor than Gibbo. Cass will be played at rcb so Gibbo needs replacing. Still think going into the season with both Hussey and Benning is risky as well. 2 strikers and a central midfielder or two. When does pre season start?
  6. I’m pretty sure Stone will be our number 1 with the mad Brazilian as back up. Unfortunately.
  7. Yep I’m hearing the same. We’ve basically told him he’s been injured for 2 years and this is all he’s getting.
  8. We're in the exact same position, and now gibbo-less I agree. I think the squad needs significant improvement to stay out of the bottom 4 next season. Pace would be start.
  9. The club could do with a 6pm signing announcement! 😆
  10. I’d have been looking to replace Worrall this season. I really think the squad needs improving all over the pitch. I think DC will show loyalty to the players who got us up but I think that’s a massive risk.
  11. Thought this would happen. Unless he’s gone to the championship then I find it a bizarre decision.
  12. Exactly the character and personality we need. Really glad he’s signed up!
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