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  1. Two ways of looking at this. Anyone working below the managers job should have aspirations for top spot. At the moment Askey is making a balls up of things so there will be a few members of staff thinking they could make a better job of it, only natural in a competitive environment. If his actions are disruptive however then that’s a different story. Not sure I believe that Carol would stand for much disruption though. For me Askey SHOULD feel under pressure. If, as he is stating, he doesn’t then he needs to sod off quick. Pressure should be weighing down on him relentlessly with our current situation. Just from professional pride alone, let alone expectation of the fans or potential challengers for the managers job.
  2. Mills is a liability true but whole defence should be ashamed. Having said that there 2 reasons we lost that 1. Askeys inability to address the same defensive issues 2. Askeys inability to react in a match to what’s happening on the pitch No where to hide, this “soft under belly” has been there all season and not been addressed. Sort it out Askey, if you are capable???!!!
  3. Another good performance and another good advert for league 2 football. Desperately need to find a finisher in jan if we are able too. Looks like it’s may be coming together but the longer we go on the harder we make it for ourselves.
  4. for those questioning what taking the knee represents... It represents equality. Making sure that everyone is the same regardless of what makes us different.
  5. I thought we played really well. Colchester has 15-20 minutes in the first half. Thought there was some really good football from both sides. We were a couple of goals off a very accomplished performance. Still sloppy errors in our game but we are league 2 so to be expected. I’ve been critical of Askey but not yesterday. More positives than negatives yesterday. That’s not been the case of the last few weeks.
  6. Never on all my life have i seen a player so out of place as mckirdy. I don’t necessarily mean ability either. The bloke just look lost. Head down shoulders hunched over.
  7. Well, who saw that coming? Good win which was absolutely needed.still a hell of a lot of improvement needed though as we need to score six every week at the minute to stand a chance of winning. Defending is shambolic at times which is surprising after last season. I still think it’s more to do with midfield though. One ball and the opposition is at us straight away. Still, well done to all involved. We desperately needed that.
  8. Agree mate. Do feel sorry for Askey. I think everyone wanted it to work for him. Can’t complain that he has not been backed by all involved. Sadly though it isn’t and he must now leave or be shown the door. Results business more than ever this season and we are not getting them. And in all honesty when we did early on it had an air of not being overly great. He has put his faith in the wrong people and is paying the price. Squad should be ashamed every bit as much to blame. Never had it so good.
  9. Has to go now surely. May have been slightly better second half but not enough by any stretch.
  10. Really is pathetic. They have done nowt second half but when they needed to get themselves back in front. We are a very poor side no denying. Very much a relegation in the making unless we change something fast.
  11. For those that rate oyleke honestly can’t see why we have persevered with him do so long. Bloke is awful. Passing range is worse than griff! Have we won since he has been back in the side? Don’t want to pick out one bloke because there is plenty out there not performing but he sums up our play. Slow and laboured.
  12. Fook me we are bad. In defendable now. Taxi has been called
  13. Then they need to get a better reporter...I know we were crap no think about it 😂
  14. Yep time to go I think. Look way out of our depth.
  15. We are too nice a team. No hard/ nasty players in our tea and it shows.
  16. Is this a fooking joke. They could be 2 or 3 up and we can’t control a ball!
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