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  1. Be careful... disappointment is too strong a word to band around these parts! I’ve been called a cock for saying similar in the new manager thread haha.
  2. I am disappointed though... Disappointed that they are our owners - no way! Disappointed in the management situation - absolutely. I do think that mistakes are being made. Any deficit will only be worse if we finish the season in a relegation dog fight or worse.
  3. Fully agree mate and for me you have put it perfectly.
  4. Riiiiiight...okaaaayyy... So we are not allowed to be disappointed with the current situation? Completely understand that there is a pandemic. There is no money in lower league football at the best of times let alone with everything that is going on. I am not attacking Carol in any way so please do not misinterpret my posts. She and Kevin are the best thing to happen to the club for years. But that doesn’t mean you can’t be disappointed surely???
  5. Sadly the rock and the hard place has been inflicted by putting faith in the wrong people. Again something that is commendable withour owners but has not paid off. They gave Askey every chance to be a success. They have looked after the whole club and wider community since they took over in the face of adversity. There are a few morons that have levelled abuse at her on various social media. Which is absolutely deplorable. But on the whole fans are behind the owners. But indecision has lead us here and we now need leadership to get us out. The million pound is not irrelevant. I never said it is. But the only way to reduce that deficit is improvement on the pitch. Sadly that means investment in a manager. No one is spending her money. It’s a football club in turmoil in the middle of a pandemic it can’t be avoided who ever the owner was.
  6. As I didn’t mention anything about money it’s very weak to throw the million quid argument about. If I had it I’d absolutely invest it in the vale! And I would absolutely invest in Carol I think her and Kevin are the best thing to happen to the club for years and genuinely think they could be the people to bring good times back. But I don’t have a million quid and neither do you. The point I was making is that there seems to be a theme of indecision. That’s what disappoints me. Without making some big decisions fast there will be a bigger deficit than a million with potential of non league and or reduced season tickets. Only way to salvage this season is to try and generate some positivity to go into next season.
  7. If all that’s true he should have been employed when Askey left! Very disappointed with Carol over all this. Commendable for being patient owners and giving people a chance but it has to be right. It is all to obvious that this is not right!
  8. Not controversial at all. Absolute on the money. The fact we have come this far without absolute anarchy is testament to the fan base respecting Carol and Kevin as owners. But they are making a massive hash of it for me. That’s not having a pop at them in any way. But we need some strong leadership fast both on and off the pitch.
  9. He has but we have nowt to replace him with. Which is the issue all over the park. Full backs and centre backs, Joyce in the middle. Age has caught up with our experienced players and we have nowt to replace them with. Askey has really shafted us with his pre season recruitment.
  10. I really do hate this vale team and set up. We have good owners and that’s where it ends sadly.
  11. Only change for me would be amoo for hurst. Both were a little lacklustre at the weekend but amoo could get you a goal. Not sure Hurst will yet.
  12. Should have gone last season. Gambled and it’s not paid off. Shame as he has ability. Not sure he is as good as some make out though don’t think any of us have seen enough of him long enough to actually judge.
  13. Has something. Would like him to be a bit more physical at times. He’s a strong lad but needs use it a bit more. Just hoping it comes with more experience.
  14. Agree with this. Most players just click at some places and not at others, especially lower down the leagues. Hope he settles somewhere else. Fingers crossed in the next few days.
  15. Id quite happily release the lot of them. Even those that are supposedly trying just for being spineless and letting it go on. Never prayed for a season to end sooner.
  16. Well that was pathetic. You would have thought we were playing Madrid the way we stood off. Some one has said it but some of these players actually disgust me. Horrid side this is.
  17. The worry is he does ok the. Gets the summer, puts a squad together then it goes belly up and we end up back where we were. No saying that it wouldn’t happen with an experienced manager either mind.
  18. Vale matches are always sparkling!!! I’ll get my coat.
  19. For whatever reason we just never seem to get this kind of appointment right. It’s never a steady ship like an Exeter or Colchester etc where they are in and around the right end of the table.
  20. Or we got outplayed by best team in the division currently. I think 442 is old hat but I’m certain games it has its uses like Saturday. 442 is not the way to go against better teams. Horses for courses.
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