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  1. True. May need a few seasons, after all it’s been about 5 seasons in the making! Not sure how anyone can’t be unhappy with this appointment. The bloke has 4 promotions on his cv. There were no realistic candidates with anywhere near that kind of success. Yes the Walsall forum doesn’t read well but sometimes circumstances dictate the outcome. There is obviously something more to it. He possibly just doesn’t fit in there. The bloke was trying to fill smiths shoes. Maybe their fans expectation against the reality is misaligned. We have plenty of fans who thought we would make the championship under askey ffs! The realism is this appointment is better than any of us could have hoped. Will it work, who knows buts that’s football. but he has to be given time no one bloody game!
  2. This is spot on. Last year was the exception to the rule. This is the second season that the majority of this squad has delivered absolute dross. We finished well last season but I think that blinkered the view from the fact we were still very much a team in transition. The bulk of the squad is still the relegation material that Aspin assembled. This season should have seen replacements for brown, legg, Joyce and pope, with the aforementioned slowly becoming bit parts. But we signed none and are now massively at sea. We signed a load of nomads that no one wanted in mills, Fitzpatrick, whitehead and mckirdy. Add to that Robinson who just doesn’t fit at vale for whatever reason. It’s no surprise that we are back where we are with this squad of players, they have proved it on 2 seperate occasions now. Whoever comes in now has a massive task or rebuilding a full squad. I make it 14 players at least to get rid of. (Mills,Fitzpatrick,legge,visser,Joyce,oyleke,whitehead,burgess,crookes,Cullen,mckirdy,Robinson,Guthrie) Then add to that the fact we may not hold on to conlon, Worrall, gibbons. We could be in a right my mess. Signing that volume of players at one time never works. Askey really did make a mess of the summer recruitment and it’s not going to be an overnight fix.
  3. The cost of not appointing a decent manager could be far greater...
  4. We have a fitness issue all over the park. Never known a club to have so many hamstring injuries. It’s constant theme with us.
  5. Wind blowing the other way today...😂😂😂😂😂😂😂😂😂
  6. Been that way all season. Distinct lack of guts shown from the off.
  7. Not sure why anyone is surprised. Thankfully Grimsby and Southend should just about be worse than us but it will be a closely run race. We may score a few but our defence will shaft us every week.
  8. Certainly is. If we are doing well and you have decent-ish players in that position you can sometimes carry a player like him in the hope he gets over his injuries. Sadly with squad sizes and the reduction to 20 next season he is a risk to big to take.
  9. He will never play enough games consecutively to be fit enough to play that role. Or any for that matter.
  10. We are certainly carrying to many players. Mills, Fitz, whitehead plus the crocks Cullen, manny, monty add to that Robinson, mckirdy and increasingly likely legg de-registered it’s all to obvious that summers recruitment was god awful and we weren’t ruthless enough with our current lot. Personally, only monty would be here next season out of those above. And he would be the back up squad player because of his versatility. Harsh on Manny but the lad is another Walsh. Has some potential but will never play enough consecutive games.
  11. Fully agree. For me the one thing that has massively been lacking during this whole debacle is communication. Which is so uncharacteristic for Carol and the club as a whole under her stewardship. I understand and wouldn’t expect the club to tell us every detail of everything going on. But what a difference this one article makes to people’s sanity!
  12. My issue is that every one in the club from the top seems in able to make a firm decision which is worrying. Askey should have gone way before he did. Then if you want to give Pugh an audition you do it on the lead up to the window. If it fails you bring in someone over jan who has a transfer window to change things up slightly.
  13. I tried to make this point a while back and got slated for it. Big decisions are passing us by and we are just nose diving into the national league. Really do respect Carol abs Kevin but they are getting this MASSIVELY wrong. All the good they have done will be forgotten of this carry’s on.
  14. Should have been tonight. We are relegation bound unless something massive changes.
  15. Agreed. Not sure on the relevance to my post but I agree all the same.
  16. Be careful... disappointment is too strong a word to band around these parts! I’ve been called a cock for saying similar in the new manager thread haha.
  17. I am disappointed though... Disappointed that they are our owners - no way! Disappointed in the management situation - absolutely. I do think that mistakes are being made. Any deficit will only be worse if we finish the season in a relegation dog fight or worse.
  18. Fully agree mate and for me you have put it perfectly.
  19. Riiiiiight...okaaaayyy... So we are not allowed to be disappointed with the current situation? Completely understand that there is a pandemic. There is no money in lower league football at the best of times let alone with everything that is going on. I am not attacking Carol in any way so please do not misinterpret my posts. She and Kevin are the best thing to happen to the club for years. But that doesn’t mean you can’t be disappointed surely???
  20. Sadly the rock and the hard place has been inflicted by putting faith in the wrong people. Again something that is commendable withour owners but has not paid off. They gave Askey every chance to be a success. They have looked after the whole club and wider community since they took over in the face of adversity. There are a few morons that have levelled abuse at her on various social media. Which is absolutely deplorable. But on the whole fans are behind the owners. But indecision has lead us here and we now need leadership to get us out. The million pound is not irrelevant. I never said it is. But the only way to reduce that deficit is improvement on the pitch. Sadly that means investment in a manager. No one is spending her money. It’s a football club in turmoil in the middle of a pandemic it can’t be avoided who ever the owner was.
  21. As I didn’t mention anything about money it’s very weak to throw the million quid argument about. If I had it I’d absolutely invest it in the vale! And I would absolutely invest in Carol I think her and Kevin are the best thing to happen to the club for years and genuinely think they could be the people to bring good times back. But I don’t have a million quid and neither do you. The point I was making is that there seems to be a theme of indecision. That’s what disappoints me. Without making some big decisions fast there will be a bigger deficit than a million with potential of non league and or reduced season tickets. Only way to salvage this season is to try and generate some positivity to go into next season.
  22. If all that’s true he should have been employed when Askey left! Very disappointed with Carol over all this. Commendable for being patient owners and giving people a chance but it has to be right. It is all to obvious that this is not right!
  23. Not controversial at all. Absolute on the money. The fact we have come this far without absolute anarchy is testament to the fan base respecting Carol and Kevin as owners. But they are making a massive hash of it for me. That’s not having a pop at them in any way. But we need some strong leadership fast both on and off the pitch.
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