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  1. 5 minutes ago, PV1973 said:

    3 things have happened since that Rochdale game that have changed us for the better. Smith moved to the centre of a back 3, cass playing to the right of the back 3 and Gibbo coming in for Benning. All have made an impact in their respective positions. 

    Spot on mate. Take a bit to shift them at the minute. I think had smith played centre against Rochdale then we deal with their lad better. Not saying we would have got anything because we were pretty bad after the first 20 mins but we would definitely have dealt with him better. 

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  2. 17 minutes ago, Biddulph_PV said:

    I think the Rochdale game was quite difficult to understand and dissect to be honest. I still think that was our best 25 minutes at home so far so, yet we then collapsed like a deck of cards and it’s hard to know whether to credit them (I think they are the best side we faced so far) or it was down to us mental, physically and/or tactically. You will always get more supporters trying to analyse things after a defeat irrespective of whether it’s Port Vale or Manchester City IMO.

    Personally think we never dealt with their tall striker that day. Martin had a mare against him. Just couldn’t cope with him at all. 

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  3. Was very poor after the first 15 minutes. Game should have been wrapped up. Never seen a team go from 100 to 0 so quick. It’s quite worrying tbh. Conlon shouldn’t have come back in for Walker. No two ways manager cost us today and I quite like him. Needed to bring a centre half in to cover legge and we didn’t/haven’t. Martin will never be the answer. Hope he can improve but he was as strong as steam!

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  4. Don’t listen to the commentary a great deal because I manage to get to games. It’s not the best but just be grateful we even get coverage tbf some areas we’d just end up with updates during other games 

  5. 3 hours ago, Joe B said:

    Absolutely fundamental we give this whole project time. 

    Top 7 is definitely the aim, but Blackpool could have panicked and sacked Critchley after a dreadful start. They have principles about how they wanted to play and develop footballers, which led to them sticking with him as they had a philosophy to adhere to, and it has resulted in promotion.

    For the first time ever it feels we have a bit of direction, a bit of a plan. If it doesn't work perfectly early doors then it cannot be panic time. 

    Cracking post and fully agree.  But I also think at the same time given the money that has been spent there needs to be positive signs on the pitch to give people hope. Last season was a an absolute car crash for everyone involved. Hopefully lessons have been learned and the good times are on there way back. But ultimately we are there to watch( hopefully!! 🙏🙏) the product on the pitch.

    I feel we are in a far better position than we were but ultimately know one really knows until a competitive ball is kicked. Carol and Kevin deserve some luck. They haven’t had any since taking over but have faced everything head on and are such a credit to port vale. We are very lucky to have them as owners. 

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  6. 9 minutes ago, Paul6754 said:

    Good to know but also a tad concerning at the same time. He got a knock which kept him out after the Man C game, he supposedly got a knock towards the end of last season which kept him out and now this. I'm a big fan of Jake Taylor and a fully fit Jake for a long stretch of time would be one hell of an asset to the Vale.

    I’m not so sure on Taylor. Average at best with a few glimpses of potential since he resigned. Was good on loan but that’s gone now. He struggled fo get in a poor vale team last season jury is our for him this season. Needs a huge improvement else he could get left behind. 

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  7. 2 minutes ago, darren1810 said:

    Taylor has got to hit the ground running or his Vale career could be over before it starts. 

    Barely featured under Clarke, huge season for him.

    I think if anything this squad is going to be highly competitive. All of them will need to be on top form else they will be out. Can only be a good thing. 

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  8. 3 minutes ago, blackdog said:

    The kind of player Cambridge and Morecambe picked up last season, might have issue's if Wrexham are prepared to release him.

    Or he has told them he’s not signing already...

    as you say this is the sort of player we need to pick up. Still a chancer but has a bit of consistency about performances which is often missing in lower league football. 

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  9. 2 minutes ago, darren1810 said:

    If we sign Danny Mayor I'll have my picture taken in a Stoke top and you can throw custard pies at me 

    Don’t know you but as a fellow vale fan do it for charity and I’ll happily donate. Plus I’ll bring my own custard pie 😂

  10. Incredibly sad news. Thank you for being part of Port Vale and giving us so many happy memories. Will never forget his marauding runs in the 90th minute as if it was the first minute while the rest of the players would be huffing and puffing. RIP Lee and I hope your family find some comfort in how highly you are thought of not just at vale but across the whole of football.

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