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  1. 7 hours ago, rob1983 said:

    All you fans moaning about a loyalty scheme. We don't need one. Can't even sell out a playoff semi final. Embarassing. Not as big as we think.

    Bloody hell mate! Don’t know you and don’t want fall out but have some perspective. We’ve just had some big crowds at home against Bristol and Newport good crowds away at Walsall and Exeter. What world you living in? You been monitoring the cost of living recently?

    Understand being disappointed that we haven’t sold out but sales haven’t finished yet. If we do great. If we don’t then so bloody what. To call fans out for potentially cutting their cloth is a bit below par.

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  2. No way is Hussey the player we thought we were signing. Bloke has long gone past it sadly. Not sure deliveries are enough to warrant a start either only equates to a small percentage of the actual game. I think Charsley could do the DM role. He’s got a good engine and is quite snappy in the tackle. Always seems to get a little nick on the ball just to slow the opposition. Don’t have to be a big burly player to play that role. Pett ain’t a physical player neither was Joyce.  What we really lacked on Monday was someone savvy. Bristols player was ref in that game and we had no answer to it.  Not saying that’s why we lost at all but it certainly didn’t help our cause either. 


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  3. 3 minutes ago, jjvale_03 said:

    This has been coming all season.

    People lapping up having to stand on a carpark for 3 hours just to get a ticket for away matches and accepting it because someone brings you a hot drink. They've handed out 'Loyal supporters' scarves this morning to people who they told 15 minutes later to go home because it'd sold out. Talk about egg on face.

    And now, many people who have supported the club through thick and thin and have travelled up and down the country in good times (and more importantly bad) miss out on potentially the biggest game in a decade.

    Impose a loyalty scheme asap. We cannot have 5k+ ST holders who are all treated 'equally'. I say 'equally' because clearly today many tickets have been reserved before they went on sale to 'normal' ST holders and it stinks. One point per ticket purchased (home and away) running over a 3-5 year period. Then sell tickets in batches as per loyalty points. Smaller allocation, more loyalty points needed to get to the front of the queue. It's so, so easy and something nearly all other clubs in the EFL have in some form. 

    Quite frankly, the ticketing at Port Vale is worse than it was under Norman and V2001. And if that's not embarrassing enough to kick the club into some action here then I'm not sure what is.

    Agree with what you are saying mate. Rumours of people reserving tickets and buying before they went on sale is a joke. Real poke in the eye for anyone that queued this morning as We did. The only thing is that the allocation is not actually vales fault they can only sell whet they are given. Another reason we need to get out of this division. 

  4. 2 hours ago, Doha said:

    I'm honestly lost for words. That is the most unbelievably incorrect refereeing decision I've ever seen, by a long way. It's so bad it's actually amusing. 

    Josh G who does the twitter vids, if you see this mate...please do a viral one about this. It's absolutely bewildering. 




    What we looking at mate? I Can’t see owt

  5. 13 minutes ago, valiant_593 said:

    Thought benning was very good as well when he came on added a lot of energy down the left 

    He did well we he came on. Much better than the bloke he replaced. Hussey has been a huge disappointment for me. Some good balls in the box but after that he offers nowt at all. Throw ins look suspiciously like fouls. His passing is awful and he persistently just smashes it forward with no direction. 

    Cracking win though regardless. On to Bradford with more of the same please! 

  6. Can’t tell you how angry I am. For those happy watching this <ovf censored> shame on you. And shame on you for shouting people  down who dare criticise. I’m not saying that drastic changes are needed or anything like that but we need to wake the f**k up. What’s wrong with us?  I’m an avid fan but this is inept football. 

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  7. 11 hours ago, LancyTony said:

    For the ultra-pessimists amongst us, can I just point out that...with 15 games to go...we are only 1 point off what is generally accepted as safe from relegation? Smile!!!

    I said this to me dad yesterday. Every team should be aiming for promotion every season else what’s the point. However, being ‘sensible’ staving of relegation at the other end of the table after the absolute car crash that we have been over the past few years is incredible. 

    Performances aren’t ‘thrilling’ at the minute granted and I find us incredibly boring in our style of play, slow and laboured. But the improvement from the past few years is there for all too see from top to bottom. 

    We get greedy as fans as expectation builds. Sometimes we need to just step back and look at the bigger picture. 

    Are we good enough to go up? Who knows. Think it’s fair to say we are solid but not spectacular atm. We lack pace and flair. One thing for definite though is one more win and we are pretty much safe with 15 to play. Would have snapped your hand off at the beginning of the season for that!!


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  8. 1 hour ago, RayWalkers40yarder said:

    injuries have really taken their toll on our side this year havent they. im just curious as to whats happened to dan jones? IMO hussey is a wasted wage and looks like hes on a stroll a thon every game he plays.

    its a good job srevenage were woeful today because although we scored two goals there was nothing between the sides.

    You are not on your own fella. Boring a hell to watch us atm. Sadly we have lost some flair somewhere. It’s a grind at the min compared to the start of the season. 

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  9. 15 minutes ago, boslemportvale91 said:

    You've had a nightmare here mate 

    We’ve all been there. Remember a guy behind me absolutely berating Constantine then He smashed one on haha. 

    Good corner good goal. Still don’t rate Hussey. Jones is better for me. But can’t complain if he puts balls in like that and we capitalise. 

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