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  1. 10 hours ago, robf said:

    I think it shows that everyone takes a little while to get to top form when they haven't got that match sharpness. It took Wilson a few games to bed in and last 90 mins. So, I hope people are patient with Rodney when he returns as he's lost a fair few minutes of action now. He won't be sharp immediately.

    But back to Conlon - he's a real asset. Some of his free-kicks remind me of Ray Walker, which in the Fielding family, is about as high as praise can get... 👍

    You are probably right, but I just don’t remember thinking Ray would score from any free-kicks around the area like I do currently with Conlon. Ray is my favorite player of all time, but I’d have Tom on dead ball kicks on current form.

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  2. 1 hour ago, werstayinup said:

    He is the kind of player you need if you are going into league one as is Cass who i also think would stand out at that level.

    We have built a group of players where most imo are capable of playing in league One,so fantastic recruitment there and it will mean no mass clear out in the summer this time.You only have to look how strong our bench is compared to when we had Ryan Lloyd,Whitehead,Mills etc

    Onwards and Upwards and feeling superb

    100% agree with you. With the players on the bench and not even in the side, we are still competitive. I would imagine Taylor would have been one of the first names to start in previous seasons. This is very exciting.

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