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  1. The tone of your post appears to indicate this being fact . Just interested to know how you know this to be true if it is ? Genuine question not intended to make out I’m having a go 👍 UTV
  2. Fair reply ‘Bill’ 👍 ‘Imploding’ not directed at anyone in particular but we all know from the nature of some posts that these mindsets expect too much immediately and in such a scenario that will definitely happen. As for the first few games , pretty sure we’ll be well covered for players , it might not be to some peoples liking but even the best prepared sometimes have an unexpected poor start to the season , let’s hope it’s not us 👍 UTV
  3. Despite popular opinion that we have ‘missed out’ on all these players I don’t think that’s always the case . Plenty will have approached us wanting to come and no doubt a good many that people on here would have liked . Looking at it from a different perspective maybe a lot of those have been turned down because they were not what we required . Darrell has already alluded to this in the CS/DC/DF video - quality player lined up, bring him in for interview, decided not what we required . This is hardly ‘missing out’ . So it works both ways . Yes it’s quite obvious that not everything has gone to plan so far but I don’t think you’ll find a Club where it has . It’s quite refreshing that hopefully we haven’t or aren’t bringing people in on stupid money just out of desperation. Having said that no doubt some on here will implode if we’re not top of the league after three games ! Tough league, hoping we do well of course but keeping a measured expectation in this first year would do us all good . UTV
  4. In light of recent events perhaps they’re using zoom / video calls to avoid being spotted by someone who can’t keep their mouth shut and potentially hampering the deal ! Damned if they do damned if they don’t which currently seems to be applying to everything they do ! Its a massive job trying to keep everybody happy ,under scrutiny 24/7 . Why some feel the need to have to know every single thing I don’t know ? don’t envy them one bit! UTV
  5. I think too many react to the moment without any knowledge of the actual facts . There are obviously reasons why most players move around , usually cash, but there are also many underlying reasons we don’t know about . Taylor has gone , Gibbons has gone etc ( their choice as I see it they could have stayed ) so before making out it’s an absolute tragedy for the Club when players leave why not wait and see who we get in their place . We are building as a Club people will come and go it’s part and parcel of how it all works . Decisions will be made , not all will work out but as long as we move forward then that’s a result . Interesting to note a few Managers this week expressing their disbelief at being ‘blown out of the water’ by other Clubs paying stupid salaries to players they were interested in but got nowhere near ! Obviously you don’t get every player you go for if you’re not prepared to risk the future of your Club and I don’t blame them one bit ! UTV
  6. The very same ! What you unfortunately missed off was this was between 2012/2016 . It’s now approaching season 22/23 so unfortunately I still fail to see how he would improve us moving forward. UTV
  7. Brisley did ok for us but hardly played for Wrexham last season and they failed to go up So I’m not sure what makes people think he would improve us in League 1 ? Patience folks , pretty sure the back room won’t let us down and we’ll be pleased with who turns up . UTV
  8. I understand peoples wishes for a better experience whilst attending matches at Vale. What I can’t fathom is why people think this is an immediate simple fix. Vale Park has been left to deteriorate over many years by previous ‘owners’ and it’s a long, hard and expensive way back to put things right . The Shanahans are doing a fantastic job within their means and probably frustrating restrictions beyond their control , plus the ‘unknown’ which no doubt crops up out of the blue ! As for the potential ‘move’ to the Hamil End and all those desperate for it to happen yesterday , please take the time out to read the Sentinel article from Colin Garlick which gives some interesting insight into what is involved before such decisions can be made . People bemoan lack of ‘news’ coming out of the Club ( which I think is a good thing - there are enough ‘in the know’ unfortunately sending people into tail spin with no good reason!) but when news does come out people fail to take notice and start ranting without knowing the facts . We’re moving forward both on the pitch and off it , the Club are working extremely hard to achieve good things for us all , give them a chance . What they’ve done so far is beyond what we could expect , they know what they’re doing , let them get on with it and I’m sure we’ll all reap the benefits in time . UTV
  9. People keep mentioning the word ‘boring’ on here . For me what is ‘boring’ is the same people diving head first into some uninformed gossip and absolutely tearing it to shreds without one ounce of thought !! I’m sure if the Vale management are unfortunate to come across most of this nonsense they have a right laugh to themselves . Calm down folks, events will emerge , be patient , any decisions made will have been well thought through and be in the best interests of the Club👍 UTV
  10. It’s the same at some cricket grounds . They have ‘party stands’ , just a polite warning to anyone to avoid if you’re taking kids or prefer a less ‘boisterous’ time at a game 😉
  11. This is most probably the initial statement to pacify the league regulations due to the time restraints with our season going on longer than others. We’ve just stated fact . Just because players are under contract doesn’t mean they won’t be moving on within the next few weeks. Pretty sure there’ll be more than a few comings and goings shortly. Some of the contracted lads didn’t play even with all of the injuries so what chance with moving up a league . Things will shape up , the squad will be manoeuvred to compete in League 1 , plans will be in place , not all the preferred players will come but I think we should have faith in our planners to get 90% of it right . UTV
  12. ‘Show Pony’s’ footballing ability was not the reason he was let go from Vale and let’s make that perfectly clear, he didn’t leave we let him go . He has arrogance issues, he doesn’t have the human criteria required to be employed at the Vale . Basically he doesn’t fit in, he’s a ‘non conformist’, pretty much like the ‘naughty kid in class’ , difficult to handle unless you’re prepared to put up with his antics which obviously Swindon are however quite a few others haven’t been . Will be interesting to see how or not his career goes after this season .
  13. Will be amazed if we’re actually ‘sitting down’ tomorrow seats or not .
  14. So who’s going to be the first to pop up on here moaning because they can’t get an away ticket for Swindon because they’ve sold out ??!! With the comments on here over the past couple of days this is 99% going to happen!! If moaning and whinging got promotion we’d be straight up, no need for play offs 😉!! UTV
  15. It would appear Cooper left us shortly after the Colchester game in March . Personal reasons seems to crop up regularly since his move over from Northern Ireland perhaps he just can’t settle over here , unfortunately this happens with some .
  16. It’s an ongoing aged problem with tickets . This is what some success brings, people who go home and away during good or bad times suddenly find problems getting tickets as these get ‘taken’ by what I call ‘only when we’re winning’ turn ups . Aside from that there are also regulars who , and fair play they go to most games , also always seem to be in the best seats at restricted away games so again this cannot be random ticket purchase . A fair number of tickets are obviously ‘distributed’ before they go on actual sale so we’re probably in a ‘it’s who you know’ or ‘who you are’ scenario . Good point from someone about ‘pre booked coaches’ before tickets are even on sale ? Not heard of any coaches being cancelled because of lack of match tickets , how does that work ? 50 + per coach all seem to manage to be able to ‘obtain’ a match ticket ? It’s a difficult problem managing the old supply and demand with no perfect answer ,always going to be someone upset or disadvantaged . Unfortunately just lately it’s become an even bigger issue and not one that our ticket office in its current state is equipped to deal with.
  17. I see one or two have already stated ‘what if this’ ‘what if that’ about previous games . Don’t torture yourselves or us it’s gone ! Look forward , we’ve finished 5th over 46 games a remarkable achievement and excellent progress after these past few years ! We’re still in there with a great chance, be positive and let’s see where it takes us 👍 UTV
  18. I have no idea and unless you have some proof neither do you . So unless you can provide us with this , perhaps it would be better not to post your guesswork and stop others getting worked up over nothing .
  19. So you clearly know what was being said do you ?
  20. Thanks for the offer ‘Dr’ however I certainly wouldn’t want to try the ‘hug’ and I think any attempt at consolation or understanding would pass them by in a second 😉😃 One possible solution would be for them to stay at home and let the rest of us enjoy these current great times without the drone of someone who obviously struggles to engross happiness without blasting off at someone trying their best for everyone 👍Interesting idea of yours though 😃👍 UTV
  21. Spot on , and yet some bloke in front of us at Hartlepool yesterday absolutely slaughtered Proctor all game until Hussey came on then he set about him , unbelievable!! Why do these people go ? We’re on a fantastic run , 4 games to go, the players need all the encouragement we can provide to get us over the line ! The support was magnificent yesterday as always (except for maybe one or two !!) absolute credit to the Club and topped off by Darrell’s emotional appearance , brilliant! On to the next one , we’re getting closer ! UTV
  22. Unfortunately no easy solution to this perhaps not even a solution at all ! It all goes with the territory of ‘success’ . Probably guarantee that some who are fortunate to have ‘acquired’ a ticket for Exeter haven’t been to a handful of games this season home or away, if any at all . Would be interesting to know how many of those queuing at ridiculous times this morning we’re at Barrow , Crawley, Hartlepool tomorrow and the like . You see people on here saying ‘not been for years, really excited’ , simple question is ‘why not’ answer equals ‘well we’re doing well now ‘ !! It will always happen, I feel sorry for the hierarchy at Vale there is no straightforward answer and as an example 1200 Exeter tickets won’t cover the potential demand of over perhaps in the region of 6k people wanting them so what are they supposed to do ? There are many suggested ways to attempt to solve this however not one will solve everyone’s unless they get a ticket . Sometimes you just have to take it on the chin and get on with it. For the record I didn’t get one either ! UTV
  23. You are so right , fantastic wins , great performances, terrific points on the board 👍 Nothing ‘negative’ whatsoever, just an opinion on a previous post . As said before ‘hate’ is quite a word , just wish some would step back and have a think before jumping in and give players a chance .
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