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  1. 7 hours ago, Joe B said:

    Genuinely, what is Evatt's aim here?

    He is a 21 year old coming off an awful injury who is changing games. He isn't the most consistent but he has turned three games on their head for us, mostly out of position/late on. He's miles away from the finished article but is massively inexperienced and has the quality to win points by himself.

    Why would Bolton not at least get him back in the building? If you're losing him on a free/compensation in the summer anyway, you might as well get him to win some points for you?

    Is it just pettiness from Evatt who is fuming that Politic didn't sign the contract? Is it some weird mind-game to get him back to the negotiating table? Does he just not rate him? Has Politic's agent outright said he isn't signing anything? Has Evatt's ego taken a hit as a player he was criticised for loaning out is doing well (his comments seemed a bit snarky), and recalling him would be an admittance he got it wrong?

    Just a very strange situation. If we benefit from it then great.

    We’re asking all those same questions here Joe, it really doesn’t make any logical sense. Evatt has this aversion to playing our young players in front of “his” signings, which is irrational for a start and has loaned most out to find them a home. Our two best, DP and Ronan Darcy were both  sent out but offered new contracts. Darcy signed, Denis didn’t and it seems to have peed off Evatt. I don’t think he’s playing mind games here, he’s not going to call Denis back because he’s been promised money in January to bring in new players, which by all accounts he’s already got lined up. You’re right about ego though, he’s full of himself. I like people with confidence but I’m afraid Evatt goes way over the top. In fact it embarrasses us at times, so it looks like if you want Denis, you can have him for free. Utter madness to me but it must make sense to Evatt!! I really shouldn’t say this but if and hopefully when you get up next year, I’d love Denis to shove a hat trick down his throat against us and then you to get multi millions for his transfer onwards. Did I really just say that? What a sheet fan I am. 🤣😔

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  2. In fairness to Evatt, he’s done a cracking job since he’s been here but his mouth does seem to run away with him a la his silly “best team” comment. Few here could understand his loaning out of DP instead of gradually bringing him back off the bench, as he’s done with some of his new summer signings, because he was probably our best U23 prospect before his injury but it seems that he’d rather sign players than use our youth. At the same time he sent DP out, he also loaned another of our best young players in Ronan Darcy to an Icelandic club.

    Both had looked good two seasons ago when we were in L1 so they do have experience but maybe don’t fit Evatt’s style. Our loss may well be your gain because I think Denis has everything he needs to do well. He lacks a little pace as an out and out winger but could make a good No10 or attacking midfield player, so could still fit in with your wing back system. For me I’m hoping Evatt’s just trying to see if Denis has the desire to dig in and prove his worth but in reality I’m not sure he’s that clever and will probably let Denis walk away for nothing in the summer. Good luck in your promotion push anyway, I genuinely hope you make it.

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  3. Interesting debate on Politic guys. As a Wanderers fan I’d love to see him back but I’m not sure Ian Evatt sees it that way, even though he has the offer of a contract. Denis is great going forward but Evatt prefers players who contribute defensively as well, which hasn’t been Politics strong point. We’re not sure why he hasn’t played more for you and seems only to come on off the bench. Obviously he’s not 100% match fit but then if he’s not getting the minutes, how can he be? If Evatt doesn’t call him back in January then obviously he doesn’t want him but do you? If you get promoted and I hope you do, would DP fit into your team, or would you want someone better? Interested to know your thoughts.

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