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  1. I saw it just before it got erased. Absolutely nowt wrong with it. Ridiculous moderation. Possibly someone upset about Hillsborough?
  2. I hope so. I think the key to young players like him maintaining and actually improving, thereby moving up the pyramid in time, is ensuring that they don't come to the conclusion that they've made it already, and are too good for us. We've seen it before, the starkest examples being Ben Whitfield and Mitch Clark, both of whom became proper Billy Big Balls after their time with us
  3. Garrity is fast becoming the find of the season. Great little player with a hell of an engine and an eye for goal. Proctor has already become the crucial striker in our 2 man partnership. How many of us would have called that? Pett is the important cog in the centre of our midfield. Worrall now quickly growing into the WB role. Many, many reasons to be optimistic and, as others have said, we now seem to actually have some value in the side. To those questioning the Matrix, and lazily quoting Pope when things don't go quite as planned, actually watch our games from this season and last. It's like night and day.
  4. Very impressed today. Another day, we'd have won that 1 or 2 nil and the post match comments would be more positive. Wilson clearly has more technical ability than our other forwards combined, so if we can just utilise him properly and cut out the hoofing we'll be up there. This side is miles better than what we've had in years. For a side who've played 2 competitive league games together it's looking very promising indeed. Another forward isn't magically going to get us scoring. It's all about the service. Get that right and any of our current 3 will score. Crossing was poor today which needs to improve (unless we start to play more on the floor through the middle which I, personally, would prefer)
  5. For all those who scoff at non-league signings, this guy's journey just shows how fantastic players are there, they just need that break https://en.m.wikipedia.org/wiki/Ethan_Pinnock
  6. You've been having wet dreams unfortunately. He's still here
  7. Agreed. We gave him a fixed term deal and he's entitled to be paid for another 11 months because of it. That said, I think he's more likely to wait for January when some desperate team at the bottom of L2 or VNL pays silly money in wages for a perceived goalscorer to keep them up.
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