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  1. You’ll get more if needed. Birmingham look to have brought about 1200/1300 today so there’ll be around 400 more should you need them
  2. It’s a bit of a tricky one, I think by the end of last season everyone was a bit ground down by watching <ovf censored> games of football on iFollow. Season ticket sales are around the 3,000 mark so have held up relatively well but I don’t sense much excitement for the new season on social media etc. We were devoid of any pace or creativity last year and our signings seem to have targeted that but I suppose you never really know with lower league football. Presume it’s a bit more cheerful at VP?
  3. Evening chaps, your allocation should be around 8/900 behind the goal and then 3-400 if needed in the East Stand. Don’t think the pandemic should change much, Forest had 935 away fans for our friendly on Tuesday. Be worth looking to see how many Birmingham bring on Saturday as well. But definitely won’t be capped at 650
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