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  1. @Rampant Zebrathat’s fair comment. I guess it’s just an unfortunate by product of receiving the shirt late in the season. Ultimately every signed shirt will likely end up outdated a season later I suppose.
  2. Just a reminder that you don’t need Facebook to enter. Below the sign up/login tab you just need to enter your basic details. Thanks.
  3. Morning all, I’m going to try one last push on this and then let it play out. I have a squad signed 2020/21 Leon Legge shirt still available via online raffle, at just £5 a ticket. So far only 2 tickets sold and the raffle ends on Monday. If you’d like to enter for the chance to win (and currently it’s a pretty good chance!), just click the link below. https://raffall.com/236268/enter-raffle-to-win-signed-port-vale-fc-shirt-hosted-by-ben-austin
  4. Hi @pete vale you shouldn’t need Facebook, the link in my original post should take you directly to the raffle where you can buy a ticket. When you click ‘enter’ you can choose to either sign up using Facebook or by entering your basic details below where it says Sign up/sign in. Thanks, Ben.
  5. Morning all, still only 2 tickets sold so a very real chance of winning this shirt if you do decide to enter. 1 week left to run.
  6. Thank you @robf Tickets don’t seem to be selling for some reason, I’d have thought at least a handful of Vale fans would take a chance for a fiver. I’ll keep plugging away.
  7. Morning all, just an update on the shirt raffle. We have just over a week left to run on the raffle and as of this morning, only 2 tickets have sold, this basically means that anyone who enters from this point has a pretty reasonable chance of winning the shirt. If you are able to see your way to parting with £5 to enter I’d be really grateful, it all helps. thanks all, Ben.
  8. Hi @robf Thank you very much for that. Fingers crossed the day goes well, it’s 7 years since I last played so not sure how well I’ll get around the pitch anymore, but I’ll do my best. Please feel free to share the raffle link through other means (social media etc) if you wouldn’t mind. Same goes for any other supporters who read this. I appreciate any help at all. Thanks again.
  9. Hi Vale fans. Firstly, I hope this post is okay by your admin, my apologies if it is not. I have a squad signed Leon Legge shirt up for grabs via a raffle and I am just trying to get it out there to you fans, which is why I am here. Leon is a friend and former opponent in non league football from before he went into the pro game. Leon kindly donated the shirt to me for a raffle, as part of my testimonial which has been awarded for 13 years service to Eastbourne Borough FC, 12 as a player and this season, my 13th as a first team coach. If you are interested in winning the shirt, please click the link below to enter. I would prefer for the shirt to go to a true Vale fan so please feel free to share the link. I appreciate your time and hope I haven’t offended by asking. I wouldn’t normally function this way but Covid disruption has meant that more traditional fundraising methods for a testimonial are off the table. All the very best. https://raffall.com/236268/enter-raffle-to-win-signed-port-vale-fc-shirt-hosted-by-ben-austin
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