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  1. Hi all. Firstly, I hope that this post is okay by your admin, apologies if not. I have a squad signed 2020/21 Leon Legge shirt available to win via an online raffle, and am just trying to get it seen by as many Vale fans as possible. Leon is originally a local lad and a former opponent in non league football, before he turned pro. Leon donated the shirt to me as a raffle prize for my testimonial which takes place this Sunday. The testimonial was awarded for 13 years service to Eastbourne Borough FC, 12 years as a player and this year, my 13th, as a first team coach. I would love for the shirt to go to a genuine Port Vale fan, which is why I am here. The funds raised will contribute towards the costs of the day and anything left over will be profit for myself. This is after all the purpose of a testimonial. I would not normally raise the funds this way but with covid restrictions in place, most traditional methods of fund raising were off the table. Anyway, the link is below if you would like the chance to win. It's just £5 a ticket and any tickets sold would be great. I would be really grateful and hopefully one of you will win this great prize. I appreciate your time. Ben. https://raffall.com/236268/enter-raffle-to-win-signed-port-vale-fc-shirt-hosted-by-ben-austin
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