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  1. Baring a minor miracle, that's the game. In fairness, it's no less than what they deserve as they've battered us. We look rusty as <ovf censored>. Someone get Lucas a red stick on nose and some face paint.
  2. Go 4-4-2 or 4-5-1 and get Worrall playing as a winger and not a wing-back.
  3. Our midfield has done nothing between them so far. Need a change of formation while the score is still level as what we're doing isn't working. We look every bit a side that's only played once in the last month.
  4. Always thought Burgess was fine as a squad player. Lost his way a bit but his attitude always seemed spot on. Think Grimsby have got a good signing for that level.
  5. Wilson won't be match fit yet and although it's great to see him back, there's no way he should be starting when we now have Edmondson and Harratt chomping at the bit. Use him off the bench for a game or two and ease him back into the action.
  6. Bet that felt disgusting? 😉
  7. Obviously it could change if and when we make one or two more signings. But I think nobody would disagree that we have our strongest squad of players in a long time, and the recruitment, on paper, has been excellent this window so far. There are no guarantees of course - Let's not forget we expected Lawrie Wilson to be great after he came with a fair bit of hype and expectation, and he turned out to be about as useful as the hole in a Polo mint. But such is the depth we have with everyone fit that I think many people will have an 11 that has one, two or even three different personnel. I would probably change my own from day to day, but it's a nice "problem" to have. Lucas Smith Hall Hussey Worrall Gibbons Pett Garrity Conlon Proctor Wilson Subs: Stone, Cass, Jones, Taylor, Politic, Amoo, Edmondson/Harratt Can't find a place even on the bench for Rodney, Lloyd, Walker, Benning or Martin, and one of the recent loan signings would miss out too once Proctor returns. Considering what we've had to endure at times, the strength of that subs bench looks mad. (in a good way!)
  8. From what we did see he seemed perfectly solid. Never going to pick up a man of the match award but he also never looked like letting you down either.
  9. Stone Cass Martin Jones Benning Taylor Walker Burgess Amoo Edmondson Rodney I'd consider that as something like our second 11. I think it would finish comfortably in mid-table with luck on the injury front! We really do have a strong squad, our best for a long while.
  10. I still see Politic as more of an impact sub right now, but both teams and formations like great to me. I have a feeling Edmondson will be used more often than not.
  11. Can't see him playing both Hall and Hussey from the off in the back line. Though I could be wrong. Smith won't be dropped. What I do know is we're going to have players on our bench that would have walked into many of our teams over the last number of years, even more so when Proctor is also back.
  12. So who's next then?! Vlahovic? Haaland?
  13. With a bit of luck! He clearly had some ability, but I never thought for a moment he would go anywhere and average better than a goal every other game. That won't last, but it's why nobody should ever completely write off new signings even if they didn't do much on paper for their previous club or clubs. Sometimes a player can simply stumble upon a club where it just clicks, as it seems to have done for him with Swindon.
  14. McKirdy is looking a real player for them. Scoring plenty of goals. He'll definitely take the piss a bit if he nets on Saturday.
  15. Isn't there a centre-back around with the surname Oates we can also sign?
  16. It's not ditching him. I didn't include him because I have a feeling he might be on his way. Hopefully he's not, and him staying makes us that little bit stronger still.
  17. Yeah, seems harsh to leave Harratt out, even more so after he scored on his debut! It's a nice problem for the manager to have. There's going to be some perfectly decent and capable players not even in the match day squad once everyone is fit and available. At some point he's suddenly going to have to choose two from Proctor, Wilson, Edmondson, Harratt, Amoo and Rodney, if the latter doesn't leave. So me nice firepower to have!
  18. In more simple terms, we're <ovf censored> mint.
  19. Covolan, Worrall, Cass, Legge, Smith, Hussey, Pett, Conlon, Garritty, Proctor, Wilson Subs: Stone, Martin, Benning, Walker, Politic, Amoo, Edomondson If that's not a promotion winning line-up I don't know what is! Even better if Gibbons stays and we bring a couple more in window. Just need to have more luck on the injury front now. The only slight worry I have with that 11 is that it does lack pace. But it sure ticks all other boxes.
  20. They were missing a number of players that would start in the Premier League but still had a good side out. They have some excellent young players.
  21. They're a great counter attacking side and we couldn't handle that part of the game. Gave a great effort though overall and could have easily been 2-2 at one point. We have more than enough to get out League Two, which is the most important thing. Wonderful to see Wilson back too.
  22. One of my best mates in school is a lifelong Leeds fan and although I know little about him myself, he say's that Edmondson looked a proper prospect for their academy and that he has the potential to rip up League Two. Just needs to find the right club and the bit of luck that's always required to get him going. Either way, he's a proper forward and we're obviously short on those currently so a sensible signing regardless.
  23. I haven't seen his Twitter to be fair, only a snippet of it, so that's fair enough.
  24. How is he a mad man for having his own views and opinions? He's not insisting that everyone agrees with his opinions.
  25. We get something today with something like our best 11 out. Just got to get through the rest of December and get one or two more forward players in the building in January. To be without Proctor, Wilson, Worrall, Amoo, Lloyd and Rodney... The likes of City and Liverpool would struggle losing so many players in one area.
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