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  1. Such a solid, gritty performance. Granted Germany aren't quite what they were, but they are still a very good and dangerous side. They took Portugal apart a bunch of days ago it shouldn't be forgotten. Now that he's calmed himself down a bit, Pickford looks much better for it. He genuinely looks like a world-class keeper in an England shirt. Thought the back three of Walker, Stones and Maguire were generally excellent too. As a trio they have everything you would want in a backline. Yeah, Germany created a couple of chances and missed one sitter, but the top sides will always create a few things over 90 minutes. Hopefully the goal will do Kane the world of good and the real Harry Kane will now turn up. We'll need him to be at his best if we're to win the thing.
  2. That's just sexy and makes me want to fondle my screen. Again. Though a lot of Hartlepool fans are saying that Johnson isn't comfortable in a back 4, but excellent as part of a back 3.
  3. I can't see any of Walker, Pett or Conlon being on the bench. We're going with 3 in midfield, so either 5-3-2 or more often than not 4-3-3, in my opinion. And with those three in midfield we really should be able to dictate and dominate most sides in League Two. It's a terrific midfield for this level, and so much better than anything we've had for donkeys years.
  4. Think big Tom would have something to say about that!
  5. If we don't sign another striker that goes into the starting 11 then the manager must have total belief in himself to get the best out of Wilson. At the moment you would worry about goals if him or Rodney get injured early on, especially the latter.
  6. In a better side and with a full season behind him, there's no reason why Rodney can't be that guy. None at all.
  7. Pett, Benning, Walker and Martin are all excellent signings in-particular. All look better than anything we released in the summer. Wilson could be a top signing but is a bit of a risk to an extent. Obviously he's not lacking for ability at this level. Johnson seems a good signing in the right system, going by the reaction of Hartlepool fans, and Covolan could quickly become a fan favourite. If we sign Andrade or someone of that ilk next I don't think anyone can't be extremely happy and excited for the business we've done this summer.
  8. Covolan (4-3-3) Gibbons Smith Martin Benning Walker Pett Conlon Worrall Wilson Rodney or Covolan (5-3-1-1) Gibbons Martin Smith Johnson Benning Walker Pett Conlon Worrall Wiilson/Rodney We really are assembling a very good team if they gel.
  9. If the new signings play to the best of their ability we've gone from having a very average/iffy central midfield, with Conlon the only shining light, to it arguably being the strongest part of our side in Conlon, Pett and Walker. You won't find a stronger midfield two/three in League Two. You love to see it.
  10. 5-3-2: Covolan Gibbons Martin Smith Johnson Jones Walker Conlon Worrall Wilson Rodney It's coming home.
  11. If you don't concede you don't need to score a lot to win games. Exactly what I think (and hoping) we'll see from Vale next season.
  12. Germany are still a good team but they're not a side you should fear in the same way you did when they had the likes of Lahm, Schweinsteiger, Podolski and Klose. I think man for man England are as good as them now, though they still have the edge on experience and mentality. Clearly we'll have to give our best performance of the tournament so far to go through, and by some distance, but I believe we're capable. Most likely result though is a brave performance that see's us go out in extra-time or penalties. Germany will always be Germany. After being a meme during his time in England so far, you just know Timo Werner is going to score the winner.
  13. If someone said we had signed a Brazilian keeper that recently scored a goal you'd think you had woken up in a parallel Universe and we'd signed Alisson somehow.
  14. Our attack, on paper, is as good as most. But teams rarely win anything without a good defence and you can't blame Southgate for his cautious approach. We should have been more attacking against Scotland, but considering Maguire only came back tonight, and both Stones and Walker regularly have brain farts, you can't argue with the fact that we're still yet to concede a goal. The Croatians and Czech's aren't mugs. Netherlands might be entertaining but they almost blew it against Ukraine, an average team, and since then have beat an average Austrian side and a poor Macedonian team, arguably the weakest in the tournament. If we were in that group I believe we would have scored more than the two we've managed so far, 100%. I do think at times we're too content with knocking the ball about at a really slow pace, and the lack of out and out chances is a concern, but we won't have chance to do this against the top sides we're about to play. They'll press us better than the team we've played so far and we'll have to play at a quicker tempo. I believe we have another gear or two to go into, and now we need to do that, otherwise we'll be getting knocked out. Simple as that. I like to think we've just done enough in these group games and the players know full well that they really have to step it up now. Time will tell.
  15. 7 points out of 9, none conceded. Only English people could really find something to moan about. If it was Germany or Portugal the same people would no doubt be saying how wonderfully efficient they are, and that they'll step it up when they really need to. Croatia and the Czech's are both good sides. Some people seem to think that if a team isn't Brazil, France or Germany then we should be beating them by 3 or 4. It's ridiculous. If Croatia beat one of the favourites in the next round maybe a few people will suddenly realise that they're not a poor side just because England beat them. The 2nd half was a poor spectacle as we decided to see the game out and the Czech's couldn't make much of a dent in our back line in the second 45 minutes. There's much more to come hopefully performance wise, but why does the old saying that good teams win even if they don't play particularly well suddenly not apply to England? I thought Pickford, Stones and the returning Maguire were rock solid. The in form Schick didn't get a kick. Saka was excellent and surely has to start in the next game whoever we play. Grealish and Sterling also played well in the first half before we really took our foot off the gas and let them have the ball. Kane looked more like his old self too at times, although he should have scored his first half chance. Job done. Now we need to play well for 90 minutes if we have a shot of staying in the tournament.
  16. If it was black and white it would just look more of the same. The gold colour is what sets it apart.
  17. Only if you're stuck in the past. Some people are really scared of change. The new home shirt is wonderful.
  18. To be fair, our record against Sweden was/is absolutely rotten and so for us to beat them (and we did convincingly) in the Quarters was quite an achievement at the time.
  19. Yeah, Rice for West Ham and the one that runs out for England is a completely different. I can only think he's doing what Southgate asks, because for West Ham I see him running with the ball every game at certain times. He never attempts to do that for England.
  20. Dropping Mount after the season he's had would have been insane. I do agree agree that Ward-Prowse should have gone though. I'd have actually taken him over Phillips myself. Whoever we play up top it's not going to matter if our midfield isn't up to much. The likes of Rice and Phillips or whoever starts there need to pass forward much more often and move the ball much more quickly.
  21. Phillips wasn't playing as a defensive midfielder last night. He was just extremely safe (negative) in his passing and didn't offer any creativity whatsoever. But he was clearly playing ahead of Rice on the pitch.
  22. Most teams will throw in one inept performance in a tournament, hopefully this was ours, and better to do it in the group stages. It was always going to be Scotland's cup final and I'd been predicting a draw all week, but even when proven right it's still extremely dissapointing to watch us play in the way we did with all of the attacking talent that we have. Playing Rice and Phillips together in games you're expected to win is a big no. But that's one of the problems. Southgate treats all of our opponents as if they are Portugal or something, and shows far too much respect. His two substitutions last night were awful too. In a game where you're struggling to create and the onus is on you, as the home side and the favourites, to win the game, why would you take Foden off? He's yet to really ignite in the tournament but he was still our biggest threat last night. Any none cautious manager would have whipped Phillips off, played Foden centrally and bought on Grealish. Also replacing Kane for Rashford was a ridiculous decision too. Every United supporter around will tell you that Rashford is hopeless as a lone striker. I know this despite not being a United fan. Why doesn't Southgate? Kane looks miles off it and if you want to take him off to give him a kick up the arse, fine, but you replace him with Calvert-Lewin, not Rashford. That said, beat the Czech's on Tuesday and put in a good performance and this will quickly be forgotten. At the end of the day we've got four points and are yet to concede despite playing nowhere near to what we should be capable of yet in either game. Hopefully we'll see the likes of Bellingham and Sancho next week.
  23. It was two average teams. Nothing in it other than the fact that the Czech's have Schick, a genuinely top forward, and Scotland have the likes of Dykes, Adams and McBurnie. Put Patrik Schick in the Scotland team ysterday and they no doubt win the game.
  24. We've just played a good team and won pretty comfortably. Croatia still have some excellent players like Modric, Perisic, Brozovic, Kovacic and Kramaric. If for some reason you're not counting Croatia as a good team now just because they aren't as strong as they were in 2018, then that's a bit daft.
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