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  1. Nah. We were rubbish. We’re not a very good side at all. We’re about where you were three years ago. Looking down rather than up. Which in part is why Darrell left us - we are a club in decline and he knew he couldn’t stop it, whereas you are a club on the up and therefore a better prospect for him. Fairs. Just hoping Taylor can create a foothold somewhere half way up/down this awful league before taking us forward. As you know - it’s a long road back when you’ve been managed poorly from the top to the bottom of the club. Well done on your win today. Small rot stopped. See you in April. 👍🏼
  2. Hello. I was told in no uncertain terms that what I thought was a fair and reasonable assessment wasn’t welcome on here. I listened to his post match as I said in my earlier contribution and he just about avoided naming names in the way he did when he was with us. The nuance of Darrell was still there though. He is very quick to say his players were rubbish and in the same breath says that he will definitely have a look at his own performance, decision making and tactics. The nuance being that his assessment of the players concluded but his assessment on himself to be done later. Next press conference nobody ever has the bottle to ask what his moment of analysis on his own performance revealed. Anyway, it doesn’t matter. You’re happy with him and we’re happy with his replacement at our place. We’re all happy. Which is lovely. ❤️
  3. Walsall fan here. We did what we needed to do to win a League Two football match away from home. After only a few minutes there was a sense that you didn’t quite fancy the battle. Some neat passing at times but that game was always going to be won and lost by who won individual battles through the middle of the pitch. Last night that was definitely us. On the back of winning those individual battles we created more chances and scored one of them. I was on here having the Clarke discussion when he first joined you. So won’t get too much back into that. But having lost a couple against poor to average sides in this league, his motivational style will either bring players with him or alienate them. He seemed to just about ensure his post match last night was a collective rollicking. I hope for your sake it stays that way as when the pressure comes on top our experience would be that the deflection and hanging individuals out to dry starts to increase. Personally, I hope you stay up and around the play off spots. I just hope that by the time we meet again, we’ve somehow joined you.
  4. Bitter Walsall fan here. First signing we’ve made this summer that has left us underwhelmed. Your comments suggests our whelm is right to be subterranean.
  5. I was told pretty clearly that Walsall fans views on here weren’t welcome. Just before I was told to sling my hook I stated that I hoped our fixture would remain a league one for many years to come. I’m really pleased that the chances of that being the case have increased, predominantly due to your upswing in form rather than anything Clarke’s mate is doing at our place. I hope they re-unite soon. We have continued as we were when Clarke decided he couldn’t turn it around. I would say we are missing Adebayo more than Clarke. Adebayo doing really well at Luton since he left. I think we will limp to safety but it will be tight. Very tight. Big clear out in the summer then “we go again” with new management and a completely new set of players. The ones Clarke assembled (at reasonable expense) just not good enough. But in defence of Clarke, in amongst the rubbish he unearthed a gem in Adebayo and I’m sure his sale, in addition to the security of a three year contract, hastened Clarke’s departure. Here’s to us meeting in a promotion clash next season. I think our respective sets of supporters deserve something to cheer about.
  6. Not obsessed. Just interested in whether it was us or it was him. But I’ll consider myself moved on. 👋👋
  7. Walsall fan in peace. A crying shame what is happening at both of our clubs just now. Twenty years ago we were playing each other in the second tier, now here we both are on the fringes of a fight for our league status. No joy in any of that for anyone. Clarke is seen by us lot as an odd choice for you to poach. You’ll have seen many Walsall fans in slight disbelief that we got paid compensation rather than having to pay him on his way out. I understand what your board see in him. We were delighted with his appointment when he joined and we loved his straight talking no nonsense approach. He was given a decent budget and brought in five experienced players who were to combine with youngsters to navigate our way out of this league in the right direction. It obviously went very wrong. He had a bit of bad luck with injuries but 80% of it all going wrong was him. He tactically twists and turns as much as he does verbally. Pretty rubbish footballers trying to get their head around formation number three in a game and formation twelve in a month. To begin with you enjoy him frankly calling out unacceptable performances and even individuals. You then realise he is happy for a torch to be shone every which way but at himself. He said he left us because you had a better squad. Debatable, but our squad are 95% his signings as is his old assistant who is now enjoying a similar start in his new job to the guy he worked alongside from Salisbury onwards. I hope that when Flitcroft or whomever interviewed him, they asked him how he likes the game played - his football philosophy if you will. I’d love to know the answer beyond “winning - it’s about winning, I’m a winner, I get out of bed to win” like one of those awful Apprentice candidates. I genuinely hope to be at Vale Park for a league fixture next year and it would be a better occasion if we were both at the right end of things. If in the meantime you spot the “Clarke way” please post it on here because it really is a conundrum we never got to solve in eighteen long months.
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