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  1. Still wonder how Askey became such an obvious choice as manager, the signing of Lloyd makes the choice even more unclear.
  2. Under Askey performances generally improved, but points per game remained broadly the same therefore hardly a disaster if Askey does leave.
  3. Finally... Appointing a former fans favourite giving him 10th best budget in the league, what do we really hope for as a replacement.
  4. Nobody can be happy with the current predicament but a protest tomorrow in my view is both ill judged and ill timed.
  5. Maybe do the next one at 10 to 5 going back to Burslem
  6. Why has the march been arranged at exactly the time all supporters will be walking to the match. Is it just simply to boost numbers?
  7. If ever you’d want a non league manager now we have one. Howkins possibly league 2’s best centre half as for the others how can anything not beat a midfield of Kay, Hannant and Joyce We have good players just a get a decent manager Askey OUT
  8. No club in league 2 will be paying their manager £25k a year including Port Vale. Some of the postings are becoming farcical.
  9. Bowyer left Blackpool due to personnel reasons. Just perhaps they have yet to be resolved. Maybe Aspin should have done the same instead of by his own admission allowing his work / performance be impacted. Like it or dislike it vale have a squad who should be top ten and with a proper manager they would have been.
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