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  1. Presume you’ve seen those two lads from London, one of which was a Bolton fan who has posted the most pointless 10 minute video. I got bored after 2 mins
  2. Fair enough. I get the computer literacy issues with the more aged population - completely understandable. Surely they can do the same on the phone or in person though with this, can't they? (or have I missed that bit?) Personally I think it's a great idea. Given I don't live near Burslem, it is about time it was easier to get tickets to games I would otherwise miss out on or have to try and get to the ticket office for. Nice to see the club finally modernising.
  3. What age are these people living in?
  4. Now that’s just mean, telling me that 😂
  5. I did think it was funny how he was about the second player to get his hands on the trophy when he hasn't played for months!
  6. Christ… thankfully I didn’t eat anything there, but it was £7 a pint
  7. I went to the Arch before and after the match… rubbish! Should have gone to the Green Man by the sounds of things!
  8. What a fantastic day. My first time seeing Vale at Wembley. I think I was pinching myself at 2-0 up and them down to 10 men, surely it couldn’t have been this easy for the Vale, given all the years of pain we have had??? At 3-0 my nerves finally settled and it was time to enjoy the celebrations. As others have said, HUGE credit to Darrell, the back room staff, Carol and Kevin and the players. What a team, what a club! (Also thanks to Gary from Telford, the fan I chatted to on the way down to Euston from New St for the stories and conversation, and to Mike and the other chaps from London and Essex outside the Euston Tap for the pint 🍺)
  9. Hope I can actually get one this time. Couldn’t find one for the England match a few weeks ago! Then someone who had been in the prawn sandwich boxes gave us theirs on the train home!
  10. I don’t get into Euston til 1:30 so whilst this sounds good I’m thinking I’ll be best to get straight to Wembley
  11. I am having to go on my tod as everyone I could think to come with me is away for half term - could be a reason why the sales aren't as big as people think
  12. Annoying isn't it - I was kinda aiming for somewhere in those sections! Went for 237.
  13. Absolutely. Doesn't matter either way really. Probably made worse by 80,000 trying to get out of Wembley for that England game. They held everyone at Wembley Stadium station and just got us all on trains when they could - don't think they're that frequent on that line.
  14. I don't think my heart rate has dropped yet. What a game. All of the Vale players played out of their skins last night. I don't think I have seen a performance or an atmosphere like that. UTV
  15. I got a return from New St to Euston for £47 last night while I was stood in the stands after the result! I got the Moor St train for the England match v Switzerland a few weeks ago. REALLY slow and crap to get home after. At least with Euston there's various options to get to Wembley.
  16. On a complete tangent, I was quite surprised to see Vale wear the gold away kit for a change. I had a feeling that they had stopped wearing it in favour of the black kit for some reason?
  17. My nearly-6-year-old daughter asked why he kept spitting all the time. I said it's because he's a disgusting man.
  18. He needs to admit defeat with that attempted comb-over and shave the lot off
  19. I have experienced this issue to a lesser extent for the recent West Brom away cup game a few years ago, and the Man City match at the Etihad. Living in Birmingham, I can't always nip up the motorway to go and stand in a queue for a ticket I might not get in person, so on both occasions I ended up getting tickets for the home end and having to keep schtum when we scored (or did something good!) It really shouldn't be this hard. I think the new online ticketing system does seem to have helped, now that we can get e-tickets without having to go to the ticket office or have things posted to us.
  20. Thanks @Howjy04. Will maybe have a listen. Showing his true pedigree perhaps there. Shame, as in terms of his goals for the club he was great.
  21. What did he say? I must have missed it?
  22. Good. We sat in the Bycars yesterday and couldn't understand a word of what the announcer was saying. It was like the PA on Phoenix Nights!
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