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  1. Dangerous tackle? Don't be daft it was a great challenge.
  2. No idea, Dave Higgins is as scouse as they come, even I can't understand half the things he says.
  3. Oh the co-commentator is a former player, on our forum it's well documented that we cannot stand him and his <ovf censored> analysis! The commentator is normally decent but is led by the shouting man! Best muting!
  4. Your attacking is really good, constantly look dangerous. Your defence is quite bad, looks like we'll score each time we attack. Centre backs need a rollicking for you lot.
  5. Good little thread for you all to have a look at prior to today's game! Had our battles over the years.
  6. The first 11 bar McDonald (LB) Khan (RB) and Lewis (CM) were at home against Posh, our second 11 played.
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