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  1. Nobody knew when we brought a season ticket that we would not be able to attend any games for a season
  2. Dont get me wrong, this is a tricky time for every club that’s going to put season tickets on sale. In a world where unemployment is at its highest, people have been placed on furlough, I would just expect a little more than giving out a scarf to people that have left season ticket money in the club.
  3. She should be looking after those that have spent money on a season ticket for this season much better than she’s offered today
  4. Because that’s the only way you can spend your £10 voucher
  5. No it’s not. How much do things cost in the club shop? A replica shirt for the club that buy is around £17. How much do they retail at ?
  6. 3 wins in 20 odd matches and it’s only that fantastic run over the past few weeks that’s stopped any thoughts of relegation
  7. I agree. I know the club needs to make money but next season is the first time that they really needed to look after fans that invested in the club this season. How much does a scarf cost to make £3/ £4 quid? Everything in that offer is just geared up to spend even more money instead of looking after the supporter
  8. That’s right. The various will be worse at Christmas when everyone’s been vaccinated 🤭
  9. We have two people in DC & DF that have a wealth of experience & contacts and will easily fill the void of a mass clear out which is needed. It’s 2 managers with contacts not just the one like the rest of the league. DC & DF also traditionally have always had mass clear outs to build there own team. Just because we have just won 6 in a row, which is a magnificent achievement, we should not rest on our laurels and DC needs to build his own squad & bring in players he can trust in the battle for promotion. Remember that this current squad downed tools for a number
  10. Are you looking forward to going back school on Monday?
  11. We shall see next season. 6 wins does not make it a full season
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