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  1. If you can get to North west Leicestershire for 10 30 in the morning your welcome to travel with 2 Leicestershire vale fans,will take you appropriately 1 hour 20minutes depending on traffic, this side of leicester
  2. Hi JimmyPVFC ,did you receive the 2 emails I sent regarding getting to Wembley from Leicestershire, not bought a ticket yet ,
  3. I live in copt oak near Markfield, 2minutes from M1
  4. Is there any supporters from the Leicestershire area wanting to go ,would love to share the experience and car share etc , willing to drive or find alternatives, don't fancy it on my own ,
  5. Dazfred what a post ,absolutely spot on great to read ,proper comments, take my hat off to you
  6. Not lived in S -O-T since 1965 ,but my heart is still there so is my team of over 60years,UTV
  7. Another Leicestershire, retired, ex Biddulph, going early look round my old stamping ground,then to vale park soak up the atmosphere for what we all hope is going to be a memorable night UTV
  8. Trevor still has a ticket for Exeter, not been contacted by anyone as yet,you can contact me on 07721508455
  9. Does anyone want a ticket for Saturday, due to circumstances can't go,this is free will post first class tomorrow, please let me know ASAP
  10. Live 70 miles from vale park ,could stream midweek games for £10,like Houston will always travel nothing like live atmosphere, ok for the supporters who cannot get there or can't afford mid week games ,still revenue for the club,hope there's a good crowd on Saturday a must win game utv
  11. Can anyone tell me what route any of the supporters coaches will be taking to the Colchester game on Saturday, I am a vale supporter and season ticket holder who lives in Leicestershire and looking to see if I could be picked up on route,thanks ,should have included any contacts I can call
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