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  1. I'm not entirely certain we'll lose them all but it will be a damn site harder without him
  2. In terms of ability he has big shoes to fill
  3. Tbh I wasn't liking how it was looking. I think we'd give them a better game under more suitable conditions so I won't mind if it's called off
  4. Firstly let me say how made up I am to be not worrying about relegation anymore. There is, however, a question I've been asking myself and that's 'how much has this amazing revival been down to the arrival of Andy Crosby and how will we fare without him next season or is it all DC's doing'?
  5. Now lets hope we never see Robinson again. Anyway that deserves a drink on a school night
  6. Looks like a bad night. I can't believe Cheltenham have only had 1 shot - off target at that.
  7. Probably both knowing our luck at the moment
  8. I'd love to dream that that was what I meant but I wasn't thinking how I was putting it
  9. They aren't beating anybody convincingly ( in terms of goals ) so I'm going for a 2-0
  10. At least we've won this half 2-1 at the moment. I have to look for positives somewhere
  11. I was convinced that Clarke was the answer. Nobody can defend the way that we have actually become worse since he arrived
  12. Why is everybody poopin' theirselves? This was the way that today was always going to be
  13. Could see it coming since Gibbons went off
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