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  1. After a good start we seem to be having trouble containing them
  2. Benning is far and away the biggest disappointment for me at the moment. I expected great things from him
  3. It will happen!!! (if nothing's changed by 7 games time (a lot sooner would be better)) then believe me I'll be livid, vocal, vitriolic and moaning my bag off but I do believe we'll be creaming ourselves soon
  4. Some of you lot are so negative. What happened to give it 10 games to develop the most effective system. It will come. AC/DC are taking all of this in too. With Gibbo to come back, Politic to work his way back, Captain Conlon in midfield and who knows, the new striker might be of Politic's quality. Keep The Faith (this means don't give up so easily and be what a true fan should be - Strong (in case anybody wonders what it means))
  5. Thought he was Swiss? He is - of Albanian descent
  6. Win this and it really will be progress. Our recent home record against them isn't great
  7. Surprised no Benning in the starting line-up. Looks like DC's going for his strongest/favoured team which surely should have MB in it
  8. Lets start a campaign. We'll call it 'Ignore The Zebra'. His constant negativity is enough to bring Kriss Akabusi down
  9. Hope you hadn't been on holiday
  10. That is horrific I said taste is a personal thing. I much prefer that. Oh well. It wouldn't do if we all liked the same thing - apart from the Vale of course.
  11. Taste is subjective and I'm genuinely sorry to say that I don't like it but that's just me. I'm just really pleased that the majority opinion is one of praise and positivity. I was really looking forward to the kit reveal as I was so interested in the unknown but the 1 thing that disappoints me is my avarice for new accompanying players hasn't been satisfied
  12. Based on the last 10 games these are the players I want to see next season :- Scott Brown James Gibbons Leon Legge Nathan Smith David Worrall Tom Conlon (captain) Cristian Montaño Shaun Brisley Devante Rodney Alex Hurst
  13. Grimsby to pull off an amazing escape
  14. Grimsby winning. They are going to be a force next season. I'm beginning to worry for us on Saturday now
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