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  1. You cannot sit there slagging off worrall who has been an excellent servant to this club when he’s got to deal with an incompetent manager signing incompetent players, of course he’ll end up having the odd bad game, shut up and get behind the boys
  2. Can be as unlucky as we like, we si brought in an adequate striker to score the goals, this man is a clown, and is sending us down
  3. Ahhh yes the solitary goal scored in our first round exit of the EFL cup my problems are solved, and you call me the fool?
  4. Played: 3 won: 0 scored: 0 Wheres Popey when you need him? Do you reckon we could afford him back on loan?
  5. Another blind fan who cant see the obvious (and easily fixable) flaws in this squad, but we have a clown at the helm
  6. Brad walker is as reliable as a paper boat, god help us this season with signings such as this
  7. Rob Page can take wales within the best 16 teams in europe and yet this clown we have can barely get us top 16 in league 2 what a joke this club has become letting someone like Page go
  8. Can’t believe us vale fans have to watch Rob Page walk Gareth Bale out at the euros, what could have been if our board room were competent
  9. Jesus christ we’ve done it again, a mate from work (a crewe fan), and i quote, says ‘he’s got the agility of Gemma collins running through treacle with a sharp stone in her shoe and is as fragile as a stunt man with brittle bones’ , clarkey the clown is taking us down and there’s nothing we can do about it, especially not brad walker, poor poor decision making from this pitiful board #DONKEY
  10. Unwanted attention? UNWANTED ATTENTION? we employed Lee <ovf censored> Hughes at this football club, dont talk to me about unwanted attention, you fool
  11. Sadly potentially, judging off our last two performances, I think he’s lost the dressing room, with nobody to lead the line next season, i cant see where the goals are going to come from, i fear the end of season form may have been a temporary bounce.
  12. Just want to pay tribute to the greatest port vale striker in this clubs history, Tom Pope, I’ve been saying since his appointment that this clown makes some shocking decisions and i cannot believe we’re releasing out best player, the only one with any bit of class, the only player who can actually bastard head the ball, thank you tom pope, ill never forget days like at the ethiad, hero and vale legend #Thankyoupopey
  13. What a team! Play offs really on the cards now, every bit of faith in this club, clarke has got it nothing but right since his appointment, could be looking at a vale legend
  14. Said all along these players were good enough to challenge, now we’ve got a manager that we can trust and proven himself, maybe we can kick on and last minute push for the playoffs #UTV
  15. Chris porter from down the road is surely destined for this great club, powerful and a bit of pace about him, true goal scorer, would do a job for us I believe in league 2
  16. Perhaps in hindsight Askey stayed a bit to long, this stuff is very much a breath of fresh air, with a set up and ground like ours, promotion is a certainty next year and the plays off this year aren’t out the question if we keep this form, It’s time to get behind clarke and stop this stupid fighting between fans, come on boys #UTV
  17. Hats off to the lads tonight, however I stand by that clarke is not the right man for the job, this is a plaster on an axe wound and I wouldn’t put it past him cocking it up from here #UTV
  18. These don’t even appear to be that good for <ovf censored> sake, the proof of that was in the first half, tactically inept AGAIN
  19. I go back to my point, everyone who hounded askey out of this club, should be ashamed of yourselves
  20. This has been coming since the half kicked off, it was only a matter of time for <ovf censored> sake, im sick and tired of this
  21. Clarke wouldn’t bounce in a barrel of springs.
  22. It’s not me you should be telling to <ovf censored> off, its this clown at the helm of this great football club
  23. The uk will get more points in Eurovision than the vale will get in the run in, joke of a club, really poor
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