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  1. I don't think you will find a better example of the fickle football fan. Ignores the progress, ignores the 55 years its taken to get to final again, the mentality to think of bringing someone else in who might not even get us out of the group is astonishing. The players clearly respect him, they believe in what he's trying to do with the team, to even consider removing him from that position is so knee-jerk and is exactly what is wrong with the average football fan - no balance to their views, just get rid, easy.
  2. I have sympathy for Southgate. As said before, if we win, it's the players, if we lose it's because of Southgate. He can't win even if we do. There is no doubt there is a style of play that is jarring to supporters but it has an efficiency that has achieved a semi-final and a final in consecutive tournaments which is remarkable considering our history. Winning 2 knockout matches in 90 minutes is also incredible and cannot be attributed to just the players. Everything went wrong in the 2nd half on Sunday though and where England have made progress in a lot of areas, one area that hasn't changed is how we cope when we take an early lead in a big game. First half I thought we were outstanding. I haven't watched the match back yet and I'm not sure how long it will be before I do but I thought we really throttled Italy's attack well, Kane was as good as I've seen him in an England shirt, winning pretty much every aerial duel, bringing the ball down and taking on players deep, it was fantastic to watch, but the wheels came off in the second half and Southgate has to look at it as it's preventing glory. He was set up too defensive in the end, there was no outlet, no creative players on the pitch until it was too late and we needed someone who could hold the ball up to allow our back line to push up. Overall though, what a ride, what a tournament. Loved every second of it.
  3. They did, but surely I don't need to educate you that games are 90 minutes in duration (Or 120 if you're playing Fleetwood). If we based games on the first 45 minutes, England would have won the Euros on Sunday. Your agenda is so strange, so negative, no balance at all to your opinions and I think you know this but you get a kick out of the reaction you get. It's just really sad to see. An odd outlook to have during an exciting time for the club, waiting and hoping for things to go wrong.
  4. I know, thats why I asked if you knew anyone who went to the Newcastle game... 🙄 And even if you weren't there, it isn't difficult to find out the difference in personnel from the game on Friday evening, to the one less than 24 hours later. I think the only player to feature in both games that has a good chance of being in the squad this coming season was Bailey who impressed me against Kidsgrove, showed a lot of energy, got stuck in and was rewarded with a goal.
  5. Any friends who support Newcastle Town that watched the game on Saturday? 4-0 up at half time of what will be bar maybe 1 player our starting lineup first game of the season. Stafford Rangers second half Vale line up was: Stone Chibaya Chale Sangre Osman Illori Clarke McDrmott McFarlane Bailey Okenla Weird how you've chosen to single out the game that had the much weakened side and didn't rebalance it by mentioning the Newcastle game. So weird...So, so weird.
  6. I do think understanding which system best suits Vale is important but also finding out which players play better in which system so we understand our own team and their capabilities. We've lacked in the flexibility area in the past where managers play one system with no plan B, there's a reassurance knowing that if things aren't going our way, Clarke can switch it up.
  7. Another great signing from the team. This is an interesting one, could have stayed at Hartlepool, in the North East, close to home, from the supporter's reaction he was universally liked and was consistent but has chosen to come to Vale amongst competition. I know everyone has their personal choices of who they would have liked to have brought in, but you cannot fault this recruitment drive over the summer.
  8. It seems that penalties were practised every day so they would have collected data from those sessions and made their decisions based on that. Grealish has taken one in his professional career about 3 years ago and missed. It looks like Pickford was 6th to take so it wasn't just who was up for it, I can imagine Pickford is decent at penalties too.
  9. On reflection I don't think it matters. Easy to question if it goes wrong. People saying he is only 19, he shouldn't have been put in that position. If age is an issue then he shouldn't even be at the tournament. This team have been fearless and he stepped up to take it, if he scores it nobody is going to question why he was put in that position.
  10. Hard to criticise looking at the tournament objectively. Only conceded 2 goals in 7 games, took the final to penalties, I'm not saying we would have scored the penalties we had missed but the team's chances increase if you take the first penalty and Italy won the toss in both the semi-final and final. Could have gone either way. Easy to say Southgate should have brought on Grealish sooner but his lack of playing time isn't due to his ability on the ball, it's his slowness in pressing when we don't have it. And England were struggling to keep possession, there were a lot of unforced errors in the second half. What I have noticed in the tournament is when England have won, the majority of fans say it's because of the players, when we lost, it's the manager. Some things in football never change. An incredible achievement, in time it will become clearer as to how good this was. 5 years ago we were knocked out by Iceland, our lowest low. We've followed up a semi final in the World Cup with a final in the Euros. Regardless of whether you disagree with the tactics, they are the facts and there were many times I thought I would never see England in a final, I'll take it.
  11. An over-reaction in here. It wasn't even a slightly weakened side to Kidsgrove, there was one player on the pitch that will be in the starting 11 this coming season. It was an opportunity for Clarke to see who is coming through the ranks which I think is great to see, a fantastic opportunity for some young blood to play against an organised non-league outfit. Perspective.
  12. To be fair, that wasn't given because of the challenge Kane made a second before he was brought down. Denmark had the rub of the green for their free kick (A beauty of a goal though). Henderson was blocked in Extra Time in the area, could have been given too but wasn't.
  13. I think if we had won by 10, those people will still use something as an excuse as to why we won. As mentioned already, we've suffered bad luck in some form over the years. The salty comments on social media is embarrassing. Nobody thought England would get to the final but we've done it, and done it with excellent game management. Something we have never had in my lifetime. Italy will be a huge test but they made a number of unforced errors against a Spain side that have lacked firepower so who knows, its a final, lets just enjoy it.
  14. Absolutely spot on. I think as amazing as Pope was, and he stuck by the club in our darkest days, its an indicator of how badly our club was run and because things were so bad he was elevated even higher. I'm not saying he doesn't deserve the legend status but we've been short on real quality for a long time. It's time for a new chapter, and to get out of this damn league for good.
  15. I think this is what a lot of people are missing with this signing. The team that Clarke has put together can score goals from defence right through to attack. Proctor looks like the type of player that will hold the ball up and give the time for others to link play in the final third. Scoring goals is what forwards do, but a lot do so much more than that.
  16. I know we need to move on from this but I wouldn't have offered a contract. The decision was made by a manager who is thinking with his head and not with his heart, as I suspect Vale fans in the main are. There is more than one reason Clarke has let him go and they are pretty big reasons too. You can't have a rebuild if you're going to keep people around for sentimentality. Clarke will have looked at his age, his fitness, the type of forward he is, his attitude, his wage, also I'm sure his influence over the dressing room too. We have been in need of something like this since Horton left. A proper fresh start and transfers where other clubs are envious of the players we have signed. This is the area of football where you need to be ruthless, you need to make the tough decisions, there is no room for niceties and sentimentality if it's standing in the way of success. I'm not taking away from the fact he was a fantastic servant for the club, but keeping him for next season is of the same mindset of where we have brought back ex-Vale players to manage because they are legends at the club. It's looking backwards rather than moving forward.
  17. Great to see the new signings on Saturday but Conlon was involved in nearly everything when he came on in the 2nd half. He looks like he is much more vocal too. Also it's one thing seeing we have signed 6' players but its another to actually see them on the pitch. A team of giants. Really looking forward to seeing them all line up together for the first time.
  18. When the signings started to come in a couple of weeks ago I said that it was new territory for Vale in the 21st Century that we were signing players that teams in our league were envious that they hadn't signed for them or wish they had stayed. The Benning signing is a huge indicator that the club can attract players who could play in the league above and he in particular is willing to stay in League 2 for one more season because he believes promotion is very viable. 12 months in any footballer's career is a big chunk and location will have played a part and pay etc and we don't know what terms were on offer but the fact that he has turned his back on League 1 football is pretty huge, especially as there is no guarantee he will gain that interest next season. 12 months is a long time in football, anything can happen. Again, I'm speculating against what else was on the table. I'm feeling positive that we are on the right track and that the club has never been this well organised before. Whether that will carry on to the pitch, we will have to wait and see. But we've wanted and needed this for years, deep searches on attributes and playing style, height, age, adaptability and a manager that has done this rebuild before. What's really important is we stop the pessimism until the results on the pitch curtail our optimism. We owe that to Clarke given the faith that previous managers have had that didn't deserve it. It feels like a very clear roadmap has been drawn and we need to get behind this new and exciting team until they give us a reason not to. Up the Vale!
  19. I cannot wait to see the film they put together of the signings this summer. It will be a long time before we see a rebuild like this again. To quote Martin Tyler "I swear you'll never see anything like this ever again! So watch it, drink it in."
  20. I think the blonde In the middle is Jones. I'm sure a couple of weeks ago Walker was out for food with him and he put it on his instagram story and he was blonde. EDIT: Pretty certain it is. He's blonde on the signing photo.
  21. Have the squad numbers been confirmed other than Wilson's? As it looks like they are wearing them on their training gear and Conlon and Smith are wearing their numbers from last year. Legge is in 25 looks like Garrity has 20.
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