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  1. My first trip to Vale Park was the 8th April 1989 v Gillingham. My dad took me into the Paddock. I remember very little about the game other than we won 2-1. Attendance was 5358. My sister went with her school and I think my dad probably thought he fancied a bit of Vale action. We didn't go again until 1993 against Huddersfield, it was the second half of the season, 23rd March 1993 and from then I missed about 4 home games in that decade, we went to all home cup games and most of the reserve games too. In 1997 during the back end of the summer as the new season started I got a match day job in the club shop, Andy took me on and over term breaks at college he gave me more hours and I got free tickets to home games as a perk. I worked there until 1999 and left because I was juggling two jobs and studying and one had to give. I look back on those times very fondly and I've always been grateful to Andy the shop manager for giving me a chance.
  2. I'd rather have Joe's mentality and be surprised if we make it into an automatic spot than expect a top 3 spot and drop into the playoffs come May. I have full faith that we have the right setup, management and players, but you don't know what effect this unscheduled winter break has done for us and other clubs. League 2 is the toughest EFL to get out of, difficult to put a run together and players injury-free. With that being said, I don't think we've been in a better place as a club to get promoted for a long time, even better than the Adams era.
  3. Hahaha Imagine if thats how they started announcing departures. Teasing video of the legs and feet walking down the Vale steps towards the car park. 15 minutes later the tweet goes out - "Ryan Johnson has left the club"
  4. I don't have much to add to this as Joe has pretty much nailed it with his comments, but it did frustrate me when I saw the "I was in by 2:30pm, why couldn't you.." tweets. Not everyone queuing had been to the pub. A lot of people have commitments and don't have lots of free time to make it to the ground with plenty of time to spare. The guy I sit next to in our Season Ticket seats works 6am-2pm and is rushing to get to the ground for 3pm. The scanners had broke, the queue wasn't moving 15 minutes before kick off, down where the barrier is because the scanner had broken. I honestly think if they hadn't gone down, pretty much everyone would have got in for 3pm. The people that have said "I walked in at 2:30pm no problem" you would have missed kick off too if the scanners stopped working earlier. The only thing that got us in at 3:15pm was a supporter opening the gates. I love what Carol is doing and I feel so lucky that she is running the club, but there needs some organisation down that side. Even for the Paddock queuing on some match days by the shop it has confusing queues. Some are queuing for the ticket office, some are in line to get to the turnstile, Just have some barriers and remove them once everyone is through. That is definitely what was needed for the Railway Stand anyway, regardless of technology dying. Good game though, see you Saturday. Up the Vale.
  5. I did try and keep my opinion on just the football but I imagine we have the same opinion on the other stuff too. I suppose it depends if we have someone to bring in to replace.
  6. Maybe I'm in the minority here but I'd be surprised if Legge left this month. He had that bad injury and he's slowly coming back but he offers something that I think we lack at the back that is tried and tested. I think we are more organised when he plays and nobody heads a ball out better than him in our current squad. I'm not saying he should play before anyone else at the back but he's solid and I do think we need him.
  7. I think appearances plays some part in his loan deal. When we brought him in late August, he didn't feature for a few weeks if I remember, wondering if they didn't want to spread themselves too thin further into the season by constantly playing him. He was coming back from a serious injury but nothing was suggested he was being wrapped in cotton wool. One of the pitfalls of the modern game, the small print in contracts 🤪
  8. With a congested January he will get his chance to play, no doubt at all there. Looks a bit like a James Wilson type, hasn't been prolific scoring goals but there is a talent there and hasn't reached near his potential yet, both have played at Aberdeen too. Not that it's relevant, just an observation. 😀
  9. Legge wasn’t even on the bench to bring on. He isn’t match fit yet for league duty. It wasn’t poor subs, it was bad luck. He made his two subs but then Wilson was injured and had told Clarke he was fine (Clarke mentions this in his post match interview) so he thought he was okay to make the subs he did. Wilson goes down and he is forced to make his third sub and had to bring on an attacking player. It’s one of those, if Wilson was okay he probably would have had him out on the pitch for 90 minutes and brought Politic on but his hand was forced. Regarding the talk on Cass, there’s no doubt he’s a superb player. Just glides around the pitch but he had a bad game today. Every player has them but talk about bad recruitment etc is madness. What he offers the team on top of his defensive duties is the ability to drive forward with the ball, it’s an additional attacking player and Jones seems to sit back in a more centralised role when he pushes up. He is quality, he’s young, he will mess up every now and again but we are lucky to have him in the team because if we don’t sign him and Newcastle get rid, he won’t be playing in League 2 next season. The goal we conceded was a bit of a mess though. This isn’t a knee-jerk reaction and I’m not panicking but I have noticed that when we do concede it’s crosses into the box (Sutton is a great example). Legge, when fit will offer that aerial cover but he won’t be able to play every minute for the rest of the season. Smudge ran the ball out of the area and then gave it Bradford back, out of position the ball is crossed into the box and Cass isn’t able to get his head on it. Covolan’s save at the end was magnificent. I was in line with it in the Paddock. I think it went through someone’s legs, would have seen it late and he made got down so quick to his right. What I love about this team is, even when it was 1-1, our attack had been stripped back with necessary subs, I still felt we could win it. They are instilling a belief in the fans that anything is possible.
  10. I posted the day before the Sutton game that we will drop points, it's inevitable, it's these games (versus Barrow) that will indicate where we are as a team. I don't think the back line will have needed a rollicking from Clarke to feel any worse and I think they will be desperate to amend the errors from last week. There was a moment in the first half down the left where the Vale players were passing the ball around like they were playing 3 leagues higher. Our second goal was absolutely superb in the build up, players making space, knowing where they will make their run. But they scored and we panicked, an odd game looking back. Looking at Barrow's form, they've won 2 in their last 5, drew against Orient in their last game and it doesn't look like they've played/beaten anyone that will be up near the top come May. We should be beating these even on an average day. I haven't checked but I think we've had one of the hardest opening fixtures in the league. We've played every team in the top 7 spots (excluding us obviously)
  11. Vale have been poor at times but the referee has definitely helped Sutton win this,
  12. I've felt all afternoon, even at 2-0 up that the game has never been won, we've looked shaky. Oh well, time for another injury time winner.
  13. Garrity has scored in 3 consecutive away games. Could have done with it being in their net.
  14. Smith is very lucky that fell to the Sutton player. He's on a yellow and that could have easily been a second.
  15. I know, me too, I quoted the guy who said we would be 2nd if we win.
  16. Playing some of our best football this season here.
  17. Harrogate are winning 3-0. Even if we win we stay 3rd.
  18. I think we are improving on the possession side of things. I think against Orient we had 51 or 52%. The area we need to improve in the most is the chances we get in the first half of the game. In nearly every game this season we have missed sitters, at times already 1-0 up to have put the game out of reach. And then the second half starts and we are on the back foot, not sure if to defend the lead or go on the offensive. I’m sure they are working on it though.
  19. I'm not sure of it has been mentioned already in here and I don't know why it wasn't shown in the highlights but Lewis Cass' recovery when the Rochdale player was one on one with Stone and then blocked the shot was magnificent. It's in the extended highlights on iFollow at around 6 minutes 40 but this kid is really growing into his role. You could argue he got caught on the halfway line though. I think he came on against Rochdale in the league a few weeks ago and I thought he was poor but it must have been an off day as he has been fantastic since. He needs to slow down on his progress or we won't be able to afford to sign him 😂
  20. If he's going to win September, he might as well win October too. A great run of results after a predicted slow start and even though I'm not one to say I told you so, it's becoming harder and harder to quieten that voice in my head. It's going to be a bumpy ride this season but what the fans need to do is resist that temptation to be overly critical and press that big panic button when we drop points. If you can't get behind this team (manager included) after the last 4 league results and that feeling after the Orient game then I don't think Port Vale is for you. 10 games in and Clarke is fully justified in releasing the players during the summer.
  21. This happened to me, just the one foot though thankfully but an atrocious night of weather, the pitch held up well and I did think heading towards the ground that it could be called off. Hard game to judge considering how bad the conditions were but Stone stood out when needed. Made a great save with Cass doing his best to get back. There was a couple of times when Amoo put the ball in the box across the floor cutting it back to 8 yards out and there was nobody there, different to Saturday and I think that is what was missing, wasn't so much the final ball (I read that Clarke has them training putting the ball in areas in the box across the floor without looking to see if players are there), it was the player placement in the box but again, with the heavy rain and wind, it was a tough night to navigate. As much as people see the games as a bit pointless they can offer a nice cash injection for the club and as crazy as you think we are for going last night, spare a thought for the Rochdale fans who made the trip. Absolute bonkers, what's more dedicated than die hard? Fair play to them.
  22. Of all the strange comments you've made and refusal to concede you've backed the wrong horse, this is probably your strangest. When you go and watch a game, you always want to recognise the players? So that means that the players you recognise from last season, you never want them to leave? They can't retire? They've always got to play for the club until they die? That isn't how football works and it isn't something that should need explaining to you. Port Vale needed a change, we've had little success over the last 20 years and we have been owned by people that have fallen well short of expectations and what is required to be a stable football club. We are in such an incredible time right now as supporters, fortunately a lot of people know this, they can feel it. What is great about football is discovering new talent. When we signed Garrity, I was being battered on Twitter by Oldham fans because I pointed out he was their 4th best player last season in the squad. My point being, he can't be as bad as they are saying he is if he was better than around 17-18 others. I dug a little deeper and saw that he was played in different positions over the season and along with an injury struggled for a consistent start but I had faith that Clarke and Flitcroft wouldn't sign someone that is as poor as Oldham fans were saying. I'll be honest, I was rooting for him from Day 1 - more than any other new player, I was desperate for him to succeed. And when Conlon was injured and Clarke started him, it was one of those great moments watching your team, seeing a player take the opportunity and deliver, improve with every game and has that desire that every Vale fan will love you for. He's now scored 3 goals and won us 6 points so far this season. Come the end of the season, those 6 points could well be worth the fee we paid Blackpool for on its own. When the club is putting a run of results together, you don't resist, if you're a true supporter, you back them all the way. We've had many false dawns in Burslem over the last 20 years, and it's too early to say if this is the real deal but it looks like it and it feels like it and they have my support because it's been a long time since I've felt this good, supporting this club. Up the Vale. EDIT: I do also want to address your other mad points. You talk like Clarke released the players the day before the new season started. He released them within a week of last season finishing. They had all summer pretty much to find a new club and there was hints before the season ended that there would be a large number leaving. How much notice do players need? I can see now why you've not made it into football management. I can guarantee that if we finish below last season's position, you would use that to compare this season's players with last season's but because we have had a good start, you don't want to compare just yet. Your next point has made me think you're just trolling. Of all the scenarios you could choose as to why players would fall out, you went with a player fancying a team-mate's wife, causing a punch up in the car park. This looks like a fantasy - do you step in before a punch is thrown in your zebra costume and split them up saving the club and everyone cheers your name?
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