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  1. Saturday was one of those special moments at Vale Park. They have been few and far between in recent years but right now, not relying on other results and just our own performance and feeling like we could beat anyone in the league even with our manager absent alongside Gibbo and Conlon, feels exciting and alien to feel this way. Barrow are scrapping for their league status and the way Oldham have been this season, I expected the relegation fight to be over but Barrow are 6 points above the drop zone and we need to dispatch of them as efficient as we did Sutton. One slight concern is the size of their pitch, Wilson, Benning, Woz benefit massively from the wide Vale pitch, but I don't think Barrow can afford to sit back for the 90 minutes, they don't have the quality to defend like Exeter could. Regardless of the opposition, as every game comes it becomes even bigger than the previous - I knew there was a solid player in Benning fighting to get out. One of the things I really like about him is he is constantly talking to his team-mates around him, noticed it earlier in the season. I think he came to Vale desperate to impress and by almost trying too hard form evaded him. Maybe Hussey coming in and his lack of pace, Benning realised he can offer something Hussey can't but his link up play on Saturday with Wilson in the 1st half was lovely. 8 games to go, feels good to be a Vale fan right now, whisper it but it feels like something special is happening. Also Connor Hall his absolutely ridiculous. Every header except maybe one he won on aerial duels on Saturday, every time I said aloud "he doesn't miss" The guy is incredible and there is no doubt that his ability is pulling Smith, Walker and Martin up to him by their collars. One last thing, Brad Walker's long passing, one of them in the second half to Woz, the cross field one didn't get enough love. I'm running out of superlatives.
  2. So some stats are worth your time if it suits your opinion, gotcha. You've somehow misunderstood my very clear post. I'm not saying Holy is a better goalkeeper than Stone, the stats was to highlight that he is nowhere near as bad as people are saying - thats it. You can't dismiss Holy's stats and then say with absolute certainty what saves Holy would have saved in a match he didn't play in, you just don't know, all we can go off is the games he has played. Again, not saying he is better than Stone, I would have Stone as number 1 too, I am saying he is not as bad as everyone is saying, that's it.
  3. It does make me laugh when people say stats don't tell the whole story but when its a stat that we've only lost 2 games when Proctor has started, fans happily laud him as an integral part of our team (which he is). Stats only seem to be relevant when it suits. Again, not saying he is a great goalkeeper but he's not as bad as people are saying either. I think the main reason he was dropped was because of his distribution.
  4. Stats say different, Stone and Holy have played the same amount of games for Vale and Holy's stats are slightly better. I really like Stone but to say Holy isn't good is bewildering when he's faced more shots than Stone and his save %age is higher too. I'm not saying he's amazing but he isn't rubbish, people just piling on, maybe because he's on loan. The goal conceded in his last game was as much Hall's error as Holy's, he should have come out and punched it away, but it was the goalie that was dug out for it. The goal conceded against Harrogate, Pett gives it away, Walker misses the tackle, Hall misses the tackle, so does Smith, Walker gets back and misses again and they score but I've seen people moan that Holy was at fault, nobody blaming one outfield player.
  5. You should never change your goalkeeper based on who the opposition is. Stone has done nothing wrong to justify being dropped. You have your first choice goalkeeper and they are only dropped if injured, suspended or dropped because of poor decisions/performance. In Stone's last match he didn't concede and also was really solid, to drop him against Sutton would seriously damage a goalkeeper's confidence, you need stability. This isn't a video game.
  6. Those 3 back to back wins have gone to your head. We still need a goalkeeper between the sticks. Garrity in a top 3? Your maddest starting XI yet. 😂
  7. Not had a chance read through the thread yet but my thoughts on the game were, Exeter were quite happy with a draw, even with an under-strength side they battled and their back line is probably the best I've seen down at the park this season. Well organised, choked our strikers and nullified most of the threats quite easily. We were crying out for a creative midfielder to unlock their defence and that tends to be where our weaknesses are highlighted when the opposition are happy to sit in and defend. I'm not complaining about the draw, its a solid point but I was frustrated at the amount of long hopeful balls we were launching at any given opportunity. They would have the ball, we would get it back in our half, then hit a long ball and give it back. It's great if we have Dan Jones in the side but we don't have the quality to do it. It isn't the first time it's happened this season. Worrall near the end was looping balls into the air in the second half, did it twice and I couldn't understand why we struggled so much to play it along the floor. We were a little unlucky having to sub Wilson, Proctor and Pett. Not that we were offering chance after chance with them on the pitch but if we were going to score last night, it was going to come from one of those three involved. I knew it would be a tough game, Saturday is an even bigger game now Sutton are above us, revenge for throwing the game away at theirs earlier in the season. We are playing a lot of games at the moment because of the Covid break. A lot is being asked of these players. I couldn't pick between Hall or Smith as Man of the Match last night. Both were very solid.
  8. Also let breadwinner pick Tuesday’s XI. Whatever mad formation he goes for and whichever players he puts out of position I think we will still win.
  9. Momentum is a funny thing isn’t it? Some of the shameless 180’s from a couple of weeks ago when the panic button was not only being pressed but stamped on. i expected nothing from Crosby, not because I didn’t think he was good enough but his lack of management experience was a factor but mainly because he wasn’t brought in to manage the squad. I think he’s passing that test. When it was announced Clarke was on leave I resigned myself to the feeling that making the playoffs was pretty much over for the season. A couple of performances confirmed that. I wasn’t angry, I understood that it was a lot to ask but the last 3 performances have been our best and all for different reasons. The game management side has made a huge difference and there’s a feeling bubbling away, not just in my mind, or even other fan’s minds but the players too, that we don’t care who we play, we think we are going to win. We’ve gone from struggling to score more than one goal in a game to scoring 9 in 3. Tuesday is going to be huge. As every game arrives it becomes the biggest game of the season. I think we need to all try and bring an extra person to the game. I know finances are hard at the moment and mid week games are harder to attend but a huge game, under the lights. Exeter won’t bring many, and I think the team have done enough to deserve a bigger than usual crowd for a Tuesday. I’m resisting from getting too carried away but with key players missing and we can still put 9 points on the board over 7 days, it makes you wonder what this team can do between now and the end of the season. We are massive.
  10. Rocky

    The run in

    I agree, I think we could get it with 6 wins. 18 points will put us on 74 points which has been enough for the last play off spot for the last several seasons excluding the curtailed one. 6 wins from 11 is more than possible on current form. Normally I'd be looking at who we have and be concerned about certain clubs, but whether its Oldham or Bristol Rovers, I don't care, I think we could beat anyone in the league right now and more importantly I think the players think that too.
  11. I think they look at your predicted starting XI and decide not to bother. 😇
  12. You must sit near me, I suppose if anyone in the paddock is on here we are going to be pretty close to each other. The kids a great character, every game he's good for a laugh.
  13. S'housery101.mov Great result, a potential banana skin game after their loss to Tranmere, Martin recovered well after getting tangled up for their goal (Pett's misplaced pass did him over), Smudge had his head on everything high or low , Garritty is a man running around full of confidence, Wilson's goal was fortunate in that the goalkeeper had spaghetti arms but it was a great run with 2 defenders chasing him down and I think we've struggled at times for someone to just have a go at goal and it shows it can pay off. I looked at his effort that was given offside, it was the right decision, he tried to get back onside but couldn't quite time it. Stone has really taken the opportunity to be first choice goalkeeper, that finger tip save onto the crossbar from Smudge in the 85th minute was huge. You can't really see it on the highlights but from the Paddock he gets enough on it. Interesting to see the Vale player's reaction to Harratt's second goal, they went straight over to Procter who put the ball back across goal to Harratt and made a huge fuss of him. A popular player amongst the team and his contributions like that will do him the world of good. Special mentions go to Sir Mal Benning and the ballboy in front of the Paddock. I think he started against Mansfield at their ground in the reverse fixture and didn't really do a great deal, came on for Hussey who was poor, he showed desire to get forward, to move the ball about. I think with Benning, there is a great player there, Mansfield fans hold him in high regard, and maybe when he's been given the chance before he's tried too hard to impress and it can sometimes have the opposite effect. I really hope fans will get off his back now as he could be needed with Hussey out of form and Gibbo injured. The ballboy dropping the ball at 2-1 in front of us at the paddock is the kind of behaviour I'm all for, an absolute sensational bit of sh*thousery.
  14. To be fair, breadwinner, when things are looking bad, we can always rely on you to post something absolutely mental to lift the spirits. That is the most ridiculous starting eleven I've seen this season. Robinson to make his first start with Amoo to play RWB and Benning to play in the left of a back three in a position I don't think he's played in at all this season. Amoo has, and I think will always be most effective for us coming off the bench. The problem with Vale isn't at the back, you can argue that Holy should be doing better but he concedes less than Covolan and Stone on average. The back 3 do a pretty good job of shutting out teams but I would say that Hall is as much to blame for the goals we've conceded recently than Holy is but I think because he is a great player and he is ours (not on loan) Holy becomes the focal point. The problem we have had is scoring goals, we've only scored more than one goal in a game twice this year. That isn't good enough, the frustrating thing is it isn't like we're not creating anything, that final touch has been letting us down.
  15. There is always a chance of that when you're shadow kung fu kicking in your bedroom.
  16. I also think because of Covolan's theatrics when under pressure from strikers and he has to clear, this has put unnecessary pressure on Holy from the crowd, you can feel it in the ground. I'm not saying he's the greatest goalkeeper in the world but I think overall, he's the best one we have. As I've said before, the problem in the team isn't at the back, it's scoring goals up top. We don't kill teams off and we don't have out and out creative players in the squad, but there are goals in our midfielders and strikers, Wilson can create something out of nothing, deserved a goal in injury time on Tuesday night, Garrity/Proctor/Edmonson are a danger in the box when Hussey puts the ball in. And sitting back when taking a lead is why we've drawn so many games IMO.
  17. The criticism Holy gets doesn't make sense to me. I'd be amazed if he was dropped given his stats. He wasn't to blame for Tuesday night's goal, take your pick from Pett, Smith, Walker and Hall. The late goal against Rochdale should have been cleared by Hall but it got caught under his boot and he fluffed it and it was a good finish into the corner.. His save percentage is better than Stone, his goals conceded per game is less than Covolan and Stone and he has 3 clean sheets in 8. I do understand that Stone has come on twice this season to replace Covolan and the team have been down to 10 men which muddies the stats a little but Holy isn't the awful goalkeeper that people have labelled him to be. EDIT: His distribution does need to improve though. He has a cannon of a right foot but he needs to gauge it better, he gives the ball back to their goalkeeper too many times.
  18. This is outstanding. I don't know if I would have been as committed as you to climb up a tree 30ft, even if I'd have driven for 4 hours. Never really understood the idea behind not allowing supporters to buy before kick off when its clear the stand isn't going to sell out. Just turning away good money.
  19. Jesus Christ, the state of this thread. We don't have our manager and we're still on an unbeaten run, which is pretty impressive. Beyond that, the goalkeeper isn't the issue. He's conceded 4 goals in 8 games, 3 clean sheets. The issue is that we're not scoring enough goals, that's why we draw too many games.
  20. I did say on here in the week that if we win today the people that have written us off for play offs will be back on the top 7 wagon. We’ve been fortunate with other results but results have gone against us pretty much every week. Performance was very average after the second goal went in. Nice to win by more than one goal which we did in our last win but we kept a clean sheet today. Support was outstanding today, real goosebumps at the end, sounded like there was double the gate. As I’ve said all season, fans need to stop pressing the panic button so quickly. We need these points from the games in hand but we have some real momentum. 8 games unbeaten and we keep pushing.
  21. What a fantastic tribute during what must be a very raw and difficult time. Condolences on your father’s passing, always a sad time when we lose one of the Port Vale family.
  22. I think with this new structure, Carol has also created very clear lines on responsibilities and Flitcroft's isn't being a coach, his role is hands off with the players once they are through the door, to change that and bring him in, in that capacity wouldn't make sense. In Crosby, you have someone who has worked with these players pretty much every day this season, to bring Flitcroft in would create even more change to routine than is necessary. I am one of the neutrals when it comes to where we finish this season. We're unbeaten in 7, if we win on Saturday the mood will change again to optimism amongst the fans that have written the team off this morning. That's how this season has gone. You will never have a season where everything will be in your favour, but I think injuries, a COVID break that we seem to have suffered the most with, Clarke's leave, games being postponed on top of the COVID break creating more mid-week games, less rest for players, collectively have had a big impact on our season and none of it was in our control. All the postponements have been at away grounds too. And I'm sure other clubs have suffered from some of the above but I'm pretty certain not all of them and nowhere to the extent we have experienced. I'm also sympathetic that people spend a lot of money to follow Vale around the grounds and midweek games are especially hard to get to so I understand that the 800+ that went last night have every right to feel disappointed coming away from a game that should have been wrapped up. But like I said above, a win last night and there would have been plenty of play off talk and I don't think the margin at the end of the season is going to be these 2 points.
  23. We were playing catch up to get back into the top 7 before Clarke took leave but I do think his absence has grinded our season to a halt. Certainly not blaming anyone, I think the way the club has handled it has been pretty much perfect but it's such a big loss and it seems like he will be away for a considerable amount of time, I've heard it could be until the summer. I want to emphasise, I'm not pointing fingers, this is completely out of anyone's control but I agree with IC above.
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