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  1. The problem is, we thought that when Sadlers Park was developed. New houses went up, Burslem became a great night out around 2008-2012 and then it dived. I lived on there from 2008 to 2019, and I witnessed the decline. It would have declined faster if it wasn't for the housing crash in 2008. The good folk that bought on there from the beginning couldn't sell up so were trapped there for a lot longer than they wanted to.
  2. Holy <ovf censored> etc etc. I still think he's a solid goalkeeper, suffered from one or two situations that the fans jumped on his back. If we hadn't had the issues with Cov then the noise probably wouldn't have been so loud. I wish the big lad well.
  3. I know Dean (aka Cider) the trainer, he is a top top guy and an excellent trainer, I used to work with him before he set up his business and he's got Sir Mal in the shape of his life.
  4. They've done the goals in reverse order, thats all. I don't think it's a tease on Benning's contract, even though its nailed on that he's signed with their Twitter gaffe last week.
  5. I was worried he was going to do a John Rudge and go to Stoke City and work for Peter Coat(e)s.
  6. Setting up his own decorating business apparently.
  7. This did make me laugh, nice work. I did find it odd how he became fixated on the current squads lack of enthusiasm for going into Burslem for a drink.
  8. I saw this on the FB group and nobody is under any obligation to donate, especially with how expensive the weekend was and everything else going on but I donated as a gesture of sympathy and gratitude. It's already surpassed the target so I'm sure the money will find its way to a designated and relevant cause. Darrell Clarke's fine..... Helping family ❤️, organized by Matthew Ash WWW.GOFUNDME.COM
  9. The hyphen in the last word of that sentence is really important MBE. 🤣 I respect everyone's opinion in here unless it's absolutely mental but my opinion on Smith is that the only reason I would be okay with him leaving is if it was his choice. He was absolutely outstanding in that second leg against Swindon, I'm talking the best I've seen him in a Vale shirt and considering it was his error that lead to their first goal in the first leg, I thought it said a lot about him that he stepped up in the biggest game and gave a 10/10 performance. I would urge people to go back and watch him in that game on iFollow. I think it's a little bit more important to the team that Gibbo stays but they're not mutually exclusive and he ended the season very strong. Hall, Smith and Gibbo in the back 3 were superb.
  10. We did concede 2 at Swindon but I think that only highlights where the problem is. Martin played in the back 3 at their place. At home we put Gibbo in there and against Mansfield and we didn't concede. EDIT: To add to that, Martin came off in the 78th minute, Benning came on and we got a goal back. I'm not blaming it all on Martin, he anticipates balls along the floor to strikers well, knows when to step up, but he is limited in mobility.
  11. I've seen about 3 or 4 League 1 final standings predictions already now that everyone is confirmed and we were bottom of every one of them. We will be the favourite to go down but wrongly in my eyes. I think the priority for recruitment will be someone in that back 3 with Hall and Smith. We need a quicker CB and a player that can carry the ball out. Cass was great at that, I also remember him playing in a Papa Johns game last season against Rochdale in October and sprinting back to what was a one on one with Stone and did enough to prevent a goal. Too many times last season when we were under pressure we cleared anywhere and gave back possession, over and over and as good as Smith, Martin and Hall have been good at that, we really need someone who can get it on their boots and hold the ball up and run.
  12. I'm also one of those perfect fans checking in. His comments on the Vale podcast was long enough after his release that they couldn't be passed off as a knee-jerk reaction to being let go. "If Vale get promoted, which they won't" are not the words of someone who supports the club. It's no surprise to me that his time at the club ended the way it did. While he was at Port Vale it felt like he was always only a few days away from another silly comment on Twitter. It was unnecessary and he just couldn't help himself and when he was disciplined for it, he would always blame it on something else. He has a self-destruct button - the Man City goal and Tweet about the Rothschilds a few days later is a good example of that. That season he was match banned twice I think just for comments on social media, 6 matches for the Rothschild tweet alone. And there were people that said he should have stayed "for another season". I wonder how many of those people still think that should have happened? He scored some important goals for the club but he was never my hero because as much as he netted, his actions had repercussions for the club, damaging the reputation. He might be on holiday right now but they do have the internet abroad and if he wanted to pass on his congratulations and meant it, he would have done it by now. I think he's surprised we did it the season after he left.
  13. Agree with all that. What makes it harder with Worrall is he stepped up at Wembley and he ended the season on a massive high with his crosses, a reminder to the manager that he is more than capable of fulfilling that role and creates a headache for Clarke whether he thinks he can do it a league higher. As much as I think he has improved defensively in that position, he always plays better further up the pitch, my concern is that we need someone more dynamic. The increase in pace in League 1 offset against our lack of it this season, especially at the back might be where we will come undone if we don't plug those holes. On a sidetone I'm so happy for Benning. When he arrived last summer, there was talk he turned down League 1 team(s) to come to Vale, took a leap of faith, didn't have the best start to his time in Burslem but the last couple of months he stepped up and maybe my mind is playing tricks on me but he looks in a lot better shape now than he did earlier in the season. What does excite me is the possibility of who we can attract now in comparison to last summer. Our recruitment has proven to be solid overall on what must have been a challenge selling the prospects to certain players. I remember Garrity saying that as part of the presentation they did for him, they highlighted what he was good at but also where they could improve him. Players will hear about this before they've even spoken to anyone at the club and we're also not afraid of paying a fee if we have to. Should be an exciting summer ahead.
  14. True but how happy will Woz be potentially not being first choice in that position next season? We benefited from a streamlined squad this season to keep the togetherness but the biggest disadvantage was the injuries and walking wounded throughout. I wonder if they will increase numbers in some key areas this summer to avoid that again? It felt like it was just real bad luck but I would like to avoid patching players up and bringing back players who were on the fringe if we can. We don't seem to have the egos of years gone by in the squad, the celebrations from players who have featured but not often was telling so it looks like Clarke is able to balance playing expectations with the greater good stuff.
  15. I worry for Martin and I think they will bring in a goalkeeper too. Clarke signed a 5 year deal last week, he wouldn't do that if Carol wasn't promising money to spend. League 1 will attract better players and I think as solid as Martin was, I think there is a spot there that could be replaced with a quicker, more agile CB. I was rooting for him from Day 1 and I think overall he's had a very good season when he has been brought in, but it's telling that Gibbo was shoe-horned into the back 3 for the swindon game at home and the final. And there lies another question: What do we do with the wing back situation? I think Gibbo will extend now we have secured promotion but it looks like Benning is too. Woz's crossing on Saturday was what we expected of him this season but couldn't quite get it right. He hasn't had his best season due to knocks etc. What I find interesting about Harratt is he has scored goals for Vale on the bigger stage - Brentford FA Cup and at Wembley, the occasion doesn't get to him where others (naming no names but okay McKirdy) choke. They weee pretty similar goals too.
  16. Well, well, well, after all that we got out of League 2. I sent in audio to the Ale and Vale podcast and in that clip I said it still doesn't feel real. It still doesn't. Finishing in the top 3 must feel great, but going to Wembley, winning comfortably and experiencing with nearly all of the fans that have made it to Vale Park this season (and the ones that couldn't) was pretty special. With the last few years we've had, with the sharp increase of the cost of living, the stress that it will be having on families, I'm so happy for the fans that they got their day out at Wembley, but I did spare a thought for the fans that couldn't make it, either due to finances or working. I also mention being at Wembley in 93 but Saturday tops anything I've witnessed over the years, I don't think anything comes near to it, I've never felt closer to the club and the whole day was magical, everyone just having a great time, no trouble, just good vibes. I can't really add anymore to what has already been said but I am so grateful to the Shanahans, phase 2 is complete (phase 1 paying off the loan). We've never been this well aligned before with owner, manager/coaches and players. Usually I don't care how the opposition feel but it's a shame that a set of fans had to leave empty handed at the weekend. I'm glad it was them, obviously, but they respected the minute applause for Clarke which they nearly ruined by scoring 😁 and I quite like them as a club. Amazing how quickly I got used to padded seats and no sight of an unrestricted view, it will be a bumpy return to reality in August at Vale Park 😄
  17. That's a fantastic gesture mate, I hope it finds someone who will fully benefit from the intended goodwill.
  18. I don't really understand how manager red cards work. If they are given 8 yellow cards over a season they serve a one match ban but I can't find anything out regarding the straight red.
  19. Thanks for this. I couldn't listen to it all as it felt like he was talking about it through gritted teeth. I'll never forget his comments about us not going up this season, and we might not get promoted but it only confirmed that the right decision was made to let him go.
  20. Worst case, just have them on your phone, they should still scan no problem.
  21. Looks like they have started to send out tickets to people in the last 30 mins.
  22. I'm not one to gloat....often, but I can't explain it, since Sunday I felt sure we were going through. I'm not attaching some kind of supernatural, it was written in the stars mumbo jumbo to it. I was just confident if anyone was going to turn a tie like that around it would be us. Sure, when we missed 2 penalties my confidence was rocked and I couldn't have predicted McKirdy' self-implosion. Just on McKirdy, he was pretty much anonymous throughout the whole game. The pressure of the crowd massively affected him and he was marked out of the game. I think last night was Smudge's best game in a Vale shirt. He was a 10/10, headed everything that came to him, constant pressure on Davison, I can't think of a mistake he made. His error that lead to Swindon's first goal on Sunday looks like it made him even more determined. Maybe because we won I see his performance differently but I remember thinking during the game he was having an unbelievable game, plus he hit the post with that curling shot. After our 2 missed penalties, the remaining were top tier. Benning's was like nobody was watching. Regarding the crowd trouble, pretty embarrassing and on what was our best night of football for years we have people that follow the club that we really could do with never setting foot in the ground again. But I also don't take the moral high ground approach Swindon are trying. During the game one of their supporters threw a bottle at one of the ballboys that hit him. Granted, it wasn't glass, but you're still throwing an object at a child. I stood from the paddock and could see objects being thrown in both directions after the shootout. I'm just so happy we knocked Swindon out, I'm so happy that Karma paid McKirdy a visit. I'm so happy that Wilson scored the goals that kept us in the tie. And I'm really happy that the first time I've been to the "new Wembley" is to see Port Vale play there. I went to the old Wembley but I only ever went to see Port Vale in the Autoglass, Play-off final against WBA and the Anglo-Italian final so this has been a long time coming. I don't know about anyone else but I'm still on a high today, as assured I was that we would go through, the reality of it is incredible.
  23. I remember the Potteries derbies from the 90's and Everton, Leeds, Southampton, Arsenal, Man United and of course Everton, even more recently the pack the park game against Burton in 2013 but last nights atmosphere might have eclipsed it because Swindon brought so many and neither set of supporters wanted to be out-sung. I think you appreciate nights like that more the older you get, especially with how little success we've had over the last few years. I'm sick of seeing posts on here and social media about the hardcore fans and "where were you when we were sh!t? We will never grow a fanbase without success, they need to be made to feel welcome, such a weird and almost possessive take to have. Also, can't believe how fast I got into the ground last night, the paddock's gates being open and there was zero queue at about 7:35pm. Yet again, the club listening to feedback and it was smoother than any admittance this season. Nice work.
  24. I cringe when I see those posts about McKirdy. I was rooting for him when he played for Vale, I remember watching him against Mansfield, last game of the season last year and I got the impression he knew he was on his way out, Clarke has no patience for liabilities and he would never have flourished under him. The whinging about his celebrations and wanting to injure him are pathetic. We need to focus on our own players rather than theirs. If they sense it is winding you up they will do it even more. We are still in this tie and anything can happen. Proctor makes such a difference to the balance of the team when he is on the pitch. I agree with dropping Worrall, he has been ineffective, hasn't managed to get around the back, I think Gibbo makes more sense on the right and Benning pushing up on the left. Worrall's delivery hasn't been great this season, most crosses hit the opposition and they comfortably deal with it, he's definitely carrying. Nice to see Wilson get a poacher's goal on Sunday. We are only halfway through the tie and I still feel calm and confident there are still twists to be had tomorrow night, still a lot of football to be played.
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