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  1. There was a bit in the Ale and the Vale podcast last summer which I don't think I'll ever forget when I think of Pope. He said "If they get promotion next season...which they won't." I think it says everything you need to know about how bitter he is. I understand he must have been wrestling with the feeling that he is getting near the end of his time as a footballer but don't say you're a Vale supporter if you're going to gloat if they don't get out of the league.
  2. I don't know why but I feel really confident we will go through on Thursday. I don't know why as I've not been confident at all this season, even when we went 2-0 down I was calm. We seem to have played poor in a lot of first halves this season but that Wilson goal confirmed that this tie is far from over.
  3. I hope it gets resolved mate, do you know anyone that will be going to get tickets today and they can ask for you? Might be a common issue and they know how to resolve, you might be waiting a while for an email reply.
  4. Is it possible you have two email addresses that are registered and you're using the wrong one that is linked to your season ticket?
  5. I worked in the club shop from 1997 to 1999, I was only 15, my first shift was on the first match of the season against Notts Forest, turned 16 just over a week later. It was just match days to begin with, I would always get a match ticket and get to watch the game, and then it turned to every Saturday, and then during half term while I was at college I was working there 5 days a week but had to leave in 1999 as I was juggling 2 jobs and college and one had to give. It was back when the shop was separated from the ground on Hamil Road, the marketing staff were housed down the bottom and other staff from the club were working at the bottom area down the steps when work on the Lorne Street was going on. I have great memories working there and I'm still appreciative of Andy, the then shop manager for giving me a chance and treating me well. Two memories stick out: One was after Steve Guppy left for Leicester, he came to watch a Vale game and he was in the shop and he definitely was at the time and still might be my favourite player that's played in a Vale shirt and I was so nervous speaking to him but he was really accommodating and chatty. I can't remember if it was before or after his England cap but I remember being in awe of him. The other memory I have is working late on the Friday before the first home game of the season when the Lorne Street reopened, we had to take some stuff up from the shop to the ground and having access to the boxes and lounge area before the fans felt special.
  6. He's an odd man, I suppose he gets that side from his dad. All teams have big journeys throughout the season. Our first and last game of the season are away, the last game is all the way down in Exeter, one of those things. If he is put out by the amount of travelling over 9 months, maybe he shouldn't be a manager.
  7. I think I would prefer to see Jones in DM, he worries me a little with his passes back on Monday but his long passing is as good as Walker's, which would bring Woz and Benning into play a bit more, his long throws are better than the corners that are being put in currently too. Hall and Proctor to aim for, it's just a shame he's been out for so long, so his general fitness might not be where it needs to be. I don't blame him for the miss on Monday either, I've watched it back, the run he makes sensing Wilson will pull it back and slot it into him was great, he's not a striker but if he'd have gone right with the ball instead of left he would have just needed to knock past their last man, a shame but he'd done well with the run.
  8. I think teams around us still have to play each other. Rovers v Forest Green this weekend, Northampton v Exeter the weekend after and I'm sure there are more. There are so many variables, and I'm sure some twists still to come.
  9. Being shown on Sky and pushed back to the Monday could be a big helping hand with other teams playing on the Saturday if Northampton or Rovers drop points. I assume they won't but if they do it could relieve some pressure going into the Newport game. The downside is if we still have to win on the Monday just to stay in third, then it's a shorter turnaround for the much tougher fixture against Exeter.
  10. My boss is a Rovers fan, I was dreading that text after the game. I didn't have to wait long, got a waving emoji message as I walked out of the ground. I didn't bite. He saw the second half on iFollow and did say if he was a Vale fan he would have been annoyed at how much time was being wasted, and the subs slowly jogging off, at a pace slower than the referee walking. This does seem like a basic rule that should already be in place but I still cannot understand how they have allowed the same referee to do both fixtures, especially when he's given out 2 reds in the first game. And I know, it it was the other way around we wouldn't be complaining but looking at some of those challenges back and they should have been dealt with more firmly, they were getting away with too much.
  11. Pretty sure Rovers went up and scored after that poor effort of a free kick too.
  12. I agree completely. It wasn't the manner of the time-wasting itself, I'm sure Stone has been booked this season for it but it seemed the ref wasn't planning on booking Belshaw even If he took twice as long. One of the Rovers' players kicked the ball into the Hamil End when play had already stopped and the fans kept hold of the ball, In the first half he booked Anderson for bouncing the ball on the ground in front of him, just be consistent.
  13. Every team, including us, does the time wasting, I think the second half was too much without punishment. If I had the time I would go back and watch the second half with a stopwatch to see how many minutes the ball was actually in play, I'd be confident it wasn't higher than 50%. When you have Wilson having to retrieve the ball multiple times and the referee is doing nothing, just makes it a bit of a farce, Agree with all of the above points, I don't think they were particularly great, weren't the best to come to Vale this season, but we missed Walker badly yesterday, and it concerns me that we don't have suitable cover for that position. Walker has been guilty of a few wayward passes this season, but his physicality and interceptions would have given us a midfield, we were all at sea. On to Saturday though, thats what the buffer was there for.
  14. For the league we've always had a strong away following, which makes it more surprising that the club didn't foresee this issue months ago. I think the one area they seem to struggle with is attendances. The Brentford game being a great example. It's a Premier League club which is going to attract a bigger gate. At 3:10pm on that Saturday there were still people trying to get in, it was made even worse by having the barrier in place down the side of the ground making queuing a real pain. As said previously, imagine that being your first experience at Vale Park. That should have been worked out well before the game, put temp barriers in place to show supporters where to queue. The club should make buying tickets and getting into the ground the easiest thing you can do. The fairest way when limited allocation is involved is a loyalty scheme or better negotiations with the opposition club to acquire more tickets.
  15. As far as I am concerned the attendance is the total people attending the game apart from officials/employees etc. Who are these knocked down for financial reasons which is a serious allegation to make? I think people confuse how Vale calculate the attendance. They don't do it off ticket sales, they do it off how many they have scanned The reason the Brentford game was lower than people expected is because the scanner machines stopped working and they had to let people in by manually checking tickets and, in the Railway Stand someone pulled the security gate open at 3:10pm and letting in hundreds of people.
  16. The thing that struck me the most is Tranmere were also interested, he's from Liverpool and that would have been so easy to live near the club, be close to family and be at the same level but Clarke and Flitcroft went the extra mile with having no issue paying the fee as they were so confident what he could do for the team and what they could get him to improve on. It's a million miles from where we've been the last 20 years, a sort of mix of the personal touch of Alex Ferguson and presentations and data of the modern game.
  17. This is an outsanding post, one of the reasons I keep coming back on here is for measured, well-informed posts like this. I do agree with breadwinner to an extent, I think whenever there is a call for people to attend these types of games, it goes without saying the people that are ill or can't afford are excluded from that. There could easily be 100-300 who have the money, live local, are on the fence whether to go and just need a gentle push, and FOMO is a real thing, get swept up by this madness. However, I am excited but nervous for tomorrow. It's a banana skin game, Oldham have won 2 on the bounce fighting to survive, and they have had a tendency to take points off the clubs higher up the table over the season. Factor in our inability for most games to score or win by more than one goal, it is a hard one to call. I'm hoping Garrity has a man of the match type of game, I'm sure he will be desperate to prove to Oldham they made a mistake allowing him to leave. On the subject of Ben, Josh Green Twitter video opposition manager menace shared a fantastic podcast that had Garrity on as a guest. He talks mostly of his rise from schoolboy footballer to Pro but discusses how he came to the decision of joining Port Vale and the recruitment process from Vale's side. ‎Straight From The Off: Straight From The Off - With Ben Garrity on Apple Podcasts PODCASTS.APPLE.COM
  18. Imagine clinching promotion at Walsall. What's bigger than a fairytale?
  19. I'm surprised Vale haven't looked at Saturday as an opportunity to pack the park, reduce ticket prices to get more heads in, like the Burton game. Especially as Oldham have sold so many. Maybe they will do it for the Rovers game on BHM. Maybe they have crunched the numbers and felt the lost revenue in cutting the ticket prices isn't worth it if it doesn't bring in enough heads but surely that isn't the case.
  20. Yeah they took over 1000 to Stevenage last weekend, four times further than our ground. We need to pack the park and drown them out.
  21. I live up there myself, I'd tell you where but maybe not on a public forum where I could be hunted down by members that don't agree with my opinion. 😄 I'm assuming you live in Ramsgate now? I know, very clever of me, I know the area, Broadstairs too and the harbour. That's a hell of a trip back for you.
  22. I had a look on the pretty barren Salford forum yesterday and noticed their thread starter post this before the game, talking about when they played us at Vale Park "Reading their forum is seems a lot of their fans are very bitter and still haven't got over that defeat by us as they quite obviously thought they should have won by virtue of the number of shots they had on our goal. And I always thought it was how many times you stick the ball in the back of the net that really counts! " And then the same member after last night's game: "It's interesting to note on the BBC match report that both teams had 13 shots on goal and four direct on target with us having six corners to their three. Despite a number of our players seemingly freezing on the night on the night it was down to one very poorly conceded goal that in the end cost us the game. And yet again, as seems to have happened a number of times in recent home games it originated down our left flank and was contributed to by some half arsed challenges. Fortunately on those occasions we managed to score more than the opposition. Yes Port Vale looked the better side on the night but in the end it was one big helping hand from our defence that was all that effectively separated the two sides on the night. " I thought it was how many times you stick the ball in the back of the net that really counts? The rest doesn't matter? Usually I steer away from ref talk but last night's was an exception, he really was dreadful, the video above being only one example of how poor he was. I understand I say this in a position of bias but a better referee and we would have won that comfortably, he choked the life out of the game.
  23. I've said since last summer when the signings were coming in that everyone is entitled to an opinion but knee-jerk and unbalanced opinions are not the way and you have to be accountable for what you say. It's less "I told you so" and more holding a mirror up and highlighting back that writing off a player we have signed before he has kicked a ball isn't balanced and just isn't fair. Neither is judging a player on one or two performances. I was rooting for Garrity, Martin and Benning this season. The former was out the blocks immediately and you could see in the first 5 games he was going to feature heavily in midfield but Martin and Benning were being criticised with very little minutes on the pitch. Any mis-placed pass was met with a very loud groan from the stands and shouts, knowing that some players are confidence players, it always seemed strange to show such a lack of support as it encourages more errors. I suppose the point I'm making through my waffling is that there is a way of demonstrating your opinion, at some point on here we've all been wrong about something. I wasn't criticising Crosby but I looked objectively at his managerial experience and I thought we were asking a lot to expect to make the play offs after the Colchester game, considering the circumstances within the club and injuries sustained to key players I couldn't see how we could make the push to go on a run and I was wrong. I wasn't blaming anyone, just an opinion based on the circumstances. Opinions are what this forum is for, what it was created for, and I'm not asking for forum members to keep their opinions to themselves - absolutely not, but I would like to see less of the plucked out of the air views, the lick your finger and just see which way the wind is blowing type posts. As for last night, it was hard to watch at times, it was a messy affair. The referee seemed for large parts of the game like he had an agenda, but it was more likely hoped that the early yellow cards would make the players calm down and it didn't work, he then had to be consistent and give yellows for everything. The one minute finger pointing moan by Bowyer was unacceptable. If Clarke or Crosby had done that this season they would have been sent off. I struggled who to give the man of the match to though, Proctor was being heavily marked all game and even though he wasn't a contender, some of the movement and dribbling was incredible. First half, he took on and went past two players and his hold up play in the second half was brilliant, especially near the end. Smith is really enjoying playing in that back three, he has excelled rarely putting a foot wrong, Hall's aerial wins and runs forward have been an effective way of relieving pressure but Martin was my Man of the Match. What he does really well at is reading the pass, he isn't the fastest runner but he steps up and intercepts/clears at the right time. Benning was also great, I noticed he came in and played centrally at times the last few games and Proctor drifted wide or Hall would make an overlap and we are seeing why he was brought in. He's been effective in getting balls in and we've scored from his crosses but usually from the second ball, would love him to get an assist, he deserves it. I'm not getting carried away. So many minutes to play, Bristol Rovers still to play, if we are to get the third place, I'd expect it to be done before the last game against Exeter. The Rovers game will be the biggest game we've had in just short of 10 years.
  24. For Crosby and for the team I don't think we need the distraction. It's nice to be recognised but he will be fully aware from the support on the terraces and from the owners that he is doing nothing short of an outstanding job. At the end of the season he will be recognised when everything is digested. It's a blessing he hasn't been nominated in my opinion. Also I have a feeling he has declined the nomination.
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