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  1. If you're ever short on numbers I can step in. It would be good to have vale fans on as guests. You would have to vet them beforehand I imagine.
  2. I suppose on the flip-side of that, the difference this season is people weren't able to see the team play for over a year so it's kind of "You don't know what you've got 'til it's gone"
  3. The 2 goals he has scored for us have both been of the memorable type rather than in the box tap ins. Is this because he isn't in the box often enough, although he has missed the odd close in sitter. Maybe he is the type of striker whose goals will mostly be decent strikes from outside the box. He's scored three for us now, hasn't he? Two in pre-season, his first was against Kidsgrove, I couldn't really see it from where I was in the ground but that one wasn't a tap in either from memory. The pressure these players are feeling is definitely all coming from the fans. Clarke has commented multiple times the hard work he puts in off the ball and chasing down through balls. I think he's a player that will be valuable further into the season, in games where it needs some magic, something special, he's the one that will be involved somewhere in the chain. My biggest concern (and it isn't huge) is his inability to complete 90 mins.
  4. Really happy with Saturday's performance. I also really liked the referee's leniency. There's an argument that he should have sent Diamond off sooner and with a surname like that, the ref should have known he was going to be rough and looking for blood.... I quite liked the way Vale handled this more physical team and I think Harrogate in their previous 2 games had come back from behind to win and even with 11 men in the first half they didn't look threatening at all. Clarke was critical of the second half performance but 2-0, they are missing a man - I think they were in two minds to protect the lead and keep a clean sheet rather than seek out more goals. I'm really getting good vibes from the team, the way they celebrate together. I noticed Proctor making efforts to play Wilson in rather than go on himself, almost like he wanted Wilson to score just as much as our number 9 did. There's room for improvement and I do want to defend Pett. He did give the ball away a few times on Saturday but stepping into the DM role in Walker's absence I thought he did a solid under the radar performance. As the games go on, players are now starting to cement their position in the starting lineup. I want to see more of Cass. I thought he was awful against Rochdale, mis-placed passes, players getting past him but he's had two great games since and I wonder if we were to buy him what figure Newcastle are expecting. Is there any doubt now that this squad is better than last year's? Other than maybe Stevenage, the teams we have played so far are all in the top half of the table (Just checked, Carlisle are 13th), we've taken all points from 2 teams in the top 3. I know it's hard for a lot of people at the moment financially but I'm hoping this run of results will also mean higher attendances too. We've benefited from a warm late summer but as the temperature starts to drop I hope these results can tempt another 1000 over the coming months.
  5. Can't fault the criticism. I am all for opposing views if people take the time to add context and detail. Vale seem to be fighting a battle for columns and airtime, and we have someone who is trying their best to elevate the club through his love for it. On a sidenote, I do have someone near me in the paddock who spends the game just shouting stuff out around him trying to be funny, it is excruciating at times, but I don't know if I'd have it any other way.
  6. I think if people listened to him on Ale and the Vale podcast they would change their opinion of him. Also commentary is very, very difficult and I genuinely admire his ability to pick out players in a busy area when he doesn't have the luxury of monitors and equipment to aid him. Sometimes he makes mistakes but he isn't a robot. I actually like that we have him doing commentary on our games and he won't please everyone but as he has said, don't make it personal. If you have criticism, make it constructive.
  7. But you said earlier in the thread if he made an impact in a game you'd be full of praise - he scored against Stevenage and didn't start the next game. So he can score, you will praise him but he's played badly so he's dropped, makes no sense. Clarke has said today that Rodney needs an arm around him, encouragement is key. This is why I've been saying hold off on the criticism and support him, I don't think it's that difficult to understand. It feels like you're digging your heels in now.
  8. For all we know it could be a managerial decision to draw fouls, set pieces into the box with how good Proctor is in the air, he was going down easy. Worrall took a knock early in the second half and Clarke had made all the allowed subs so he had to stay on the pitch but he couldn't get up the pitch as much which gave Rochdale's defence an easier ride, more numbers to suffocate Rodney. Also let's not forget, Rodney scored against Stevenage, doesn't start against Forest Green, doesn't start against Rochdale. Players need nurturing differently and he must be thinking "I've scored but I've lost my starting place.". This is where Clarke has to manage him the right way and say the right things to him but fans getting on his back at this stage will not help the situation.
  9. He has been singled out, this thread is a great example of it. And don't twist my words, nobody is saying the the fans are to blame and you know that isn't what is being said, very cute. We are supporters, if a player is having a bad spell we should be supporting and encouraging over the counterproductive singling out at the 6 league games in stage of which he hasn't even played every minute of those 6 league games.
  10. But if you're going to boo and single out a player after a few below-par performances, then you're probably not a supporter. There isn't much encouragement is there? Where is the support here??
  11. This is the point I was making, Ray. This lifts off the pages of FB group and forums and filters into the stands and before you know it, every tiny error he is being booed. It affects the player, their confidence and if we are supporters, shouldn't we be supporting him and wanting him to succeed instead of writing him off already?
  12. I suppose that in a way is proving the point I'm making. If he had scored a fluke or a tap in with the same performance, there would be praise. If he scores 2 in the next game he plays in, little will be said about his 45 minutes against Rochdale. There is a time to criticise and a time to hold off on judgment. It's all very fickle if people's opinions can change if one goal is scored. And I understand his role is to score goals but pretty much everyone looked poor in that team in the second half on Saturday, lets put the pitchforks away until at least the season changes, eh?
  13. Most Vale fans will support a player through thick and thin if they're seen to be giving their all. Even if they're not the best in terms of ability. I think most of the criticism of Rodney from Saturday is borne largely of frustration and annoyance that Rodney didn't seem to do that. For such a large player to be brushed and out fought out of the challenges and shirking most of them was the reason for the reaction. He just didn't seem to want it. At all. That is something no Vale fan will stand for, no matter what they've done before Yeah, I agree, it didn't look great at all and it was a very poor 45 minutes but the amount of criticism he has received for 45 minutes of play, in a game where few really shone bright, feels a bit like he's become a scapegoat and someone to channel fan's frustration at and jumping on his back and putting more pressure on him at this stage is only going to affect his confidence in future games.
  14. This feels like another knee-jerk reaction. It's true, he was poor on Saturday. I'm confident he is fully aware of this, so are the coaching staff. But are we now judging players on 45 minutes of football? He hasn't had the best start to the season but he hasn't played every minute of the 6 games either. Is this what its come to? He scored vital goals for us last season and what we don't need is the spread of unnecessary criticism that will filter into the stands. I don't expect people to agree with everyone, and if everyone did this place would be redundant, but can people just add some balance to their opinions. Just because our colours are black and white, doesn't mean our opinions need to be too.
  15. I've taken a few days to think about the game on Saturday. I'm not a knee-jerk reaction type guy, I'm a glass half full type and I'm also aware that as much as you can't let the team get away with poor results, it's important that you offer an opinion with balance. There are a lot of Vale fans that don't share the same outlook as me and they won't take positives from the game. I fear that this is counter-productive to the team. The truth is we're not playing awful football and we're not struggling to create chances. Before the game on Saturday Vale were top of the table for chances created and Rochdale were second. They are/were a tidy unit and efficient in their play. Clarke's double sub at the break seemed to give Rochdale the advantage but I don't know if it was because of knocks. With Askey, we had a manager who was afraid of making changes and now we have one that makes them when it doesn't look like we need to. What we can all probably agree on is it didn't work on Saturday. My opinion on players; there is no doubt that Wilson brings something to the team. In all 4 of Proctor's goals, I feel like Wilson has been involved in some way (Edit: Except his 2nd against Rochdale as he was subbed), either creating space dragging players away or actually bringing the ball into play and getting the assist. I like Pett, he has that quick turn and pass but I wish he could look up a bit more and create, push the ball forward. Jones and Garrity have been the standouts for me. Jones can create an attack back in defence with his diagonal balls and Garrity has shown he isn't afraid of driving forward with the ball, has a lot of energy. Proctor looked great in the few mins he had against Tranmere, struggled against Carlise but now scored 4 in 2. Fantastic start but should have scored that sitter near the start of the game the other day. He has a good touch, can run with the ball a bit, strong in the air. He's taken the chance in the games he's been in and I think it will be Wilson and Proctor starting for the foreseeable. Martin and Cass weren't great at the weekend, the latter looking a bit nervous. Covolan, worries me when he comes out but he's looked solid as an actual shot stopper. Could have done better with the goals but with Legge in the side, he would be heading two of them away. Benning was more at fault for their third, was too slow for the run, kept him onside too. Benning has started poorly but as I've said in another post, I think he got into the game in the later stages of the game. Looks a little unsure of what his role is.
  16. I think Benning showed glimpses of what he can do nearer the end of the game on Saturday. He's got a great touch which has let him down and I noticed he was talking a lot to Smith at the weekend, almost like he needed reassuring of his role. I think he's adapting to a new style of play and Rodney wasn't helping him in the second half. There were definite signs that he will get there. Lets not forget he nearly scored too.
  17. Yeah I was in the paddock and it sounded like it came from the stand. It was just so rude and unnecessary and he ended up disrespecting the whole thing the most. There were young children talking (understandably), it's like shouting at the parents asking why they brought them if they were going to make a noise through the minute's silence. With everything going on, sometimes things happen There are some strange folk about.
  18. There's speculation that it's a member of The Wonder of You group. He likes their confidence apparently, he's delaying the signing because their ability to panic under the slightest bit of pressure is a concern.
  19. I remember being in the bycars for this game and the people we always sat behind, turned to me and my dad at half time, wide-eyed and completely confused at being 4-0 up 45 minutes in. And then it all went wrong.
  20. The arrogance. One win in the league and you want to play without a goalkeeper.
  21. It was the same with Garrity. Written off before he had kicked a ball for us and I've said before, as much as everyone is entitled to an opinion at least add a bit of balance to it. Social media is toxic, a breeding ground for the uneducated to stand on their soapbox and make themselves feel important. I'm not saying everyone should agree on everything - far from it. But people's opinions should be based on what they do on the pitch in a Vale shirt.
  22. I'm surprised he hasn't scoured this forum or the Wonder of You group. He will find plenty of people that insinuate they could do a better job on the pitch.
  23. The reaction from people on here and the FB group do make me laugh. I understand people want signings to get excited about but I don't know where this entitlement has come from. We are a League 2 outfit, at the bottom of the league ladder trying to build. The main business was clearly done already but right now we're in no position to turn our nose up at a player that has come to us from a club above us. No joke, someone on the FB group said "Not impressed but I'll reserve my judgment" I paraphrased, as the original was poorly written. If you're saying you're not impressed, you're not reserving your judgment. 🙃
  24. I must admit, I thought about this post at full time on Saturday and I'm glad it came back to bite you on the backside. The perfect example of an unnecessary knee-jerk reaction. You could see from the Tranmere and Carlisle game (and 2nd half of Stevenage) that a win was coming and we've looked progressively better without our star player and by the time he came on in the 74th minute the game was won. A big result to kick on from and unbeaten in 4. Solid.
  25. Proctor is as close to a Pope type player in our squad. He can head a ball, hold the ball up, but he was quiet against Carlise. When he came on against Tranmere he had a great touch and skinned a player and moved the ball about on the counter. He drifted off to the left on Tuesday when I wanted him central. I'm sure one of the exercises in training will be Rodney and Woz's crosses into the box because so far this season 95% have looked like they have gone to the opposition.
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