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  1. 14 hours ago, MBE said:

    Sorry nothing to do with a transfer rumour but is anyone else a little concerned about the number of friendlies we have planned?

    Only 2 friendlies doesn’t seem many to be raring and ready to go. Have I missed something?

    With the late finish to the season and the early start to the new one they probably feel fitness levels won't be dropping to a level they need a lot of friendlies for.

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  2. Looks like he played pretty much every game for Wigan since January to the end of the season when he went there on loan so be used to the quality of the league. Flitcroft hinting towards him being an acquisition to allow a different formation/strategy.


    Doesn't score many goals but he did score this against Walsall so he's instantly a club legend



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  3. A few factors will make it impossible to compare to what happened last summer. 

    Clarke knew who he was going to let go weeks before the season finished last year and he knew he was preparing for League 2. This year our season ended a lot later than normal and as much as you can have two plans, one for League 2 and another for League 1, making moves, and actually negotiating with agents takes time. I have full faith that we will be in a strong place come the start of the season. 

    I’m not sure how far off we are from a signing though as I thought if we were close they would have announced one to soften the blow of Gibbo leaving to soothe the panickers. 

    Regardless, it will come and when it does we will judge them 😂

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  4. Just now, valiant_593 said:

    What an odd decision and I hope for his sake it’s not one he regrets. I could understand if he went to a top league 1 side / lower championship but this is a really odd sideways move to work under one of; if not the biggest <ovf censored> in English football. 

    Obviously money talks, I do worry our very strict way of dealing and contracts could put off a few in this division. Obviously a very good player and we were much better with him in the side last season. Personally I don’t think he will thrive as much there as he did here, 13 years at the club - he’s always given me the impression he needs to really like the club and his passion will come out on the pitch. Only thing I can think from our side is that his injury record is bad, and is it woth pushing the boat out for a guy who will probably play 20ish games. 

    Still, disappointed and find it odd that a player would want to leave after that promotion to another promoted side. 

    <ovf censored> me he will get some reds under Barton 😂

    Taylor going next. 

    I’m speculating as we all are but going to Rovers suggests he wasn’t flooded with offers to pay him a lot more than we were. If you’re from the north, Bristol is a pain to get to and from to see family etc.  

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  5. Gibbo is a great example of why you shouldn't get too attached to players. If he leaves I would be more gutted than I have been for a long time that a player has moved on. I'll never forget his return to the side and the impact his energy had on the team down the left. One of his first touches (I think it was Colchester at home, just before he scored), he knocked the ball around their right back and  sprinted past him like he wasn't there.

    I'll also miss his ability to cover multiple positions. Dropping Martin after the 1st leg against Swindon and putting Gibbo in the back 3 was a huge factor why we didn't concede in the 2nd leg at home and in the final (with a couple of bits of luck)

    I won't be angry if he leaves but I would be disappointed if we don't get anything for him. Under previous owners it wouldn't surprise me if an oversight caused one of our best players to leave on a free but we have a shrewd and economically efficient business person at the helm and a DoF that is well-equipped at getting the best out of what we have.

    Could be worse though, I hear Swindon Town are going to announce Scott Lindsey as their new...new manager today. He was their assistant manager last season. I don't share the obsession that some fans do knocking that club, but wow, that is some statement. Aimed for the stars, ended up in a ditch in the A3102.


    EDIT: Spelling.

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  6. 1 minute ago, JAMO-IN-MEXICO said:

    You had me at ' Sentinel website '. It's just generic tripe with none articles gleaned from other online presences that are run just as clickbait advertising. The Paper is now run from nothing bigger than a garden shed and to their shame, no longer printed in the city. Don't get me wrong, it does have some journos and I am grateful for the input of folk who have Vales best interests at heart like Baggers et al. It's no longer a serious newspaper. if you need to buy a mugtree for 50p from the small ads, buy the paper, otherwise......

    The user experience on their website is dreadful, loads in, and then as you're scrolling just crashes. It was easier to navigate through websites 20 years ago. A real shame what has happened to The Sentinel, it used to stand for so much and now it's clickbait after clickbait. Agree with you on Baggers, when he's on RS he always comes across well.

  7. 25 minutes ago, Iron Curtain said:

    Where have you seen this Rocky?

    It's nowhere near water-tight but yeah as Olly said, it's on Twitter but every club in League 2 and half in League 1 are linked to him at the moment. 

    I'm doubtful he is coming to Burslem. I know there are other factors involved other than money. Location, coaching setup etc, but if you've just had the season of your life, at a club that took a punt on you I think there's a good chance he'll be leaving for a League 1 club.

  8. 19 minutes ago, MBE said:

    I don’t think so mate. If you watch his goals last season he scored so many different types and his movement is excellent in and around the box. A really tricky player. 

    He isn't afraid to get into the six yard box when the ball is knocked across the face of goal which is great to see, has a natural instinct for where the ball will land. He isn't afraid to take on a man or two either. 

    Different positions but there is something of the Politic about him, it's a very loose comparison but it is there for sure.

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  9. We've both got a minority of fans with little between the ears. More Port Vale fans should recognise this and so should Swindon. 

    The team that lost on that night were always going to be the ones that moaned the loudest about what happened. I'm tired of seeing both sets of fans pointing fingers with "yeah but..." like their own fellow supporters haven't a history of fighting and throwing objects.

    Let the authorities deal with it with the appropriate actions and I'd love to see less of the "whataboutisms" from both supporters and just concentrate on the season ahead.

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  10. 4 minutes ago, The Kalamazoo Kid said:

    Think that Carol has said that eventually she wants to pass on the running of the club to her children. (though not for a long time yet)

    Wasn't Patrick involved in designing the home kit last season, along with Robbie Williams? (the dart board style one)

    I don’t know Paddy personally but there are a couple of things I’ve seen that I like about the guy. 

    There’s a video on YouTube of a guy who filmed cycling around the Brit stadium and then rides to Vale Park and Paddy is there and let’s him into the ground and walk the tunnel. 

    And against Rovers at home a few months back, instead of sitting in the executive seats, he was in the Paddock with his mates, seems like a level-headed guy. 

  11. 10 minutes ago, philmpv said:
    52 minutes ago, Rocky said:
    I know you're only (half) joking but Covolan is the reason our auto ambitions were derailed. Holy came in when the spotlight was on that position and there was an over-reaction imo to him between the sticks. It's all fine margins, Stone was fortunate in the final, his mix-up went straight at him and he had one cleared off the line. No light is shone on it because we won.
    Holy will be solid for his new club, his stats are as good as the two keepers we have.

    You're seriously blaming Cov for our ballsing up being 5 points clear with about 4 games to go when he hadn't played since Swindon at home? On that basis, let's blame Wilson and Proctor for being out injured for 2 months, Conlon for half the season, and DC for not being here until the last league game. Get a grip man

    Calm down Phil. There’s a way to object to someone’s view without the condescending tone. There’s plenty of your posts I disagree with but I don’t feel the need to respond in such a childish manner. 

    You can’t compare Clarke’s absence or any injuries to the team as they were unavoidable. Kung fu kicking a player in the chest and getting sent off for the second time in a season when you’re a goalkeeper is avoidable, the second red card especially. 

    I wasn’t saying he single handedly derailed our chances of automatic promotion but in comparison to Holy, Cov’s actions contributed more to it than Holy did. 

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  12. 22 minutes ago, Bald Eagle said:

    Played a big part in our day out at Wembley.

    If it wasn’t for him we could have easily taken an automatic spot!😉

    I know you're only (half) joking but Covolan is the reason our auto ambitions were derailed. Holy came in when the spotlight was on that position and there was an over-reaction imo to him between the sticks. It's all fine margins, Stone was fortunate in the final, his mix-up went straight at him and he had one cleared off the line. No light is shone on it because we won.

    Holy will be solid for his new club, his stats are as good as the two keepers we have.

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  13. 17 minutes ago, Guitar Ray said:

    You obviously have more insight than I do.  I still believe that the more people you have living within walking distance of any town centre can only help the local economy.

    I agree to certain extent but I also think it depends on the kind of people. A problem with Burslem for a number of years is that it is populated by people that are addicts. Burslem has flats designated to people out of work and trying to wean themselves off their addictions and they are  in the town centre throughout the day which over the years has put off people visiting and walking into town.

    I do want to follow that up with saying that Burslem is also populated by people that care about their town but feel powerless in how to make it better and solve the problems that it is dealing with. If you're a business and you look at the town now, there is nothing there but takeaways and pubs mostly, if you have a small business that falls outside of those industries you will avoid Burslem, it will take a monumental shift to get it out of the hole it is in now. Tunstall is in a similar state unfortunately.

  14. 14 hours ago, Guitar Ray said:


    I think the change will happen in Burslem due to the new houses being built, but it’ll take time.

    The problem is, we thought that when Sadlers Park was developed. New houses went up, Burslem became a great night out around 2008-2012 and then it dived. I lived on there from 2008 to 2019, and I witnessed the decline.

    It would have declined faster if it wasn't for the housing crash in 2008. The good folk that bought on there from the beginning couldn't sell up so were trapped there for a lot longer than they wanted to. 

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