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  1. Had a problem at left-back since Tankard left us.
  2. Yes some teams have bounced back but clubs on a similar to us, some maybe bigger have not. Wrexham have not, Stockport went even lower down before coming back up a league, Notts County and Chesterfield been there 2 or 3 years and don't look like coming back. I remember Luton taking 3 or 4 years to get back, Lincoln were down there 5 or 6 years, these are bigger clubs than the Vale, they were averaging 5 or 6 thousand in non league, don't think we would be capable of doing that. We have to stay up, dropping down is just unthinkable. If we did go down, it would be a massive ask to get back up early, lots of ex league clubs there and with only 1 automatic spot, it is so hard to go straight back up. You are right though Clarke does need time, he was left an awful unfit squad and for me 90% of it needs going. I still think if we can somewhow stay up, I think we can have a successful season next year, teams have had massive changes in close season and then been successful in recent years. I remember last year Ainsworth saying he had 8/9 players on the first day of pre-season and then going up. Barnsley somehow stayed up in the last minute of last year and now in the play-offs, Cambridge in the automatics after a poor season and Morecambe who finished 22nd last year in the play-offs, it can be done.
  3. Yes we are that bad, 3 wins in 25 games tells you everything, we may have had the hard bit of bad luck here and there but we have been truly awful in that time. I don't see any positives at all, we were awful under Askey throughout November and December, slightly better under Pugh, but not much and even worse under Clarke. We are dropping at an alarming rate and where we get these 3 wins I think we need to stay up I have no idea.
  4. Sorry but I think we are miles off being an upper half of the table side. Regardless of what league we are in, this squad needs completely ripping up and starting again. I won't be sorry to see any of these go. of that team that that started today, we have a keeper whose better days are behind him, 2 full back who aren't good enough, the other 2 full back are injury prone, Legge again past it, Smith has had an awful season. Midfield of Joyce, again this needs to be his last season (past it), Conlon, awful recently but probably keep, Hurst, sorry but I don't see anything in him, Worrall decent enough and then up front whoever we pick none of whom are good enough.
  5. Which games did you have us winning then because I can't see another win this season.
  6. Been the better team in a poor game of football.
  7. Im massively concerned and think were right in the mire but I think we could easily win 3 of 12 just Southend or Grimsby. This is the stage of the season where lots of unexpected results happen. Villa last year could hardly win a game, then won 3 or 4 on the bounce to stay up, Barnsley and Luton way adrift with 6 games to go in the Championship and ended up staying up. Going into the later stages, mid table teams might start to make a number of changes and are good to play, those at the top start to feel edgy.
  8. Hope your right but where are we going to get a win from if we can't beat Stevenage or Oldham at home.
  9. Southend 5 points from 5 games, us 2 points from 5 games, showing more signs than us.
  10. Barrow just the 3 points behind with 2 games in hand, yes Walsall still well in the mix but more concerned by those teams below us, Barrow got 2 home games against Crawley and Grimsby coming up as well. It is getting a little bit nervous now and we need desperately a couple of wins soon.
  11. Thought it was an encouraging performance tonight, certainly our best performance under the new manager but even after that, I am still more worried than before the game, maybe i always fear the worst but for me that was one of our easiest games left. 2 really tough games now against Bolton and Newport who seemed to have picked up again. Barrow, Southend and Grimsby all playing teams in the bottom 8 this weekend, can't help but think one or two of them are likely to get a result. As already being mentioned on here, if Pope had been on the pitch tonight, we would certianly have won that match, so many crosses into the particular from Worrall in the first and never looked like scoring from them. Guthrie whilst working hard just does not look like scoring a goal and would sooner see Cullen come on than Robinson, every time he got the ball, I feared that he was going to lose it and Oldham were going to break on us and score an undeserved winner.
  12. You say you haven't seen enough from the bottom 2 to get out of the mire, after the Orient game which was only 4 games ago, we were 10 points clear of the bottom 2, that is now 5 points, the rate it is going we will in there before the end of the month. I so hope I am wrong and we have nothing to worry about but I fear if we did drop in the bottom 2, we would not get out of it.
  13. I think Grimsby have gone and it's between us, Southend and Barrow for that last spot. I look at our fixtures and I genuinely worry where our wins are going to come from, there is a massive lack of creativity from midfield, what has happened to Conlon in the last month. I always thought Worrall was slightly overrated, I am wrong, his loss to us is massive, we have nothing out wide without him. Tuesday for me is our most important game since we beat Chesterfield a couple of years ago, yes it is not must win but not far off.
  14. What do you expect, a pat on the back, hard luck, lets go again on Tuesday night. I am sick and tired of this bunch of cowards, but I will carry on watching every game because it is the club that I love and I won't be sorry to see all of these gone next year. If the worst does happen, I know I will be there the last game of the season to tell them what I think of them.
  15. Looking at those fixtures has really depressed me even more, Tuesday night is must win, you missed Newport out but Oldham and Mansfield are the only games I can see us getting anything from. I really can't see where we are going to get 4 wins from which I think we need to stay, awful times at the moment. I think the Sat Nav will be used next year to take me to likes of Eastleigh, Woking, Boreham Wood and Bromley.
  16. Colchester are 2 points in front of us, can't see us getting 2 points more this season to finish in front of them.
  17. We have 6 strikers at the club and at present none of them can be relied on. Rodney although has 10 goals is better on the wing, Cullen hasn't scored in the league since the opening day of the season, Theo has one penalty in the league and is hopeless. Guthrie although works harder than Robinson, I can't seem him scoring many, Swan, too early to judge but looked lightweight, I think our chances rely on a 35 year old recovering for the last few matches.
  18. So we go again, remember those were Brown's and Aspin's words after each defeat.
  19. 15 points from 22 games, 3 wins at Bolton, Grimsy and Southend at home, 6 draws and a depressing 13 defeats.
  20. I got in at 28/1 which was only a few days ago. We'll be odds on soon. Just put a tener on, can't see how the bookies have us at 11/1 and Colchester who are 2 points better off and a game in hand at 9/1. I hate putting money on us to lose and go down but after seeing how we have played since November it's a no brainer.
  21. Currently 11/1 on Sky Bet to be relegated.
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