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  1. Obviously 2 keepers needed, one of the best I have seen at this last few years was McKeown at Grimsby, had a great game in the game at their place when they scored late on to equalise after we battered them. He made some decent saves the other week, think he is possibly out of contract having signed a 3 year deal in 2018, 31 years old and over 400 games, still young for a keeper.
  2. Give it a rest with the constant moaning, how many clubs have got managers with multiple promotions on their CV, Cambridge and Cheltenham have gone up with young managers without success before this season, Derek Adams had 1 promotion in the football league.
  3. It won't be plain sailing but this is what the club has needed for a long time. For 4 years the majority of these players have failed apart from a 2 month spell January - early March 2020 and the recent 9 match unbeaten run. I very much doubt many of these players will get fixed up with other league clubs, I might be surprised but if we want to move forward and challenge we had to do it. It might mean a tricky start to next season with so many new faces but look at Bolton who signed 18 plus players, they still went up, Morecambe finished one place above the drop zone and signed 12 players in the pre season and have a chance of going up. We will have stick together but I have faith that we finally have a manager and with Flitcroft there as well a scouting network to sign the players needed to get us back challenging, it won't happen overnight but I believe this is a step in the right direction.
  4. Tom is a legend and for me the best player we have had at the club in the last 15 years, however now is the time for him to be moved on. It is hard when he is one of our own but we can't be sentmental. If we had another striker who had scored 6 goals in 50 league games (last 2 seasons), 9 if you include the penalties, there would be no debate. I have faith in Clarke that the same mistakes that Askey, Aspin and other managers before will not happen again.
  5. Well its one from Torquay, Sutton, Stockport and Hartlepool for top spot with only 4 games left, 5 for Sutton, Torquay 4 points clear so in their hands. I am hoping they come up, if we were to play away there at a favourable time of year, its a great place to visit. In the play offs, for me happy with any that are challenging apart from Hartlepool. Stockport, Chesterfield, Wrexham and Notts County all local and easily accessible on train for a good day out, Sutton, Bromley and Halifax would be new grounds to add to my list that I have visited.
  6. Went up today, got there just after half 1, must have been 30 - 40 in front of me, stood in the pouring rain but really good to be back up there again. Great organisation by everyone there, provided me with an umbrella and hot drink as well. Great to speak to Carol and Kevin, despite the weather, they stood there throughout greeting people as they were about to purchase their tickets. I really can't wait until August 7th, no matter where we are and cheering on the boys again.
  7. Great memories of the 88/89 season, my first season going regularly, went about 15/16 home games and about 10 away games, was completely hooked after that and hardly missed a game since this season. For me that is my favourite season supporting the Vale, some great performances, scoring 11 goals in 48 hours early in the season, last minute winner against Bolton, the 3 - 3 draw v Sheffield United and Wolves. Some great followings away from home as well, quite often that season we were taking 2500+. Remember my parents allowing me to go to Preston in the play-offs but not allowing me to finish school for the Bristol Rovers match and been a nervous wreck listening.
  8. Coming down from League 1 now looks likely to be Rochdale and Northampton, if Wigan beat an already relegated Swindon, that will be confirmed. Look forward to going Rochdale after about 4 years of being in the league below.
  9. Really close between Torquay, Sutton Hartlepool and Stockport, 5 points between all 4. For me I like to see Torquay back in the league, especially if we were there August, September, March, April time, no doubt it be a Tuesday night in November. I always like going grounds I never been and Halifax, Bromley and Eastleigh all challenging for the play offs so one of them although a trip to Wrexham I wouldn't mind with a lot of family from there.
  10. I agree with most of that, such a fine balance between quality and quantiy. You could end up putting a big part of your budget on that 20 goal a season striker and he gets injured early on and be out for 6 months. I certainly don't think you can go with Rodney, a new striker and maybe look at resigining Swann (still unproven), you need more, Clarke likes to play 2 up front, then you need another 2 strikers on the bench.
  11. I can't remember anything about the game as was only 5 at the time but seaon 84/85 and Macclesfield away in the FA Cup. My dad mentioned that the fence or wall collapsed and a number of fans hurt and quite a lot of arrests that day.
  12. I can see Bristol Rovers been up there challenging but Swindon look a right mess, talk of going into administration, think they need 3 million by June to avoid this, its then 2 from Rochdale, Northampton, Wigan and Wimbledon.
  13. I think it may have been Bristol Rovers, sure I was in a pub close to the ground and about an hour before kick off heard the game had been called off. I think we ended up going the week later and the landlord put sausage and chips on for us all, happy days.
  14. Great memories, wonderful day out and an exceptional performance. We completely dominated the game apart from first 5 minutes and injury time. We had some really good players in that team and once we signed Brooker, we never looked back. The midfield 3 of Brisco (really underrated) I felt, Brammer and Bridge-Wilkinson had it all, and despite us not challenging that season we played some excellent stuff and controlled lots of games, if we had Brooker from the start, would have been a top 6 team. I remember maybe the following week Northampton away, one of the best performances watching the Vale, only won 2 nil but could have been 8 at half time. I am sure so many away night matches that season and trying to get time of work was a nightmare but managed get them all, consecutive night matches at Bristol Rovers and Oxford I think.
  15. As someone who goes regular to Liverpool, I could not believe the news when I heard this after been out all day. If this happens I won't be setting foot in the stadium again. It stinks to me and is just pure greed, now there are 7 or 8 teams who potentially can make Champions League each year chasing 4 spots, they are frighteneted of missing out and just want a close shop and be there every year. It won't happen but the premier league should deduct 30 points from them all. I genuinely think the managers of these clubs don't want this super league, it is the foreign owners who want this and I think proper supporters of these clubs would not support this idea.
  16. Finally started to look forward again to the matches and a shame our up turn in form didn't occur a couple of weeks before it did as the way some of the those in the play offs are performing we would have had a chance of sneaking in with an extra 2 wins. For me my team would be; Brown Gibbons, Smith, Legge, Brisley, Montano (if fit) Worrall, Joyce, Conlon Guthrie, Rodney I think Clarke will go with Robinson and would not blame him after 6 on the trot, just feel that Guthrie has a bit more about him and away from home more likely to hold the ball up and looked really sharp when coming on recently.
  17. Was at Anfield a couple of years back and to see Ronaldo who you would think would get slaughtered having played for United receive a standing ovation I could not believe, one of the few clubs to appreciate quality when you see it. Anfield is a truly deprived area and lots of these people who throw bricks and other missiles at the coahces have probably never set foot in the ground, it's completely wrong but when you have passionate supporters like they do it sometimes crosses the line.
  18. Maybe I am biased as I used to go Anfield about 8 - 10 times a season when Vale weren't playing but they are some of the passionate supporters anywhere in the world and occasionally it crosses the line on a European night when away coaches are on route to the ground. I certainly would not put Liverpool into the cateogy of supporters like West Ham, Millwall, Spurs and many more, I have rarely seen any trouble at matches there. My dad always tells me of when he was there in the 60s and how they applauded the Vale off the pitch and when those supporters are back in the ground, they are probably one of the few supporters who will applaud visiting keepers and players if they have a blinder.
  19. Didnt think we won 7 in a row in 93/94, sure we had an awful start to the season back then following the hangover of the play offs the year before.
  20. Very professional performance today, reminded me of a Micky Adams side that, dug in during the first half, Brisley, Legge and Smith was like when we had Collins, Owen and McCombe 10 years ago. Second half our extra quality shone through. I said 5 games ago before we played Newport, whatever the results from now to the end of the season we need a massive clear out and wouldn't be sorry to see anyone go, happy to be proved wrong. I am changing my mind on some of these players the more I watch them and Clarke certainly has them fit and playing for him. I just wish this change had happened a month sooner, could have been an exciting end to the season. I am starting to look forward again to watching the matches and already thinking about Saturday, when was the last time we won 6 games on the bounce.
  21. Absoutely gutted to hear this news earlier today and not afraid to admit shed a tear when I saw this. Condolences to his family and friends, taken far too young. So many memories of Lee in our team and for me since we dropped into the bottom 2 divisions in 2000, feel he was the best defender we have had in that time. He could play right back, left back and centre half and was always a 7/10 with every game and never got injured. RIP Lee and you will never be forgotten.
  22. How can you compare someone who has played 50 games to someone who played one game against Derby Under 23's. We have seen what Crookes can do and he is not good enough if we want to progress and move on. Next year for most teams there will be reduced squads and we can't have these places taken by poor players, for me Monty would be my back up for the left back spot with a specialist first choice left back signed as a priority.
  23. There is a reason he has only played 49 games and that is because he is not good enough, I still don't know what his ideal position is, at left back his distributon is poor and he doesnt get forward enough, centre half he is too lightweight. I trust this management set up that we now have in place to not be so lazy as with Askey and to sign better quality players than Crookes. If we want to improve and try and get out of this league at the right end, we need better players than Crookes.
  24. Great performance today, for me that was as well as we have played all season, thoroughly deserved the 3 points. That puts us one win I reckon away from safety and from panicking a few weeks ago and not seeing where we would find a win, looking pretty comfortable. Some real good performances out there today, though Smith was back to his, Manny and Conlon excellent in midfield and Worrall in his new position looking like played there for years. Special mention to Clarke for completely turning this round, we were massively in trouble a few weeks back, I did not think he could get them fit at this stage of the season but it looks like they are so much fitter and stronger. I mentioned a few times I want a massive clear out, still feel one is needed but some of these players are certainly playing like they want to stay and bodes well to next season, at this rate looking forward to August already.
  25. Meant Wrexham away in 93/94 rather than Walsall, too many mentions of Walsall.
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