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  1. Good afternoon fellow Valiants, One hopes that you are all keeping well during the festive period in these troubled times. Another desperate afternoon was had yesterday as a fellow Valiant under the management of John Colin Askey. One uses the word management very loosely here. Back in 82' one was the Captain of a reasonably sized fishing vessel, at first things were great, one was catching a plethora of creatures from the sea. Then after a while things didn't go so well, week after week Captain Jeff had no fish to show for his efforts. When arriving back on land one was summon
  2. Good evening Jacko, As ever, I hope one is well. It's always a pleasure to be greeted by your presence, one would say it even makes one's day in these troubled times. One wishes you all the very best throughout the festive period. Jeff.
  3. Good evening Ron C, I hope you are well on this December evening. Ron C seems like a man that one could enjoy spending time with as he clearly loves a strong drop. In the previous decade glory was returned to the streets of Burslem via Michael Richard Adams. One wishes for glory to be returned to the streets of Burslem again. All the very best Ron, Jeff.
  4. Good evening Moz, Hope you are well on this December evening. As one's fine self still believes that John Colin Askey is the man to bring glory back to the streets of Burslem despite the Valiants flagging in the bottom half of the fourth tier of English Football. One would just like to know which alcoholic beverage one is consuming this evening? As stated previously, one does love a strong drop! All the very best, Jeff.
  5. Good evening fellow Valiants, Well another game where the Valiants should've walked away with three points, yet didn't. One has to say this is getting quite underwhelming now, one was under the impression that glory was going to be returning to the streets of Burslem in 2021. However, one now seems resigned to accept the fact that it will be another mediocre finish in in the fourth tier of English Football. Does anyone still think John Colin Askey is the man to bring glory back to the streets of Burslem? If so, one would politely recommend the alcohol you are currently consuming
  6. Good evening stupers, One would like to take the time to wish you all the best over the festive period. You and the the gentlemen have done a sterling job. The podcast has taken over Tony Christie's Greatest Hits as one's most listened to audio on the old Spotify machine. All the very best, Jeff.
  7. Good evening toyahw, I hope one is well on this fine and one must say mild Decemeber evening. 7 degrees. Maybe Al Gore had a point about the old climate change after all. The great thing about our great nation is we welcome healthy debate, and if not derogatory, all opinions are welcomed. Even if they are wrong, like yours here. One must say that as a legitimate enthusiast of both Ale and Port Vale, the gentlemen have done a fantastic job in giving one's self some way to spend an hour or so of his time away from the dark and troubled times we so find ourselves in. One would imag
  8. Good evening fellow Valiants, I hope you are all well. Did you know that on this day in 1985 Australian cricketer David Boon scored his 1st Test century with a 123 versus India at Adelaide. Pretty incredible. Unfortunately fellow Valiants, sitting 14th in the fourth tier of English Football is not as incredible as David Boon's 123 against India back in 85'. The prophecy claimed that John Colin Askey was the man to bring glory back to the streets of Burslem, a prophecy misread it could've been. All the very best, Jeff.
  9. Good evening fellow Valiants, Leaving Mr Askey in his position until January would be too late, and we would be condemned to a season of misery. A season that would be on par with a meal I once had in the Charnock Richard Service Station back in 2004. One won't go into the full details, however, I still can't bring myself to eat a Lasagne to this day. To sort our current issues out down in Burslem Town, Mrs Shanahan needs go down to Mr Askey's office, bang on the door and shout "Hey Jonny, YOU'RE FIRED!" All the very best, Jeff.
  10. Good evening again Fred, You seem a very respectable chap and therefore one fully respects one's views. In regards to John Colin Askey whilst speaking stats and facts, Mr Askey has now lost 53.33% of his league fixtures whilst managing Port Vale throughout the current campaign, in what was touted to be a season of glory. In one's opinion keeping Mr Askey in his position would not bring glory to the streets of Burslem, but leave the the area as subdued as I imagine Mr Askey sounds after he's been told some really good news. All the very best Fred, Jeff.
  11. Good evening again Fred, I hope you don't mind me referring to you as Fred. Of course, I'd be delighted too. In all competitions John Colin Askey has a win percentage of 38.6%. 32 victories. 22 draws. 29 defeats. All the very best, Jeff.
  12. Going back from 1968 only four managers who won more than they lost : Gordon Lee, John Rudge, Micky Adams and John Askey !!! Good evening Birches Head Fred, Pointless facts are something that I myself, really enjoy. One hopes you don't mind me sharing one with you also? Here goes! Did you know that Rob Page had a better win percentage than John Rudge? 37.6% to 37.1%. All the very best, Jeff.
  13. Good evening again Jacko, Thank you for this and once again sharing your invaluable insight. All the very best, Jeff.
  14. Good evening Jacko, I hope you are having a thoroughly enjoyable Monday evening. Who would your choice of manager be? All the very best, Jeff.
  15. Good evening fellow Valiants, One of Jeff's sources tells him that our friends in Bolton have been rumoured to be having sleepless nights at the mere prospect of having to face a side managed by John Colin Askey. The story goes that video footage circulated throughout the Bolton team of John Colin Askey giving his usual post match interview, and after having to sit through over a minute of John enunciating with such venom and passion the Bolton players have been refusing to go anywhere near a football pitch. One player was heard comparing John to William Wallace with another sta
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